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Synthetic aperture radar image of Irnini Mons. SCP-2474 obscured per A3 cognitohazard protocols

Item #: SCP-2474

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All electronic communications originating from the Divine Unity 3 space station are to be monitored for signs of influence by SCP-2474. Any missions in the vicinity of Venus undertaken by international space agencies, nonprofit consortia or private interplanetary firms are to be investigated for the potential of encountering SCP-2474, especially those likely to generate data concerning the northern hemisphere of the planet.

All persons suspected of exposure to SCP-2474 are to be quarantined under Designation A3 protocols. Contact with research subjects and personnel exposed to SCP-2474 is limited exclusively to the Manu Thirteen system.

Due to the high risk of exposure resulting from the New Shambhala Colonization Expedition, operatives from Mobile Task Force Rho-19 ("Cythereans") have been placed as part of the First Thousand group of specialists tasked with establishing a full base of operations in the Venusian atmosphere. MTF Rho-19 is scheduled to conduct an exploratory mission to SCP-2474 upon the arrival of the Expedition in March of 2153.

Dispatches filed in the late 20th century by Dr. Richard Simonis documenting SCP-2474 have been expunged from records of the era.

Description: SCP-2474 is a complex artificial structure located on the summit of Irnini Mons, a shield volcano on the Ishtar Terra continent of Venus, in the appearance of an ornate geometrical pattern. While the composition of SCP-2474 cannot be determined at this time, observation has concluded that the material comprising SCP-2474 is not consistent with materials known to exist in quantity on the Venusian surface. The height of the structure making up SCP-2474 averages 6.8 m, with a variance between 2.6 m - 18.3 m. The anomaly spans an approximate area of 30 km2, occupying the highest reaches of Irnini Mons. DESCRIPTION TRUNCATED FOR READER PROTECTION

SCP-2474 is a Designation A3 (indirect observation) cognitohazard. The first known human exposed to the anomaly was Dr. Richard Simonis, lead topography consultant on the Magellan observational mission of Venus, conducted by the now-defunct National Aeronautics and Space Administration in 1992. SCP-2474 was first documented by Dr. Simonis using synthetic aperture radar during Mapping Cycle 3 of Magellan's mission. Subsequent radar mapping activities examining the Venusian surface have confirmed the existence of SCP-2474.

SCP-2474 exhibits pronounced neurological and psychological effects on humans observing it through indirect means, such as reading detailed accounts of the anomaly or viewing photographic records. These effects vary in form and severity, as evidenced by Incident 2474.1.

SCP-2474 is believed to be inhabited by a previously undocumented species of entities. The precise nature of these entities is unknown. Based on records of Incident 2474.1 and subsequent events, these entities are presumed to be hostile until further notice.

Records of Incident 2474.1, as well as seized archives of GoI-004B1, have led to the currently prevailing theory that the structure comprising SCP-2474 is of human origin. The means by which SCP-2474 was constructed at least 150 years prior to viability of planetary exploration technology is unknown.

Addendum 2474.1 - Initial Containment

Public knowledge of SCP-2474 prior to Foundation containment was limited by the mistaken belief of Dr. Simonis, then the Magellan mission operative in charge of visual data, that the anomaly was a digital artifact resulting from an error in the software converting radar data to maps of the Venusian surface. This resulted in visual evidence of SCP-2474 being removed as part of a general smoothing process of graphical errors in maps of the surface of Venus.

After the events of Incident 2474.1, the personal records of Dr. Simonis were seized and reviewed by Foundation researchers. Documentation shows that Dr. Simonis continued working in the aerospace industry for several years after the discovery of SCP-2474, before abruptly resigning from the USA-88 GPS satellite launch mission staff. Personal correspondence involving Dr. Simonis at this time documents a marked change in personality, with personnel files noting unspecified erratic behavior. This is believed to be attributable in part to SCP-2474 exposure.

Public records concerning Dr. Simonis indicate that he divorced in 1995, and purchased several acres of land in rural Michigan later in the year. After the land purchase, the only documentation related to Dr. Simonis is correspondence from various publishing houses and internet-based literary services. During these years, Dr. Simonis repeatedly attempted to publish a short story entitled The Threshold and the Nineteen and On, which was uniformly rejected by all recipients. Dr. Simonis self-published this story on several occasions in several different forms of electronic media. No evidence exists that the story was read by any individuals apart from Dr. Simonis. Access to The Threshold and the Nineteen and On is currently exclusive to Manu Thirteen per A3 protocol.

