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Item #: SCP-2512

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2512 and an additional 1 km buffer zone are to be identified publicly via signage, official records, and local disinformation campaigns as Sanitary Chemical Purgation LTD, a hazardous waste sequestration facility. The perimeter of this area is to be fenced and patrolled on a randomized schedule by staff in full hazardous waste protection garb.1 Site 392 has been established to enable continuing observation and security operations for SCP-2512, and maintenance of the cover operation.

Local wildlife is to be deterred from regular consumption of SCP-2512 materials when possible.

Former SCP-2512-1 is to be retained as Special Circumstances Class C Staff (minimal clearance). Former SCP-2512-1 is to continue efforts to reestablish contact with SCP-2512-3 at all opportunities.

Any site personnel suspecting themselves to be in contact with SCP-2512-3 are to attempt to establish a lighthearted conversation while locating a senior staff member for further assessment and instruction. Suggested topics include local wildlife, geology, aesthetics, meteorology, gardening, and recent pop culture.

Description: SCP-2512 is an approximately 25 km2 region near ██████, Arizona defined by anomalous terrain, meteorological phenomena, and flora. Core samples have indicated that the anomaly continues to an average depth of 2.5 km for the majority of its surface area, tapering off as it approaches its boundary.

SCP-2512 superficially resembles the surrounding rocky desert, but is constructed entirely of organic materials. Components of SCP-2512 do not undergo spoilage or decay. Bacteria and non-living materials inconsistent with the composition of SCP-2512 are weakly repelled at the boundary of SCP-2512. Any such material forcibly introduced to SCP-2512 is gradually converted to materials present within SCP-2512.2

The total mass and area of SCP-2512 have remained constant since initial containment. If material is removed from SCP-2512, within 48 hours an anomalous meteorological event will occur in airspace above SCP-2512. This event will deposit a mixture of SCP-2512's component materials equal to the removed mass, in a manner which restores superficial resemblance to the surrounding non-anomalous terrain. Similar events periodically redistribute material within SCP-2512 to maintain said appearance.

All vegetation within SCP-2512 is designated SCP-2512-2. All original instances of SCP-2512-2 loosely resemble plants native to the region, but with cellular and genetic composition identical to that of one or more edible plant species. Non-native plant specimens introduced to SCP-2512 are likewise converted to instances of SCP-2512-2, but retain their original morphology within structural limits of the altered tissue. The duration of this process increases with the plant's dissimilarity to its altered species, and the size of the specimen.

SCP-2512 has no primary effect on complex animal life. Captured specimens of local wildlife display no adverse affects from long-term consumption of SCP-2512 beyond highly elevated cholesterol levels.

SCP-2512-3 is an entity of unknown origin and nature, with an indeterminate capacity for alteration of the local environment and local reality. SCP-2512-3 is believed to be the agency by which SCP-2512 was created, and is the focus of ongoing efforts at amicable neutralization of SCP-2512. SCP-2512-3 has to date conducted all communication as a perceived voice heard only within the mind of the recipient, making confirmation and documentation of these encounters difficult. The voice is consistently described as androgynous to feminine with a pleasant demeanor.

14 officially recognized conversations with SCP-2512-3 have been documented during containment. Instances include brief conversations on various "small talk" subjects, expressions of gratitude following positive comments about SCP-2512 or the surrounding area, and apparent attempts to console emotionally distressed staff. 3 additional encounters with SCP-2512-3 have involved minor alterations of the local environment in response to rhetorical statements.4

Attempts to engage SCP-2512-3 in prolonged conversation have had little success, with most attempts to steer the conversation to the creation of SCP-2512 or SCP-2512-3 itself resulting in polite deflection. All conversations have ended abruptly, in a manner that one staff member likened to "someone dozing off in the middle of a conversation".

Former SCP-2512-1 is a human male, ██████ ████████. From the mid-1960's until containment in April 1987, former SCP-2512-1 lived a transient lifestyle heavily involved in the “Hippie” and “New Age” movements, with a professed special interest in transcendental meditation and the use of mind altering substances as aids to spiritual enlightenment. Former SCP-2512-1 was initially classified as a Class 3L5 Reality Bender, but is no longer considered to be himself anomalous or directly responsible for the creation of SCP-2512. Former SCP-2512-1 possesses only minimal understanding of the means by which SCP-2512 was created. Former SCP-2512-1 has, however, attempted to provide information on the methods by which he made contact with the entity SCP-2512-3. This information has as of yet been of little to no utility.

