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And is exempt from all security precautions by order of O5-7



Item #: SCP-2508

Object Class: None

Special Containment Procedures: Due to its unusual nature, containment efforts for SCP-2508 are to be focused on its upkeep, research regarding its origin and significance, and maintaining its routines.

The current resident is to add their name to the logbook, along with their Foundation ID and occupation. SCP-2508-1 is to be filled every day at noon, and should be inspected for cracks or leaks on a monthly basis, with repairs being made accordingly. The hatch in front of SCP-2508-2 is to be closed during bad weather and all of winter.

SCP-2508 is to be kept in good condition. The archives are to be kept organized at all times. Please note that all necessities such as food and medication are restocked daily.

Additionally, the current resident is to record any and all findings they come across regarding SCP-2508. They are also encouraged to catalog any other thoughts, experiences, and/or dreams they deem relevant. It is imperative that these records be concise. Incomplete data and fragments of information are also acceptable, including any knowledge pertaining to fields of study that may be useful to future residents.

The current resident is to attempt to maintain a mental state of well-being. For more information on the subject, see the study. Finally, at all times, an up to date version of this document is to be kept within a laminated slot located on the table by the door.

Description: SCP-2508 is a cottage-style house of indeterminate location, as well as its .53 km2 of surrounding property. The house has two main floors, not including its one basement and attic. The manner in which SCP-2508 is discovered by an individual is always unintentional, and past residents have noted coming across the house at varying addresses in separate towns, different countries, and under wildly dissimilar circumstances. Both SCP-2508's builders and original inhabitants (if it can be presumed there were any) are unknown at this time.

Only one person is capable of being inside SCP-2508 at a time. As an individual enters, however, they will become incapable of leaving. The reason for this comes from the fact that as one exits the property of SCP-2508 on one end, they will find themselves arriving at the other end. This looping - or recursive - geographical space is what prevents escape from SCP-2508. At this point the reader may be growing aware of the implications of what has just been described. It should be clarified that - as escape from SCP-2508 is impossible, and SCP-2508 is not believed to have any real world location - sending information to the outside world is not a possibility. Barring an unforeseen scenario, all material regarding SCP-2508, including this document, is confined within SCP-2508 itself.

Therefore, if you are reading this document, you are now the current resident of SCP-2508. All of your duties to The Foundation of the outside world are (unofficially) null and void. The current working theory is that The Foundation at large has no knowledge of this place whatsoever. The information presented in this document has not been subject to review by The Foundation as a whole, but instead is the culmination of each individual Foundation member who has lived and died in the isolation of SCP-2508.

Herein lies more unexplained characteristics of SCP-2508. All recorded past residents have been Foundation personnel of clearance level 1 or higher. The reason for this remains unclear, but research suggests that (judging from water levels of SCP-2508-1 when new residents arrive) if a resident of SCP-2508 dies, they are replaced by a new resident within the same day. Depending on your predecessor's cause of death, you may have some cleaning up to do1.

Addendum: The record archive in the study has proven to be the most efficient way for cataloging and compiling research for future residents. However, a miscellaneous section was also added at some point3 to record the thoughts of those trapped here. You may feel free to read up on your predecessors. Provided below is an example intended to prime you for your stay here.

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