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Item #: SCP-2497

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: 785 SCP-2497 instances have been detained in Biological Containment Area 36 with hand-knit Christmas stockings. Foundation spatial analysts have been assigned to monitor known areas of activity for SCP-2497 manifestations. Should an instance appear, containment teams are to be deployed, and a hand-knit Christmas stocking attached to the manifestation, localizing the anomaly.

Foundation personnel interacting with SCP-2497 are to avoid direct skin contact, and should wear layered, puncture proof gloves and protective gear. Should an accidental puncture wound occur, the punctured limb/appendage must be amputated within 30 minutes of the incident. Puncture wounds at non-amputatable sites result in termination of the exposed individual.

All prepared or bottled beverages within a 10 m radius of SCP-2497-1 instances are to be disposed of using standard sterilization techniques. SCP-2497-1 instances within Foundation custody are to be stored at least 10 m away from all piping systems, and liquid stocks.

Description: SCP-2497 are 785 identified Carnegiea gigantea1 which have been anchored to local reality by attachment of hand-knit Christmas stockings.2 When unanchored, SCP-2497 manifestations are subject to spatial instability, materializing and dematerializing in random locations across the southwest United States. Instances primarily appear in enclosed spaces, namely, bathrooms, closets, and other small spaces.3 SCP-2497 is indistinguishable from non-anomalous Carnegiea gigantea under normal biological conditions, until its spines penetrate the epidermis of a human subject.

SCP-2497's primary anomalous effects begin when a spine punctures the skin. Tissue surrounding the puncture wound will undergo rapid transformation into Plasticine,4 resulting in loss of sensation in the affected area. This effect will then spread outwards from the affected region, until either the limb/appendage is severed, or the organism has been completely converted. Complete conversion takes roughly 3 hours, and results in the creation of an SCP-2497-1 instance.

SCP-2497-1 instances are promptly reshaped to resemble a standard synthetic Christmas tree, sprouting branches, and artificial pine needles. The legs are closed and fused together to form a central column from which the branches sprout. SCP-2497-1 instances remain conscious throughout their transformation, and frequently manifest a number of fluorescent lights which they are able to control. These lights have been used for communication, albeit at limited frequency due to the amount of energy required by each SCP-2497-1 instance to use them. (See Interview I-2497-1).

SCP-2497's secondary anomalous effect begins upon complete manifestation of an SCP-2497-1 instance. Upon complete restructuring, all prepared or bottled beverages within a 10 meter radius of an SCP-2497-1 instance are converted into juice from the Saguaro's fruit, laced with Lophophora williamsii.5 Consumption of this fluid initiates a series of actions normally practiced during the American Christmas holiday, including:

  • Decoration of the instance with stereotypical ornaments and lights.
  • Prolonged singing of Christmas carols while encircling it.
  • Expressing or showing regret at the absence of the individual used to create the SCP-2497-1 instance.
  • Placement of wrapped gifts beneath it.
  • Opening of said gifts on the following morning.
  • Continuous consumption of the aforementioned fluid under the belief that it is eggnog.

Actions induced by the fluid will cycle continuously until affected individuals are subjected to detoxification, available liquids run out, or they expire from chemical overdose.

SCP-2497-1s appear to destabilize local reality through some unknown means, resulting in a higher frequency of SCP-2497 manifestations. This phenomenon resulted in an uptick of SCP-2497 manifestations at Biological Containment Area 36 from 2 in 2013, to 46 in 2014.

Update 25/12/2014:
SCP-2497-1-05 was observed responding to yes/no questions posed by staff working in Biological Containment Area 36's storage facility. The instance responded by blinking its lights once for yes, and twice for no. SCP-2497-1-05 was presented with a photo of Dave Sirling, and confirmed its identity when questioned. When questioned if such actions required energy, SCP-2497-1-05 confirmed that it did indeed tire from frequent use of its fluorescent bulbs.

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