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Item #: SCP-2469

Object Class: Euclid Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the remote location of SCP-2469-1, minimal containment procedures are necessary. An observation tower disguised as a ranger station has been built along the southern ridge overlooking SCP-2469, and Foundation personnel disguised as park rangers are to deter civilians from entering SCP-2469-1 under pretense of hostile wildlife activity.

Samples and materials removed from SCP-2469 are stored at Site-42 for further analysis and research. Any deviations in the cycle of activity within SCP-2469-1 are to be reported immediately.

As of 2010-05-10, SCP-2469 has been reclassified Neutralized due to a complete cessation of anomalous activity. See Addendum 2469-2 for additional information.

Description: SCP-2469-1 is a remote valley exhibiting multiple anomalous properties, located near the deep north edge of [REDACTED] National Forest near [REDACTED] — an area that is not accessible by ground vehicles. The center of SCP-2469-1 is an approximately 80-m-radius clearing populated with flora inconsistent with the region, most notably a series of 13 fruit-bearing trees arranged into a sundial, and various fruit-bearing or otherwise edible bushes and other plants arranged into various geometric and fractal patterns radiating outwards from the center of the clearing.

SCP-2469-2 is a small, apparently hand-constructed cottage built using only natural materials and located at the center of SCP-2469-1. Investigation of SCP-2469-2 discovered a single set of human remains (SCP-2469-3), determined to be those of an unidentified female approximately eighty years of age at time of death from old age. Evidence gathered from SCP-2469-2 seem to indicate that SCP-2469-3 had lived there alone; however, evidence was found that indicated SCP-2469-3 either received, or expected to receive, a single visitor on a regular basis.

SCP-2469-1 does not seem to be affected by changes in seasons, with all flowering plants within the area constantly in a state of full bloom and all fruit-bearing or edible plants in a constant state of being ready to harvest. Observation of the area has also shown that SCP-2469-1 is constantly exposed to the sun during daylight hours, with cloud cover inexplicably breaking over the area even during overcast and stormy weather. Additionally, on the first day of every calendar month, an anomalous event occurs in which multicolored fire self-ignites in a ring surrounding SCP-2469-2, and then ripples outwards until it reaches the edge of SCP-2469-1, rapidly incinerating all material in its way. Flora and fauna native to SCP-2469-1 will then rapidly regrow or regenerate into its "pristine" condition, while all introduced materials (including observation and recording devices) are completely destroyed. Materials such as fruit or other plant samples removed from SCP-2469-1 prior to an event are unaffected, and thus far have not shown any anomalous properties.

SCP-2469 was discovered on 2009-08-12, following unusual reports of a "surreal, paradise-like valley" discovered by a pair of back-country hikers. A Foundation search team was dispatched to the area indicated by the report and, upon confirming the report, Class B amnestics were administered to all witnesses.

Addendum 2469-1: Incident 2469-1

During initial containment, an attempt was made to remove SCP-2469-3 from SCP-2469-2. When Foundation containment personnel attempted to remove the remains from the area, the area around SCP-2469-3 spontaneously ignited with the same fire typically observed during a regeneration event, resulting in severe burns to several containment team personnel. Additionally, large wildlife native to the area became highly agitated and aggressive until the remains were returned to SCP-2469-2.

Addendum 2469-2: Incident 2469-9

On 2010-02-14, personnel stationed at the observation tower overlooking SCP-2469-1 reported the presence of an unidentified anomalous individual near SCP-2469-2. From surveillance footage taken during the incident, this individual appeared to have been a male person of indeterminate age with vaguely luminous skin, who approached and entered SCP-2469-2 for several minutes before exiting in a distraught state and then disappearing in a flash of light.

A response team was dispatched from Site-42 by helicopter to perform an investigation of the area. A search of SCP-2469-2 turned up a wrapped bouquet of one dozen red-and-yellow flame-patterned roses along with a plain greeting card with the hand-written words, "For my One and Only". Neither of these items exhibited any anomalous properties, and upon further investigation, the remains of SCP-2469-3 were determined to be missing.

As of this incident, SCP-2469 has completely ceased anomalous activity.

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