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Item #: SCP-2470

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: To facilitate containment, Area-141 has been established at the site of discovery. Due to the extremely hazardous nature of SCP-2470, as well as the potential threat from pro-apocalyptic religious-mystical movements and sects, on-site personnel are responsible for both containing the object, and protecting Area-141 from any and all outside threats.

Description: SCP-2470 is a specific existential entity, or a perceptive element, which is objectively an initial manifestation of a ZK-class scenario. Due to insuperable obstacles related to its perception, the object's appearance, if it has any, remains unknown. Its current locus is determined indirectly, based on the area of effect it produces.

Said effect is manifested through the instantaneous disappearance of any object or event perceived by SCP-2470 from objective reality. First and foremost this applies to the most proximate aspects, which are directly accessible to the object’s senses. Thereafter, as the object accumulates knowledge, gains abstract understanding of the nature of things, and makes generalizations, the effect extends to the phenomena themselves, their direct and later indirect consequences.

For instance, during the initial recovery operation, it was noted that the sound of the agents' footsteps (said agents were obstructed from sight by smokescreens) was starting to drown out due to sonic oscillations having stopped. Soon afterwards, large volumes of the air itself started to spontaneously disappear, which caused hypobaric effects. This was followed by the disappearance of several agents' legs, and finally the agents disappeared wholly and completely. In a similar fashion, at first several clots of the aforementioned smokescreen disappeared, but the effect soon spread to whole smoke clouds, followed by all active smoke grenades at the operation site. This culminated with disappearance of all smoke grenades of that specific type at the operation site, regardless of their being within range of the object's perception.

Disappearance of soil caused a crater up to 200 meters deep to manifest at the location of the object's discovery (apparently, the object was somehow confused that every demanifested volume of soil brought more into view, and that slowed the process down; it did not manage to realize the Earth as a limited and finite entity). Due to constant disappearances of air, atmospheric pressure has dropped at the operation site and a steady high-current cyclone has formed.

Since any generalizations of reasons behind any phenomena inevitably lead to using abstract concepts and eventually lead to logically reasoning the universe's existence per se, SCP-2470 is classified as a potential ZK-class hazard.

According to the analysis of gathered data it was reliably established that the object possesses the following senses:

  • a perception of electromagnetic radiation in an extremely wide frequency range, including the visible spectrum, which is analogous to vision;
  • a highly sensitive perception of mechanical stimuli, which is analogous to tactile sense and hearing;
  • a perception of [DATA EXPUNGED]

The following senses are reasonably likely to be possessed by the object:

  • a direct, yet severely limited, telepathic perception;
  • a perception of certain quantum effects, particularly quantum superposition of states as a singular phenomenon.

The latter hypothesis is related to the events that happened during [REDACTED], as well as damage and demanifestation of (at least) equipment sensors and human sensory organs during attempts to perceive the object directly, which is apparently related to the wave function collapse that inevitably accompanies an act of perception and is seemingly perceivable by SCP-2470.

Moreover, this hypothesis combined with the conclusion regarding [DATA EXPUNGED] provides an explanation to how the object manages to avoid exposure to “Weißschatten’s paradox”: apparently, the effect of quantum entanglement of the object in present time with itself in an immediate future, allows it to foresee the damaging effect of the memetic agent without even having a concept of its nature, and, based on that information, allows SCP-2470 to refuse to perceive it ("to close its eyes", metaphorically speaking). However, the fact that this modus operandi remains its only manner of existence for █ years in containment counts in favor of the paradox's adequacy and the proficiency of the developed neutralization procedure, which is based on a forceful inoculation of a destructive meme bypassing the object's senses.


Recovery Log: The first report of the object's anomalous activity came on ██.██.20██ at about ██:00 from an airplane observer of FGU “Avialesookhrana”5, who was conducting fire safety monitoring in the [REDACTED] area. The pilot reported a huge deforested area centered around a wide, deep cavity. Communication with the pilot ceased soon afterwards. The report was intercepted by undercover Foundation agents in the MES and a reconnaissance operation with █ mobile task forces was arranged.

Initial hypotheses regarding the object's nature were defining it as something akin to a miniature black hole. However, primary analysis disproved this point of view and demonstrated the true nature of the anomaly. Several methods of containment and/or neutralization, such as [DATA EXPUNGED] had been applied unsuccessfully, and were followed by a proposal to use “Weißschatten’s paradox” in order to neutralize the object. This attempt was a partial success. Neutralization was not achieved; however, it was discovered that the paradox’s carrier was not susceptible to the object’s effect, which allowed the Foundation to capture SCP-2470 after several unsuccessful attempts and to develop the current containment protocols. Total losses throughout the whole operation amount to ███ employees.

Excerpt from Dr. █████'s report:

There was a remarkable episode during one of the first attempts of neutralization, when, at the suggestion of agent ███████, a mirror was placed within the object’s field of view. It seemed logical that, after seeing its own reflection, the object would neutralize itself. However, though the other things reflected in the mirror were subjected to its effect to the full, the object itself did not undergo any changes. Instead, it destroyed the mirror, although this action took it 12 seconds more than it usually took for items of similar scale. Also, it is obvious that the object has not been self-destructing due to self-awareness for █ years already. This can be rationalized by one of the following hypotheses:

  • the object is either able to apply its effects selectively or is passively non-susceptible to them;
  • the object is either unable to perceive itself, or is avoiding that;
  • the object itself is uncognizable;
  • the cognizable nature of the object is actually the object itself; any sort of cognition results in the object's duplication, which equals to the object growing due to its indivisible nature.

The last hypothesis [DATA EXPUNGED] for more precise control.

According to the data gathered later on, a small village of ██████ which had been abandoned since at least the late 80s had been situated at the initial discovery site. However, a few years before the anomaly appeared, it had been occupied with members of an unidentified, radical pro-apocalyptic religious community. The evidence of their activity is sketchy and inconsistent, though it suggests that [DATA EXPUNGED].

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