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Item #: SCP-2479

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The two major roads leading to and from SCP-2479 are to be permanently roadblocked by Foundation personnel. Non-Foundation vehicles from Sherwood, Oregon that attempt to travel along these roads are to be withheld from approaching SCP-2479. Any non-Foundation vehicles passing the roadblock will be regarded as trespassers.

All public knowledge of SCP-2479 prior to Foundation acquisition is to be eradicated by Foundation media outlets and relevant censorship protocols1. The area around SCP-2479 is to be kept in a perpetual state of lockdown under the guise of a demolition organisation preparing for the demolition of a miscellaneous abandoned theme park.

Small containment cells are to be constructed alongside SCP-2479-1 through -16 to facilitate the containment of SCP-2479-A instances. Site-2479 is to be established a few kilometers from SCP-2479's active zone and used for research and surveillance.

The area around SCP-2479 is to be monitored at all times by Foundation personnel. Any unauthorised personnel found in the vicinity of SCP-2479 or Site-2479 are to be captured and detained as quickly as possible so as to prevent a possible classified information breach. SCP-2479-A instances are to be similarly monitored and prevented from leaving SCP-2479's active zone under any circumstances.

Outside of testing, no personnel should enter SCP-2479's active zone at any time without permission from Site Director ██████.

Description: SCP-2479 is a defunct amusement park consisting of an area of roughly 128 acres (52 ha) located several miles east of Sherwood, Oregon. Two (2) major roads which lead to and from the parking lot of SCP-2479 serve as the only means of direct entry or exit, and a series of ridged concrete walls along the width and breadth of SCP-2479's active zone restrict access unless physically scaled. SCP-2479 is covered in thick shrubbery and vegetation as a result of long-term abandonment.

At the time of Foundation procurement, SCP-2479 was marked on public maps and road signs as "Animal Land Amusement Park". The original park was commissioned to be built by ███ ██████ ███████████, but was abandoned shortly after its initial opening for currently unknown reasons.

As of recovery on 11/05/██, SCP-2479 possesses sixteen generic amusement park attractions:

  • four roller coasters, each styled after a unique farm animal (SCP-2479-1 through -4).
  • two bumper cars tracks with cars resembling dogs and cats (SCP-2479-5 and SCP-2479-6 respectively).
  • two carousels with horse statues (SCP-2479-7 and SCP-2479-8).
  • an octopus ride (SCP-2479-9).
  • two drop towers styled after various species of birds (SCP-2479-10 and SCP-2479-11).
  • a chair swing ride modeled after a starfish (SCP-2479-12).
  • a Ferris wheel marked with fox patterns (SCP-2479-13).
  • two "fun slides" styled after caterpillars and butterflies (SCP-2479-14 and SCP-2479-15 respectively).
  • a "House of Horrors" styled after arachnids of various species (SCP-2479-16).

SCP-2479's only entrance is a large gateway located in the northern end of the parking lot. The gate is accompanied by a smaller ticket booth, a large storage shed and a series of green ropes designating a space for visitors to queue. Upon entry, a large sign overhead reads "Animaland!"2 and several statues of cartoon humanoid animals line a walkway that leads through SCP-2479's active zone. An SCP-2479-A instance is always present in the ticket booth.

SCP-2479-A is the collective designation for between twenty (20) and thirty (30) entities that appear as humanoid animals, styled appropriately for their position in the park3, hereby referred to as their "territory". Each instance speaks standard English in a comical, high-pitched voice similar to those used by performers to entertain children. SCP-2479-A instances are completely unresponsive to questions or interrogative actions from personnel and will instead issue simplistic lines encouraging them to get on one of the park rides. SCP-2479-A have been observed to communicate subvocally with one another. Instances do not interact with animals and are additionally labelled SCP-2479-A-1 through -A-16 to denote their territory, which can be shared by multiple instances of the same designation.


An SCP-2479-A-11 instance in containment.

Testing of recovered samples from SCP-2479-A instances has shown that they are covered in a downy growth of thick hair similar to organisms suffering from hypertrichosis. This thick hair will, in most cases, form the shape of a plushy mascot outfit on the skin and harden into permanent epidermal growths around the mouth, ears and eyes. SCP-2479-A vary greatly in the amount of hair they develop and many suffer from unique physical abnormalities depending on the subject animal of their appearance (see Addendum 2479a).

