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Item #: SCP-2507

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-2507 are to be contained in Wildlife Observation Chambers located within Site-77. These chambers have been painted pink, and outfitted with a number of toys, such as dolls, dollhouses, makeup, and glitter. At least one hairbrush per SCP-2507 instance is to be provided, to facilitate cooperation.

One live pig is to be introduced to the chamber every twelve hours for feeding purposes. Staff are required to communicate with SCP-2507 via the intercom once per day; however no staff are permitted to enter the containment chamber. In the event that SCP-2507 must be moved, they are to be incapacitated and moved while unconscious.

Description: SCP-2507 designates eleven organisms of the class Arachnida, with an average height of 3 meters and a mass of 54 kilograms. All instances of SCP-2507 are capable of vocalizing in American English, and speak in voices resembling young female children.1

When left to their own devices, SCP-2507 instances will move around the chamber, interacting with the various objects left within. The most common behavior is brushing hair, with each SCP-2507 spending at least four hours per day grooming itself and others. While doing this, SCP-2507 instances will communicate with each other, about the events taking place within a non-existent "Brachypelma Elementary School."

All instances of SCP-2507 adhere to a loose social hierarchy, with an SCP-2507 instance identified as "Kemberly" being socially dominant. "Kemberly" frequently discusses rumors with other SCP-2507 instances, and when questioned, claims to have come across the rumors on the "World Wide Web". Further questioning was ignored by all SCP-2507 instances.

If not provided with entertainment, SCP-2507 will become restless, and begin attempting to exit containment. Phrases such as 'I'm bored', 'when will mom pick us up', 'can we watch cartoons?' and 'you look tasty.' are common. Researchers have noted that when in this agitated state, SCP-2507 instances become much more aggressive towards one another, sharply criticizing the appearance, behaviors, and cephalothorax of the instances lower on the social hierarchy.

Addendum: On 4/18/1987, the eldest instance of SCP-2507 began to display previously unknown biological functions. It shed its exoskeleton, and began to produce massive amounts of webbing. It did not appear to have any control over these functions, and body language indicated a great deal of stress. Researchers were not able to induce vocal communications.

The other instances of SCP-2507 refused to move near it, and for six days they forced the SCP-2507 instance into one corner of the containment chamber. On 4/25/1987, the SCP-2507 instance was ripped apart and killed by the other instances of SCP-2507, who placed the remains within the shed husk. It was then removed for sanitation purposes.

Interviews with the remaining SCP-2507 instances has provided no clear motive for why the killing occurred, and they have been reluctant to speak due to fear. Current plans of action to gain additional information about the killing involve interviewing individual instances of SCP-2507 in a setting apart from the "Kemberly" instance.

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