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Item #: SCP-2486

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2486 is stored in a standard lockbox at Site-73. SCP-2486-A are housed at Site-17, or at other sites as necessary for testing procedures.

Generalized inter-anomaly testing with SCP-2486 has been approved as of 2016-05-05. SCP-2486 itself may not be used on Foundation personnel or anomalous items. See Addendum for further information.

Subjects should be sedated prior to strangulation with SCP-2486.

Description: SCP-2486 is a 1.8m length of monofilament fishing line. When SCP-2486 is used to strangle a human being, the subject will reanimate four seconds after death, recovering from any internal and external injuries incurred during the strangulation. Subjects that reanimate this way are designated SCP-2486-A. Repeated application of SCP-2486 continues to affect subjects in this manner, but imparts no other anomalous properties.

SCP-2486-A exhibit no unusual behavior apart from an intense fondness for the consumption of pomegranates. Testing has shown that the consumption of any part of the pomegranate results in a massive spike of endorphins in SCP-2486-A; this effect has been replicated by injecting small amounts of pomegranate juice into the bloodstream. Left unchecked, most SCP-2486-A will develop a psychological dependency on pomegranates.

Subjective assessments and descriptions of SCP-2486-A frequently incorporate imagery related to pomegranates. Additionally, individuals experiencing severe delusions or hallucinations may perceive SCP-2486-A as a very large pomegranate.

Addendum: SCP-2486-A have been found to be affected by several anomalous objects in an unusual fashion. With the approval of O5-07, SCP-2486-A have been incorporated into scheduled testing of several contained anomalies, as the observed risk of dangerous cross-contamination is low. Below is a list of anomalous items with which SCP-2486-A have been found to interact abnormally.

SCP-1724: SCP-1724 returned a score of 001 when used on SCP-2486-A-080, then produced the phrase "That can't be right." SCP-2486-A-080 experienced no deleterious effects. SCP-1724 remained non-functional for four days thereafter.

SCP-978: Five instances of SCP-2486-A were photographed with SCP-978 in their cells. Two were shown consuming pomegranate seeds in their cells. A third was shown asleep. A fourth was shown using a knife to slit his throat, with pomegranate seeds spilling out and falling onto a recreation of Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man, also composed of pomegranate seeds. A fifth was shown reuniting with friends and family while consuming a whole pomegranate.

SCP-2221:1 After exposure to SCP-2486, the subject's preferred religious imagery incorporated pomegranates where it would otherwise incorporate nooses. Copies of SCP-2221 found at least three days after this exposure were found to contain an additional clause:

Clause 218
"You agree that under no circumstances will worship, prayer, obeisance, sacrifice, oaths, requests for guidance and/or intervention, or any other invocations of divinity directed at any deity or deities listed in Appendix H.vii contain pomegranates or pomegranate products."

Following the addition of this clause, SCP-2486-A instances did not incorporate pomegranates into religious imagery.

SCP-228: An instance of SCP-2486-A was shown SCP-228, which was then photographed. The result is available here.

SCP-1528: SCP-1528 was applied to SCP-2486-A-213, who has no visual abnormalities. Subjects who observed SCP-2486-A-213 frequently made direct comparisons to pomegranates when providing descriptions of anything. All professed great fondness for pomegranates, though several who disliked pomegranates were visibly uncomfortable while consuming them.

SCP-1379: In addition to the typical effects of insulting SCP-1379, the subject coughed up pomegranate juice for thirteen minutes afterwards.

SCP-832: A subject exposed to both SCP-832 and SCP-2486 described the value of a pomegranate as "impossible to quantify". Stock in companies that have substantial financial interest in pomegranate farming or pomegranate products were described similarly. The subject attempted, unsuccessfully, to disregard all pomegranates in its field of vision.

SCP-158: When used on SCP-2486-A-081, SCP-158 extracted a pomegranate instead of the typical substance. This had the usual effect of eliminating higher brain functions in the subject. When SCP-158 was used to insert a different pomegranate into SCP-2486-A-081, the subject recovered fully. Using SCP-2486 to strangle an individual already subject to SCP-158, then using SCP-158 to insert a pomegranate, failed to return brain function to the subject.

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