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Item #: SCP-2504

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: At least three boxes of SCP-2504 itself must be stored at Site-37 in a standard item storage locker.

Any stores located in the continental United States and Canada which sell cereal products should be monitored for SCP-2504 instances. SCP-2504 instances found to be received by any stores should be recovered by MTF-Theta-10 ("Welcome to Flavor Town"), and any further shipments to the store discontinued. Standard amnestication procedures should be followed. Following the recovery, normal procedures involving the disposal of human remains should be followed.

SCP-2504-1 should be kept in standard humanoid containment cells at Sector A1 at Site-37 until expiration. The remains should be disposed in the same way as SCP-2504.

Description: SCP-2504 instances are standard sized cereal boxes. On the front of each box, the words "Embry-Os, the World's Most Popular Fetus Based Cereal!" can be read, along with a picture of a bowl of milk filled with what appears to be human embryos, varying in age between 6 to 8 weeks old. There also reads a blurb at the top right corner which says "Collect all 6 plastic body parts of the fetus and receive a very special exclusive prize!" along with 6 differently colored plastic replicas of the limbs, head and torso of a 9 month old fetus, and a mailing address in order to deliver the collected parts. Investigation of the address revealed that such an address did not actually exist. The embryos present on the front lack any sort of placenta or other protective materials that would normally be found. The back of each box displays several different games, all fetus or embryo based in nature. The producer of the cereal is "Orgogs Ltd." No company with that name currently exists or has existed. The nutrition label of the box displays content consistent with a normal box of Kellogg's Corn Pops, but with a heightened amount of iron, calcium, and sugar.

A series of four advertisements is visible on the left side of each SCP-2504 box. In descending order, these read:

  • Zygoti-Os, the World’s Most Popular Diploid Cell-based Cereal!
  • The Bone-Strengthening Calcers!
  • Heartliers! The World’s First Organ-Based Cereal Product! Guaranteed to reduce risk of heart disease!
  • Our newest product! Bacteria Phlakes, packed with grams of nutritional requirements!

Each box contains two objects. The first and main component of SCP-2504 is a bag of 6-8 week old sugar glazed embryos. When the embryos are introduced to milk, the sugar coating will start to dissolve. Once the entire coating has dissolved, the embryos will exhibit small, erratic movement of its limbs, consistent with the normal movement that an embryo at this stage would exhibit in the womb. The second item present in each box is one of six plastic body parts, as advertised on the front of the box.

Any store that normally sells cereal products of any kind has the possibility of receiving SCP-2504 shipments. These shipments either replace or come with other cereals, such as Captain Crunch or Cheerios. Store employees do not view SCP-2504 as odd or out of place, stocking it as they would normal boxes of cereal.

Should one of each plastic body part be recovered and collected in a package and sent to the address listed on the box, after a period of exactly three weeks, a package will be received. This package will always contain a human child of random gender and ethnicity, referred to as SCP-2504-1. A summary of its behaviors as it grows can be seen in addendum-2504.

Age Range Abnormal Behavior
0-2 None.
2-4 SCP-2504-1 will refuse any food that is not cereal, throwing fits at the prospect at eating anything else. Force feeding it will result in the regurgitation of any non-cereal food products.
4-7/8 Will begin advertising SCP-2504, inserting sales pitches into random conversations relating to food.
7/8-12/13 The advertisements will increase in frequency, and will be inserted into conversations not just relating to food.
12/13-16/17 SCP-2504-1 will begin to question its origin. SCP-2504-1 will become more self aware about the advertisements, often apologizing for them after saying them.
16/17-19, up to twentieth birthday The interjections will drastically decrease in frequency. It will also display signs of depression.
20 On the day of its twentieth birthday, it will thank its friends and (perceived) family. The moment it turns twenty, it will breakup into a pile of the contents of SCP-2504.
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