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Personnel Warning

The following document was created under the influence of a cognihazardous effect specializing in the alteration of perceived information. Information in this document is not to be discerned as truth. A revised document has been made available to personnel with clearance. It is advised to those assigned to this SCP item to read this document in order to acquire a better understanding of its cognihazardous components.

Knight #: SIR-2476 the Safe


SIR-2476. Dressed in its original robes and armour.

Special Chamber Requirements: SIR-2476 is kept in a humanoid containment tower at Site-17 castle. Questioning in interviews with SIR-2476 are to kept to a minimum, in order to prevent the activation of its primary enchantment. SIR-2476 is to be fed on a diet consisting of ham, canned pork and any type of jam as a condiment. SIR-2476 has been allowed to keep a potted shrubbery in its chamber of its own request.

Description: SIR-2476 is a human male in its early thirties, biologically identical to the late film actor Graham Arthur Chapman. SIR-2476 is prone to occasional episodes of hostility, where it will insult personnel in a French accent and insist they leave its presence, under the threat of further taunting. Apart from these episodes, SIR-2476 is generally cooperative with Foundation staff. The words "Mr. Monty Python And The Holy Grail, by Gamers Against Weed” are tattooed across SIR-2476’s left thigh.

SIR-2476 displays a number of enchantments relating to the 1975 film 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' by the British comedy group, Monty Python. SIR-2476 is only capable of verbal communication through the use of words used in the manuscript of the film. SIR-2476 is able to recite the script of the film in its entirety, including dialogue, descriptions, actions and both beginning and ending credits. SIR-2476 is unable to speak any words outside of the script, despite multiple attempts.

When speaking for extended periods of time, SIR-2476 will begin dictating lines from the films script in-order, and proceed to recite the remainder in its entirety. SIR-2476 will begin reciting from a point in the script where the last word(s) it spoke was used. Anyone speaking with SIR-2476, or anyone else involved in the conversation at the time of the effects activation will join in with the recital. SIR-2476 and those affected will speak the dialogue of a varying set of characters through the entire recital. Subjects will take turns to speak the script's descriptions and actions. The beginning and ending credits will always be recited by SIR-2476. Those affected are unable to recall the events which took place while under SIR-2476’s effects.

Initial interview log
The following is a partial interview performed by Brother Belle shortly after the recovery of SIR-2476.

Document 2476-8745

The following document was recovered from the village of ███████ upon locating SIR-2476. It is reproduced below in its entirety.

Jesus Christ! You've just found yourself your very own Sir Monty Python And The Holy Grail by the Holy order of Knights Against Weed! It's only a model. Who is King Wondertainment?

Gather them all and become Sir Gamer!

01. Sir Literal Serial Killer
02. Sir Normie
03. Sir Sanders
04. Sir Get Anything For Free In Any Shop
20. Sir Sex Number
21. Sir Heavenly Virtues
22. Sir Deadly Sins
23. Sir Original Character
24. Sir. D.A.R.E.
25. Lady Gentrification
26. Lady Mad About Video Games
27. Sir Meme
28. Sir Ominous (discontinued)
29. Sir Destiny
30. Sir Monty Python And The Holy Grail
31. Lady Zapatista
32. Sir Hax
33. Sir Just Has The Tattoo
34. Sir Top Text and Sir Bottom Text
35. Sir Finale
36. Sir Not Appearing In This Series

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