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Item #: SCP-2480

Object Class: Safe Keter Presumed Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: Dimensional Research Site-13 was constructed adjacent to Bodfel Manor, location of the SCP-2480 anomaly. Civilians are to be prevented from accessing the Bodfel Estate through non-violent means. Class A, B, and C amnestics may be used at the discretion of Field Agents. Foundation personnel have been integrated with the community surrounding SCP-2480 as quarantine or relocation of inhabitants has been deemed unfeasible. Considered the best source of information for SCP-2480 anomalies, agents are to make local inquiries and investigate any rumors, reports, or claims of an anomalous nature. Mobile Task Force Epsilon-6 ("Village Idiots") have infiltrated the community and are to remain on the lookout for anomalous manifestations. Mobile Task Force Psi-9 ("Abyss Gazers") is to remain on standby in case of an Emanation Event. The use of force has been authorized and anomalous manifestations are to be destroyed without prejudice.

Description: SCP-2480 is speculated to be a dimensional anomaly located in ███████, Massachusetts, a coastal and heavily forested town with just over 12,000 9,000 residents. SCP-2480 was allegedly created by accident when agents from the Global Occult Coalition interrupted a ritual on November 28, 1952. While the true purpose of this ritual remains unknown to date, the Foundation has concluded the anomaly to be the result of the inept and heavy-handed approach of GOC operatives.

SCP-2480 appears to be centered around Bodfel Manor, home of the late Cornelius P. Bodfel III (b. 1866 - d. 1952)1 - millionaire industrialist with an acute interest in the occult. Prior to his death, Bodfel was the leader of a secret society known as Adytum's Wake. Dismissed by the Foundation in 1932 as simply being a "decadent upper-class social club", their anomalous capabilities were not recognized until the November 28, 1952 incident.

Due to the critical failure of their mission, there were no surviving GOC operatives to be properly interrogated. However, documents were subsequently recovered from a GOC safe house located in ███████. It appears that the GOC attempted to destroy these documents prior to their mission. A torn report (lower half missing) with a photograph attached via paperclip was discovered in the back of a fireplace along with significant ash. It is assumed that all other documents had been incinerated.

It is theorized has been verified that GOC operatives intended to assassinate PoI-93. As PoI-93 was not discovered among the dead, it can be surmised that the GOC did not achieve their primary goal. The Foundation became aware of SCP-2480 after intercepting and decoding a GOC distress broadcast, promptly sending an investigative team. Thirty-six corpses were found scattered throughout the estate; eight of which were later identified as GOC operatives. All but five6 displayed anomalous cause of death such as implosion, disintegration, and fatal physical reconfiguration.

SCP-2480 is hypothesized to be a dimensional anomaly that cannot be directly perceived. This cognitohazardous effect interferes with perception in such a way that only through the use of perception altering chemicals and / or the direct and sustained observation of its effects on local reality it may be detected. Reality alterations were subtle and restricted to Bodfel Manor - manifesting as impossible interior dimensions (interior larger than exterior would suggest, non-Euclidian architecture, and additional rooms and corridors that did not previously exist).

SCP-2480 has been classified as safe.

Addendum: The investigation of Bodfel Manor uncovered disconcerting evidence with regards to Cornelius P. Bodfel III and the organization known as "Adytum's Wake". Based on several meticulously kept journals and a collection of photographs, Bodfel and his followers would frequently host orgies that included rape, pedophilia, ritual human sacrifice, and cannibalism. Discovered within the journals were sermon notes and guest lists whose names have included affluent families, respected politicians, leaders of industry, and even those of religious authority.

Among Bodfel's belongings was a handwritten tome containing religious scripture; his journals frequently referenced this book as the Valkzaron. The writing system has yet to be deciphered.


Only official photograph of Site Director Simon Oswalt currently on record.

The grand hall contains a marble statue depicting an entity with a leonine head and vermiform body. This statue was later studied by Dr. Judith Low, Senior Adviser at the Department of History - Religious GoI Threat Analysis, and confirmed to be a representation of the Demiurge among certain Gnostic sects. The Demiurge (also known as "Yaldabaoth", "Saklas", or "Samael") has no history of being presented with reverence and is believed to be a figure of worship for "Adytum's Wake". At the base of the statue, written in Greek, are the words:

επιθυμία είναι το μέτρο όλων των πραγμάτων . Να μη είσαι δεμένος σε μια ηθική πρόσδεση. Κανε όπως επιθυμείς, σε οποίον επιθυμείς.

"Desire is the measure of all things. Be unbound from moral tethers. Do as you will, to whom you will."

In mid 1988, Simon Oswalt, Director of Site-13, failed to send a biannual report on the state of SCP-2480 (which had no reported changes since its original containment). The Foundation, believing it to be a bureaucratic error, attempted to contact Site-13 directly without response. Initially, Agent Samuel Roe and Agent Sarah Valentine were sent to investigate but neither agent has since made contact, and their fate remains unknown at this time.

Mobile Task Force Epsilon-6 ("Village idiots")7 was dispatched to ███████ in order to reestablish contact with Site-13 and properly secure SCP-2480. Members of MTF Epsilon-6 were able to successfully integrate themselves into the community as new residents or tourists.

Prologue: In Principio Erat Verbum | In Memoria, Adytum

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