Item #: SCP-2490

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All Foundation personnel are to be informed of SCP-2490's properties, and are encouraged to inform their Site Director if they suspect pursuit by SCP-2490. Mobile Task Force Alpha-5 ("Honor Guard") is to monitor any compromised personnel at all times, and incapacitate SCP-2490 if possible. Mobile Task Force Psi-7 ("Home Improvement") is currently tracking down anomalous objects believed to have been stolen by SCP-2490.

Personnel compromised by SCP-2490 are to be placed on indefinite paid leave and their security clearance is to be immediately revoked. Any anomalous object that the compromised personnel worked with should be moved to secondary classified locations at the discretion of the Site Director. If the object cannot be moved, then all security measures (codes, guard schedules, modular perimeter defenses) around it are to be modified immediately, with an emphasis on constant in-person surveillance. Employees attacked by SCP-2490 should be transferred to Site-44A (Foundation Center for Neurological Disease).

Description: SCP-2490 refers to a modified human being, believed to be Chaos Insurgency Special Operative Alpha-19, that has stalked at least ██ Foundation employees since 19██. SCP-2490's head is composed of a single, oblong beige capsule, on which two eyes have been painted and no other facial features are present. Its body consists of multiple white, jointed segments. SCP-2490 possesses claws that appear to be grafted to its hand pods. Based on target testimony, however, most observers perceive it as an ordinary human being.

SCP-2490 displays behavior consistent with game stalkers, identifying a person (or multiple persons) and methodically stalking them, usually through urban and rural areas. The target is (or will become) immune to the mechanism that SCP-2490 uses to disguise itself, but SCP-2490 makes no attempt to disguise its behavior if spotted. Targets have often reported seeing normal persons transform into SCP-2490 before it begins pursuit. SCP-2490 will pursue the target for anywhere between several hours and several months, often showing itself to the target from a range before fleeing. As a result of this behavior, targets usually express lack of sleep, extreme paranoia, introversion, and a phobia of mannequins.

Targets uniformly report SCP-2490 either moving towards them without moving its legs (with its arms outstretched) or scuttling in a matter akin to a crab. SCP-2490 appears to have a type of short-range teleportation (although another hypothesis is that there are multiple instances of SCP-2490). In one instance, SCP-2490's target locked it in a closet, then turned around to see SCP-2490 emerging from a nearby bathroom. Eventually, targets are found unconscious, with puncture marks in their skull. MRI scanning reveals that brain tissue from the cerebellum, hippocampus, cerebral cortex, and random sections of the frontal, parietal, and temporal lobes has been removed and replaced with a fluid similar to SCP-████'s secretions.

Following an attack, a random SCP that the target previously worked with will disappear. How the object is removed is unknown, as no security measures are activated and no witnesses are ever present. Surveillance footage shows no abnormalities besides a consistent 0.5 second period of static, during which time the object disappears. Attempts to watch anomalous objects in-person result in brief periods of vision failure (usually through malfunctioning lights, human error, or optical instrument failure) during which time the object disappears.

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