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SCP-2492 prior to containment.

Item #: SCP-2492

Object Class: Safe Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2492 is contained in a standard anomalous item locker at Site-17. SCP-2492 is not to be plugged in outside of testing.

Description: SCP-2492 is a bedside lamp measuring 370 x 100mm. SCP-2492’s anomalous properties will activate when it is plugged into a standard BS-1363 wall socket, switched on and a single child between the age of eight and nine falls asleep within close proximity of SCP-2492. Several minutes after the child has fallen asleep, SCP-2492-1 will emerge midair within close range of SCP-2492.

SCP-2492-1 is a predominantly incorporeal entity resembling a disembodied right humanoid arm, with a maroon skin tone and severe bruising, scarring and several missing nails. SCP-2492-1 is capable of touching and feeling, displayed when grasping various furniture and other objects in its surroundings. SCP-2492-1 is capable of altering its own length by extending further from its manifestation point and shortening itself back towards it.

When manifesting, SCP-2492-1 will first emerge reaching outwards toward SCP-2492, and then begin feeling around the room until locating the child present. SCP-2492-1 will then attempt to move towards the childs head to feel their facial features in great detail. SCP-2492-1 will often interact with the child in various ways, such as stroking its fingers through their hair, resting its hand on them or brushing its hand against their cheek. After a varying period of time, it will move back towards SCP-2492 and switch it off before retreating back into its origin point and dissipating.

Children SCP-2492-1 has interacted with have shown no signs of distress or discomfort when touched by it, and will not awaken in its presence unless provoked by an outside source. If a child begins to awaken within its presence, SCP-2492-1 will retreat back to its manifestation point until de-manifesting.

Discovery Log: SCP-2492 was located in ██████, England in the house of Patrick ███████, after reports of an intruder infiltrating the premises and later being found deceased.

Police reports show that the criminal had infiltrated the house at night, and entered the room of Patrick ███████’s son, Gregory ███████ for unknown purposes. Interviews with Gregory ███████ revealed that the intruder had apparently been grabbed by what he described as a ‘floating hand’ before killing them via strangulation, and then moving towards his bedside lamp and disappearing.

When interviewed, Patrick ███████ claimed that he had found the lamp while searching a spare room several weeks after moving in on ██/██/2014. The bedside lamp was later taken into Foundation custody and later given SCP status.

An investigation into past owners of the house containing SCP-2492 revealed it to have originally been purchased by the house's previous owners, Thomas ███████ and Margret █████████ (deceased, traffic collision). SCP-2492 had apparently been used by the couples' son, Milo ███████ as a bedside lamp. Thomas ███████ claimed that they had forgotten to bring SCP-2492 along with several other items when moving.

Addendum 2492-1: SCP-2492-1's physical state has begun showing increasing signs of damage with each manifestation, barring greater levels of damage to pre-existing scarring and bruising. These injuries do not appear to heal over time. SCP-2492-1 has shown increasing signs of discomfort, often trembling while moving and when pressure is applied to its injuries from objects it interacts with. Scarring and bruising appear to worsen as SCP-2492-1 emerges from its manifestation point, which may imply the act of manifesting itself to be responsible for its increase in damage. Despite these factors, SCP-2492-1 continues to manifest with each activation of SCP-2492, and continues its standard behavior despite its continued signs of physical distress.

Testing of SCP-2492 has also shown there to be a recurring change in SCP-2492-1’s behavior when it interacts with children who share a distinct set of shaped facial features with one another, all of which appear to match that of Milo ███████'s (Details described in Document 2492-A). This change in behavior is expressed when SCP-2492-1 begins frantically feeling the child's face, after identifying facial features similarly shaped as described in Document 2492-A. Due to the age range of children which activate SCP-2492’s anomalous effects and the current age of Milo ███████ exceeding this limit, search for children with almost identical facial features to Milo ███████ for use in testing has been approved.

Addendum 2492-2: On ██/██/████, a child with near-identical facial features to Milo ███████ was presented to SCP-2492. At this point in time, SCP-2492-1’s physical injuries had significantly worsened; showing signs of intense pain even when simply making contact with the subject. After inspecting the subject's facial features for several seconds, SCP-2492-1 appeared to pause and repeat this process several times for the next few minutes. Afterwards, SCP-2492-1 remained still for several seconds while shaking intensely. SCP-2492-1 proceeded to wrap itself around the subject's head tightly and began stroking their cheek. Despite its condition, SCP-2492-1 continued this for approximately five hours, trembling while doing so. SCP-2492-1 retreated back to its origin point after the incident, appearing less agitated than previously.

Addendum 2492-3: SCP-2492-1 has not reappeared since the previously mentioned test. SCP-2492 no longer functions despite all attempted efforts to switch it on or replace the bulb. Due to this, SCP-2492 has been reclassified as Neutralized.

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