Interview log 2512-7

Following location and detainment of SCP-2512-1, who had fled the area when agents began initial containment, a series of interviews were conducted which gradually established SCP-2512-3 as the actual source of the anomaly, and SCP-2512-1's limited understanding of the means by which he had contacted SCP-2512-3. The following is an excerpt from the tenth such interview (conducted on 5/23/1987, six months after the initial discovery of SCP-2512).

Dr. V██████: So describe for me again the day that SCP-2512 was created.

SCP-2512-1: Um, okay…I guess since I was born in January…

Dr. V██████: *Sighs* You are SCP-2512 dash one. SCP-2512 is the ta… the anomalous region.

SCP-2512-1: Oooh, right…yeah, I catch your vibe now. So I'm sitting on this rock out in the middle of nowhere communing with Mother Earth, and it was just perfect. There were eagles flying, the weather was perfect, I had on my favorite socks… and I had the best stuff that day, must have been Jamaican or something because I tell you I have never had anything like…

Dr. V██████: Yes, but we've already done quite a bit of talking on that part already. And for the transcripts: We tracked what he had left down to a strain cultivated in ██████, Oregon. Nothing out of the ordinary there but elevated THC levels and a dusting of LSD.6

What I'd like to talk about this time are these “star focus” exercises you mentioned previously? You were trying some new techniques?

SCP-2512-1: Yeah. I had just been out on this radical wilderness retreat…there's this new guru out there that has this whole theory about how to expand your consciousness by communing with the echoes of the st-[DATA EXPUNGED]7

So yeah, kind of complicated, and like, kind of out there, you know? But it really seems like he's onto something- you can feel the guy's got this, like, just radioactive aura8. He's gotta be doing something right.

Dr. V██████: Uh huh. Radioactive aura. I see. [unintelligible statement] So you were trying to talk to the stars and…?

SCP-2512-1: Well, thing was, that day I wasn't really feeling like talking to the stars. I mean, they're nice and all, but, like, our Mother Earth is right here. And all that stuff about archons and stuff kind of freaked me out, too. Made me think of that bad trip9 I had where the black squid and the white squid were fighting and there was this guy riding a li-

Dr. V██████: *snapping fingers* Focus, dash one. I want to know about the star focus exercises. You changed some things because you wanted to talk to the Earth instead of the stars. Elaborate.

SCP-2512-1: Oh. Sorry. Yeah, so the exercises… So I figured, hey, if what that guy taught us to do lets you commune with the stars, maybe I can catch the attention of Mother Earth doing the same thing!

So I started going through the ritual, just with Mother Earth instead of all that stuff about stars and stuff. And I left out some of the boring parts too. Anyway, I'm on the part where you're centering in preparation for entry to the fourth plane, contemplating the nature of a round cube, when everything just sort of…clicked, man. I understood it all. How it all works, what holds it all together, why the water in the drain spins clockwise… everything totally harmonizizing[sic], man.

And I heard this voice in my head.

Dr.V██████: For the transcript, this alleged entity has been designated SCP-2512-3, should any evidence for it surface. You said you believe this voice to be-*rustling paper* “the spirit of the Earth”?

SCP-2512-1: Nah, I don't think it was Mother Earth. That's who I wanted to talk to, but I think this was more like…like the spirit of the desert or something.

I was kind of bummed out about getting a wrong number, but this voice sounded, I dunno… lonely. Kind of like some sweet old lady who hadn't had anybody to talk to for a long time, just glad to have the company. So I hung around for a while.

It told me about the animals it watched over, and the rocks it had been sculpting, and the people who used to come out there to talk to it…and I told it about pie, and the moon landing, and cordless telephones… you know, caught it up to the 80's. It got a kick out me telling it about the roadrunner cartoons, think I reminded it of someone.

It seemed really happy after a while. Said it was tired but that it wanted to do something for me before it went back to sleep. Anything I wanted, so long as it wasn't anything too bodacious.

Dr.V██████: And you told it you wanted…

SCP-2512-1: Tacos.

[end excerpt]

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