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An instance of SCP-2500-A

Item #: SCP-2500

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-2500-A, complete containment of the phenomena may currently be unfeasible. Foundation efforts are currently concentrated on finding means to more effectively identify and isolate Visitation Events and on limiting public exposure to SCP-2500-A. Identified instances of SCP-2500-B are to be held in Standard Humanoid Containment Units and observed constantly. Due to their general ineffectiveness and the greater efficiency of passive or covert monitoring, interviews with instances of SCP-2500-B are currently discontinued.

Description: The phenomena designated SCP-2500 is divided into two distinct but interconnected parts:

SCP-2500-A are incorporeal entities, comprised of strands of currently unidentified luminous matter, typically arranged in loose, vaguely spherical shapes. Instances of SCP-2500-A vary in size (recorded external radius of between 30 cm and 5 m), coloration (from bright red to deep blue) and cadence of light patterns. Instances of SCP-2500-A typically appear shortly following visible meteor showers (for full analysis of the required optical conditions for the appearance of SCP-2500-A, see Document SCP-2500-E21).

Following their appearance, instances of SCP-2500-A will attempt to make contact with specific individuals (designated SCP-2500-B), initiating what has been designated a Visitation Event. During such events, two instances of SCP-2500-A will address the chosen SCP-2500-B in its native tongue (if alive), accompanied by visual cues in the form of either dimming or intensifying their luminescence. SCP-2500-B will always recognize SCP-2500-A, typically treating them with a degree of familiarity. After the conversation is concluded, both instances of SCP-2500-A will leave, seemingly dissipating. Additional effects may occur depending on the physical state of the chosen instance of SCP-2500-B during the beginning of the Visitation Event:

  • Subtype A: SCP-2500-B is in good physical health. Following the conclusion of the Visitation Event and depending on its conclusion, two contingencies exist: the Visitation Event may conclude with no additional effects to SCP-2500-B, or both instances of SCP-2500-A will make physical contact with SCP-2500-B, briefly absorbing it into their forms. Following this contact, all higher brain functions in SCP-2500-B will immediately cease and a third instance of SCP-2500-A will be created. All instances of SCP-2500-A will then dissipate.
  • Subtype B: SCP-2500-B is on the verge of death. Following the conclusion of the conversation, SCP-2500-B will expire. One or both instances of SCP-2500-A will then make momentary contact with its corpse. During contact, a notable increase in luminosity and pattern speed in SCP-2500-A has been observed.
  • Subtype C: SCP-2500-B has expired. One or both instances of SCP-2500-A will make momentary contact with the corpse. No increase in luminosity or pattern speed noted.

Of the one hundred and seventy-three recorded Visitation Events, twenty-three were identified as Subtype-A (sixteen of which ended with the death of the involved instance of SCP-2500-B), ninety-seven as Subtype-B, and fifty-three as Subtype-C.

No common features (age, race, gender or creed) have been identified in instances of SCP-2500-B. Instances of SCP-2500-B show no unusual physical, psychological or metaphysical traits prior to or following contact with SCP-2500-A. SCP-2500-A will ignore both verbal prompts and physical contact by individuals not chosen by them. Attempts to physically contain instances of SCP-2500-A have thus far failed.

Addendum 2500-A: Incident Log SCP-2500-Aleph (June 1916, Verdun, France)

Addendum 2500-B: Incident Log SCP-2500 Lamed-Vav (██/██/████,Site 53)

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