SCP-2479-A instances have been observed to sexually reproduce, though not between designations (See Incident Log 2479/2).

All SCP-2479-A have a capacity to be hostile but have only been observed to become aggressive if:

  • an individual is acting hostile towards them
  • an individual is perceived as obtrusive, disruptive or irritating4
  • an individual was observed entering SCP-2479 in any way besides that of direct entry through the main gateway.

SCP-2479-A have been observed to attack in a primitive scratching and biting manner.

SCP-2479-B is the collective designation of between five hundred (500) and seven hundred (700) animal masks located in a series of large crates in the storage shed at SCP-2479's main gateway. Each mask bears a resemblance towards a unique animal also seen elsewhere in the park, either as a ride or as a mascot. When attempting to enter SCP-2479 through the main gate, the SCP-2479-A instance currently in the ticket booth will prompt a visitor to approach the ticket booth and collect a mask before entering SCP-2479's active zone.

SCP-2479-B's anomalous properties occur over a period of roughly two (2) hours when worn by a subject, and when that subject is within SCP-2479's active zone.

Within a few minutes, subjects will experience extreme abdominal pains, intensified rate of perspiration and abnormally dilated pupils. After wearing SCP-2479-B for more than ten (10) minutes, these symptoms will persist regardless of the presence of SCP-2479-B, and after fifteen (15) minutes the symptoms will persist outside of SCP-2479's active zone. Further symptoms will become apparent towards the end of the first hour; these include hyperhidrosis, uncontrollable shivering and, most importantly, acute hypertrichosis, resulting in an alarmingly rapid outgrowth of bodily and facial hair. All symptoms will be more painful and of a longer duration if the SCP-2479-B instance is not removed.

Bodily and facial hair will harden into thick keratin rings around orifices and abnormal keratin structures will begin to form during the secondary hour. At this point, if still present, the SCP-2479-B instance will either be forcefully removed due to the development of obtrusive facial structures or fuse into the skin.

Subjects will eventually begin to develop features which coincide with the animal depicted on the SCP-2479-B instance which they were afflicted by. Mental deterioration begins after roughly one (1) hour and fifteen (15) minutes, after which point the subject - hereby an SCP-2479-A instance - will attempt to move towards the ride that depicts the animal that they represent and acknowledge it as their territory. All memories from the instance's past life will be either erased or ignored and the instance will cease answering questions or responding to conversational stimuli.

Subjects recovered before fifteen (15) minutes of SCP-2479-B exposure will suffer permanent scarring if removal surgery is performed to clear them of hair growths.

EDIT as of 11/02/██: Following Incident 2479/1, SCP-2479-A instances have been observed to interact in a manner consistent with their position on the Charles Elton food chain model. This model follows a linear order in which each organism is sustained through consumption of the animal before it; therefore, SCP-2479-A instances can be appropriately split into Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Apex consumer subcategories.

As an example, SCP-2479-A-13 instances (considered fox-like, resembling members of the species V. vulpes) will periodically retire from wandering SCP-2479-13 "territory", reportedly doing so biweekly or when one is beginning to show symptoms of malnutrition5. Following this, SCP-2479-A-13 instances have been observed to seek instances of SCP-2479-A-4 or SCP-2479-A-11 (resembling ducks and birds, respectively) and [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-2479-A-13 instances have been observed to "hunt" alone or in pairs, whereas other Tertiary consumers such as SCP-2479-A-5 (considered representative of members of the species C. lupus) will not embark from their territory in groups of fewer than three (3).

This recent development of a closed ecosystem in SCP-2479's active zone has become the primary object of research in Site-2479. It has been hypothesised that a "breeding program" involving exposure of subjects to several instances of SCP-2479-B can be implemented to introduce an Apex consumer into SCP-2479's ecosystem as a means of controlling interactions between SCP-2479-A instances.

Experiments involving the cross-exposure of a single subject to multiple instances of SCP-2479-B are documented below.

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