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Graphical representation of one SCP-2477 solution.

Item #: SCP-2477

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All Foundation containment procedure proposals are to be monitored for SCP-2477 methodology. All proposals determined to be affected by SCP-2477 are to be denied. (For a list of plausible reasons for denial, please see Document SCP-2477-Thoth.) Foundation astronomical assets are to maintain continuous tracking of all known Type A instances, as well as Type B-C instances wherever possible.

Engineering conference papers, presentations, and government proposals are to be monitored by Foundation web-crawlers for pre-SCP-2477 reasoning. Mobile Task Force Psi-18 (“Tenure Trackers”) are to intervene with any identified researchers by providing financial incentives towards approved avenues of research. SCP-2477-positive researchers (internal or external) may also be considered for recruitment into the Experimental Containment Research Group.

In the event of any proposal to create a singular, well-funded site for the storage of radioactive or other extremely hazardous material at a national or international level, Mobile Task Force Rho-17 (“Not in My Back Yard”) is to exert local political pressure to prevent the completion of such a project.

Description: SCP-2477 consists of a novel, nonobvious series of solutions to statics1 equations based on erroneous interpretations of Newtonian physics. SCP-2477 are most often encountered in well-funded projects dedicated to the complete containment or isolation of physical objects. As SCP-2477 solutions are derived from practical rather than abstract theoretical applications, they are much more likely to be discovered by engineers than by physicists.

Given sufficient resources, SCP-2477 can be used to construct devices capable of eliminating all outside forces affecting an object. These include gravity, electromagnetism, friction, physical contact, and particle-based radiation. These devices also fix the contained object to a single position by eliminating all inertia.

Unfortunately, the anomalous calculations required to complete SCP-2477 solutions cannot be resolved within the reference frame of a fixed point on the Earth’s surface. Instead, objects are fixed in place in comparison with some other astronomical object or reference point, and remain in this position with no regard for the movement of the Earth. There are █ known solutions to these equations, each associated with a different point of reference.

Researchers using brute-force computer analysis to solve these equations are significantly less likely to recognize this reference frame error when constructing an SCP-2477-based device. Please see Addendum SCP-2477-Iota for a list of known SCP-2477 solutions and example uses.

Addendum SCP-2477-Iota: First known SCP-2477 incidents

Type Reference Frame Contents Results
A The Sun (Solar Plane) Gyroscopes used for the absolute calibration of navigation equipment. Researchers at [DATA REDACTED] Corporation attempted to isolate six separate devices across a one month period before the Foundation could intervene. Contents estimated to cross Earth’s path every April █ through ██, and are typically associated with an incidence of at least two cases of severe radiation poisoning in the [DATA REDACTED] urban region.
B The Milky Way (Galactic Core) Isolation chamber for █████-██ supercollider, meant to improve detection and containment of antimatter. Containment equipment levitated 5000 t of sensor banks and magnetic shielding into upper atmosphere before disintegrating. Contained sensor packages continue to transmit data and are believed to be exiting the solar plane at 200 km/s.
C Center of the Universe, LTB-Model (Unconfirmed) Keter-Class SCP-████ Contents spontaneously converted to coherent mass of neutrinos, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and [DATA EXPUNGED] particles.2 GOES satellites identified a burst of radiation traveling towards the Crab Nebula at .11c3. Attempts to recontain SCP-████ are considered unfeasible.
D Unknown A manned spacecraft intended to test inertia-free launch conditions, with four crew. External observers noted a rapid acceleration of movements within capsule accompanied by a visible blueshift. The capsule then dematerialized, leaving a permanent visual afterimage. The flight recorder continued transmitting for ██ hours afterward. Selected contents are available in Document SCP-2477-D-1953.

Document SCP-2477-D-1953: Title unavailable
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