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Item #: SCP-2493

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures (Revision 2): SCP-2493-1 is to be kept at Lunar Area-32 or at its designated containment chamber located 100km away, accessible by high-speed rail. SCP-2493-1 is to wear SCP-2493-2 whenever outside their designated containment chamber, and is to be restricted from attempting to leave their chamber until it is ensured SCP-2493-2 is correctly secured. SCP-2493-1 is to be provided with three meals each day, transmuted into antimatter by use of designated devices received from 2493’. (See Addendum 3.)

SCP-2493-1 is to be psychologically evaluated twice weekly, and medication to be administered as required.

A list of SCP-2493-1’s requests for updated containment procedures is to be submitted to the Ethics Committee on a bi-weekly basis for review and approval or rejection. Proposals to rescind approved requests are to be submitted to the Ethics Committee; any other attempts by staff to impede approved requests will result in severe reprimands at the discretion of the Overseer Council. The full list of approved and rejected requests are outlined in Document 2493-1; “Approved & rejected requests by SCP-2493-1 for updates to containment procedures.

Description: SCP-2493 is the collective designation for two components; SCP-2493-1 and SCP-2493-2.

SCP-2493-1 is a male humanoid entity approximately 1.7 meters in height, and weighing approximately 95 kilograms. SCP-2493-1 is composed entirely of antimatter, but physically appears to be an ordinary human. SCP-2493-1 responds to the name of Joe Smith, and claims to originate from an alternate dimension composed primarily of substances with similar atomic composition to his. Psychological evaluation of SCP-2493-1 has revealed that it suffers from nostophobia1 and an obsession with completing their mission. (See Addendums)

SCP-2493-2 is a suit composed entirely of a previously undiscovered and currently poorly-understood substance that SCP-2493-1 refers to as ‘Buffer’, superficially resembling an airtight type 1 hazmat suit. This substance is entirely non-baryonic in nature, uniformly reflects all wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation resulting in a mirrored surface, and is also capable of preventing interaction between matter and antimatter. These properties prevent the contents of anything composed of this material from being examined by use of X-ray scanning, and severely impede physical examination. The material comprising SCP-2493-2 is flexible in a manner comparable to rubber, but has a texture consistent with polished metal. An impermeable barrier replaces the substance around SCP-2493-1’s facial region, serving as a two-way visor. The interior of the suit is also capable of emitting light from an undetermined source, and will do so upon instruction by SCP-2493-1.

On the back of SCP-2493-2 is a multifunctional backpack that serves as an air recycler, a method of exchanging resources obtained by SCP-2493-1 for canned provisions,2 and an airtight input for canned provisions. SCP-2493-1 has never been observed to physically ingest these supplies; the entity states that this is attributable to nanites present within the interior of the suit, which constantly reassemble small sections of food within his mouth whenever available. It is theorized that the device is connected to SCP-2493-1's reality of origin via a stable extradimensional anomaly in the device, as this is the only reasonable explanation of how the provided waste materials can be converted into edible substances composed of antimatter.

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