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Item #: SCP-2488

Object Class: Neutralized Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Any recovered instances of SCP-2488-1 are to be stored in Site-23's Refrigerated Containment Unit 23-4. Individuals in possession of SCP-2488 instances, or possessing knowledge of SCP-2488 are to be amnesticized on a case-by-case basis.

Description: SCP-2488 refers to a series of anomalous phenomena that occurred between April 21, 1933 and 1939.1 During this period, an organization known as the Safety Harbor Milk Bottle Delivery Service operated within Safety Harbor, Florida. The parameters of its tasks were to intake empty milk bottles and deliver full bottles of milk bearing the brand label "Safety Harbor Milk" (hereafter known as SCP-2488-1).

No deliverymen or vehicles were sighted during delivery hours, and SCP-2488-1 materialized where no human observers could observe the event. On April 21, 1933, a full bottle of milk manifested on the threshold of every populated household within the city limits of Safety Harbor. Safety Harbor did not previously own a milk bottle service, due to economic hardship during the 1930s. The population of Safety Harbor is recorded to have shown misgivings towards SCP-2488 events upon initial manifestation. However, over time, SCP-2488 became an integral portion of Safety Harbor.

SCP-2488 events occurred every night, at 00:03.2 Any empty milk bottle labelled as a Safety Harbor Milk bottle demanifested, if placed upon any portion of its linked household that could be defined as a "threshold", "patio", or "porch". At 00:05, an instance of SCP-2488-1 manifested for every received milk bottle.

When consumed, SCP-2488 was known to give the consumer increased physical capability.3 Although this improvement did not significantly impact Safety Harbor, it allowed for an increased level of productivity that led Safety Harbor into a marginally improved economic and societal standing.

If, at any time, an active citizen of Safety Harbor consumed SCP-2488-1, they were subject to the effects of SCP-2488. Following death, citizens of Safety Harbor would become reanimated, with drastically increased physical strength and stamina and progressive but usually minor cognitive decay. It became a major source of manual labor, which allowed for the development of more diverse professions for living citizens. Subjects who consumed SCP-2488-1 did not report its effects to be distressing. According to witnesses affected by SCP-2488, there was some concern related to SCP-2488 when reanimated corpses were first encountered, but most subjects declared the reanimation events to be "a boon".

Reanimated subjects had an additional lifespan of 3-5 weeks, and only reanimated if the body was fully intact following death. Subjects were known to dig their own graves as they neared the end of their second lifespan, which became the subject of formal ceremonies similar to burials. However, these events were documented as more lively and upbeat. Reanimated subjects, although initially documented as startling, became a normal occurrence for citizens of Safety Harbor.

Notes from Investigation Member Taylor: This recovered documentation was discovered as investigation into SCP-2488 was initiated. An abandoned office space found near the center of Safety Harbor, roped off as "Heritage Restoration In Progress", was one of the first subjects for investigation. No one had ever heard of the place before, and it didn't show up on the town map. It was, as the mayor said, a storage space full of heritage documents that they didn't dare to go through, lest they damage or lose any of them. Prior to amnesticization, we inquired a little into the SCP-2488 events, to see if he knew anything. The mayor couldn't tell us much, other than that it was some old folklore rolling around the town.

Addendum 2488-Delta: On September 29, 2001, the discovery of an intact SCP-2488-1 instance occurred in Safety Harbor. The instance was confiscated by Foundation personnel, following the report in a local publication of a new heritage artifact, and subjected to chemical testing. No anomalous properties were discovered in the milk, and the instance was stored in Site 23's Refrigerated Storage Unit 23-4. Despite attempts to preserve the milk, it spoiled and curdled after one week of recovery.

Further investigation into SCP-2488 has been reopened, and instances have begun to manifest randomly in adjacent cities as well. Testing has shown that these instances of SCP-2488-1 show similar properties to documented events. Full investigation has been initiated, per request from Site 23 research personnel.

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