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Item #: SCP-2503

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to its immovable nature, the site containing SCP-2503 has been acquired by the Foundation under the name of one Mr. Brendan Greenwood. Civilians are to be deterred from entering under the guise of dangerous building conditions.

At all times, at least two security members for each of Site-2503’s entry points are to remain on site. Anyone who enters SCP-2503-1 without permission is considered lost if reappearance does not take place through SCP-2503-2 within 80 hours. All entities emerging from SCP-2503-2 are to be detained for further questioning and research. Outsiders who access the containment site must be detained, questioned, and administered Class-B amnestics before release. Access is currently available to research personnel with Level-2 clearances only, and SCP-2503-1 should remain open for the duration of non-D-class experiments (See Incident 2503-A).

Description: SCP-2503 is a temporal-spatial anomaly that exists within Site-2503, located within a town about ██ kilometers north of Burnaby, BC, Canada. Site-2503 is a residential house constructed in 1952 and has been unoccupied since 197█, resulting in the current state of disrepair. The previous owners of the house were declared missing in 197█. The room SCP-2503 locates is the master bedroom on the second floor, henceforth referred to as SCP-2503-1. SCP-2503’s anomalous properties are only activated and displayed when someone enters it through SCP-2503-1’s door. Otherwise when observed through another channel – such as the windows of SCP-2503-1 – only an empty room is visible. However, upon opening the door of SCP-2503-1, a path made of concrete tiles extending into the horizontal distance can be seen under a dimly illuminated sky with no identifiable light source. This space is assumed to be the inner space of SCP-2503.

The presence of SCP-2503 was discovered in 199█ when local police force received reports of a gunshot being heard from within Site-2503 on the morning of 199█/██/██. Upon investigation the police team discovered in the garage the dead body of a man in his 30s, who was later confirmed as being Henry ██████, an architectural designer from Vancouver, BC declared missing 3 days prior. Autopsy has later concluded that his death was due to an act of suicide. During the comprehensive search of the site, the police discovered the presence of SCP-2503 and an embedded agent notified the Foundation, which then quickly took over the case and transformed the house into a containment site.

Observations indicate the time and space within SCP-2503 behave differently from our conventional understanding. Due to its nature, subjects that enter SCP-2503 do not age while inside SCP-2503's space. Subjects within SCP-2503 will perceive the passage of time but will not experience it. The speed with which subjects travels within SCP-2503 does not influence the amount of time it experiences.

It is unknown exactly how far the path within SCP-2503 stretches. SCP-2503 connects SCP-2503-1 to a small storage room (henceforth referred to as SCP-2503-2) within Site-2503's garage where a temporal-spatial distortion is detected via Geiger-Gregorian algorithms and traced back to SCP-2503-1. Currently, SCP-2503-2 is the only known exit of SCP-2503-1.

Addendum 2503-001: Incident 2503-A

Date: 199█/██/██
Description: Upon arriving at Site-2503 with the initial containment team, Agent ███████ ventured into SCP-2503-1 by himself. Through his personal intercom he expressed shock that when the door of SCP-2503-1 accidentally closed behind him, it vanished from his perspective within SCP-2503 and was no longer accessible. The containment team outside of SCP-2503-1 then immediately opened the door, but Agent ███████ was nowhere to be found, despite his insistence that he had not moved since entry. Through the intercom Agent ███████ suggested that he should “walk forward a bit and see where this thing ends.” However, communication soon ceased from his end and no further contact has been established. Agent ███████ was thus declared missing.

Addendum 2503-002: Experiments Conducted on SCP-2503

Experiment 1
Subject: A semi-autonomous drone with built-in GPS and camera
Note: The drone was sent into SCP-2503-1 and began sending back audio-visual feed after the door closed. At this moment, its GPS was no longer able to track its location and soon went offline. Video feed showed that concrete path did not seem to change with distance, and no other visible entity was present. Noteworthy was that despite the 6-hour battery life of the drone, it operated for much longer – about 39 hours before the signal was lost for unknown reason.

Experiment 2
Subject: D-029-271, equipped with a fully charged intercom and a standard explorer’s kit with sufficient rations for about 3 days
Note: D-029-271 was sent into SCP-2503-1 and told to walk forward along the path and report any discovery. The intercom equipped on D-029-271 was set to remain online for the duration of the experiment. The first thirty minutes of the experiment were uneventful. However, when the research team outside of SCP-2503-1 asked if D-029-271 wanted to take a break, D-029-271 responded that he did not feel tired, hungry, or thirsty at all, and expressed shock that only thirty minutes had passed, reporting to have felt “as if hours or even days have gone by”. About fifty-three minutes into the experiment, signals from D-029-271’s intercom began to experience interference from within SCP-2503. All communications with D-029-271-2503 ceased at the 56 minute mark. D-029-271 was considered lost at this point.

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