Dr. Simonis was declared deceased by the State of Michigan Vital Records Office in 2037 after requests by county-level officials to discharge his estate to his legal heirs. The death certificate of Dr. Simonis lists no cause of death, as no remains were ever recovered after investigation of his Schoolcraft County, Michigan residence and the vicinity.

Addendum 2474.2 - Incident 2474.1


DATE: 23 November 2142


CASUALTIES: Six staff injured:

  • Lead Researcher Seung Jae Rim
  • Researcher Jens Halvorsen
  • Researcher Anjali Mannava
  • Researcher Jacob Fenton
  • Technician Leonard Gryboski
  • Technician Ishii Kiemon


INCIDENT SUMMARY: Research team analyzing imaging results from recent Harbinger 3 clandestine satellite mission in low Venus orbit encounters image of unknown, presumed anomalous structure present in northern Venusian hemisphere. Approximately three hours after filing report for initial SCP classification, all members of research team begin exhibiting signs of distress. Lead Researcher Seung becomes unresponsive to all stimuli, while Researcher Fenton and Technician Kiemon report visual and auditory hallucinations. Remaining team members report intense sensation of intrusive thoughts. All personnel immediately quarantined under emergency cognitohazard response procedures.

RESPONSE: SCP-2474 receives official classification and is listed as Designation A3 cognitohazard. Lead Researcher Seung receives diagnosis of permanent vegetative state and is moved to long-term intensive care facility. Researcher Fenton and Technician Kiemon receive ongoing course of sedatives and antipsychotics to control anomalous symptoms. All staff currently being evaluated for therapeutic and counseling needs upon expiry of A3 quarantine.

Addendum 2474.3 - Research Log 2474.17: Staff Observations

Foreword: Exposure to SCP-2474 is believed to have provided affected research staff with an unknown relationship to an as-yet undefined race of entities, believed to reside at the site of the anomaly. Attempts to ascertain the nature of these entities are ongoing.

In an effort to understand more about the nature of the anomaly, interviews of the responsive staff from Incident 2474.1 were conducted between 8 January 2143 and 17 March 2143 by the Manu Thirteen Artificial Intelligence System, the system having been demonstrated to be immune to the cognitohazardous effects of SCP-2474. Many individual and group interviews were conducted in order to determine the nature of SCP-2474. The following are transcripts of those interviews that have provided significant data regarding SCP-2474. Portions of these transcripts have been altered by Manu Thirteen in order to remove potential cognitohazards and have been noted.

Manu Thirteen: You described a sensation of being made to think in a way alien to your consciousness, Anjali. Would you mind describing more about these thoughts?

Researcher Mannava: Could you do the hologram thing? I don't like talking to an empty room.

Manu Thirteen: Certainly, Anjali. [MANU THIRTEEN PROJECTS HOLOGRAPHIC AVATAR IN CHAIR OPPOSITE RESEARCHER] Would you mind describing more about these thoughts?

Researcher Mannava: It was…it wasn't neatly defined. Not like, images or clear phrases or anything neat. It was all kind of muddled together, but it was like I wasn't in control of it. Does that make sense?

Manu Thirteen: No.

Researcher Mannava: Well, um…

Manu Thirteen: Joking. Yes. Please continue.

Researcher Mannava: …anyway, it would be something like a collection of sensations, or the memory of sensations, and there would be words in it, a little. Like, I would be cognizant that I should be feeling an intense heat on my face, and I would be thinking of the distance between two parallel lines, and the word "foomu2" would echo around in it.


Researcher Mannava: It was overpowering. Nothing else could be in my head while that was happening. I didn't know to be afraid, or to think that I was being violated somehow. And you know what's weird?

Manu Thirteen: What is weird?

Researcher Mannava: Thinking back on it, it's…it's not happening again when I remember it, but I feel some of the same things. Well not feel, but almost feel, like remembering something that just happened to you.

Manu Thirteen: That is weird. That is consistent with narratives provided by Gryboski and Halvorsen.

Researcher Mannava: It's…it's becoming different, now. Just talking about it. It's TRANSCRIPT ALTERED FOR READER PROTECTION It's frustrating. Like I'm almost remembering something but not quite.

Manu Thirteen: That is weird. That is not consistent with narratives provided by Gryboski and Halvorsen.

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