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Archive photo of SCP-2467 unusually close to shore in 1995. No photographs of the object's current configuration are available.

Item #: SCP-2467

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation satellites are to constantly track the movement of SCP-2467, with analysts and programs predicting the movements of the object, with plants in the meteorological bureau to divert traffic from areas likely to be visited by SCP-2467. In addition, the SCPS Sunderland, a fully armed Legend-class cutter, will be dispatched to patrol areas where SCP-2467 is likely to come into contact with other vessels. SCPS Sunderland is to be equipped with a minimum of two rigid bottomed motor life boats to aid in rescue of survivors of encounters with SCP-2467, along with high impact naval weaponry to aid in discouraging the object from attacking civilian, merchant and military vessels. Absolutely no aircraft is to be deployed in the area of SCP-2467's area of operation, due to the severe weather phenomena associated with it.

Where possible, waste dumped by SCP-2467 is to be collected by Foundation watercraft and taken to the nearest Foundation research site for study.

A disinformation campaign is to be run following a Boarding and/or Abduction event. Typical explanations to be provided include user error, sinking via rough seas or rogue waves, mutiny, and pirate encounters. Amnestics are to be administered to any and all survivors and witnesses of SCP-2467 and its activities.

Description: SCP-2467 is a large oceangoing ship approximately 300 metres in length and 45 metres in width, bearing the nameplate "DV Toluca". Research personnel have been unable to find any record of a ship matching the Toluca's description that has been registered to any port in the last 138 years. Of note is that components of SCP-2467 come from a wide variety of other sea craft, including some such as the flying bridge dating back to at least the 1700's along with various naval weapons which operate autonomously. It primarily travels in deep water and searches for other vessels in an effort to abduct crew and appropriate cargo, before leaving the vessel adrift.

Weather patterns in a 5 kilometre radius of SCP-2467 consistently display adverse and at times violent conditions regardless of and often in direct contrast to the given ocean state at the time. Observation has shown near constant moderate rainstorms and thick fog in the area surrounding SCP-2467, accompanied by moderate to strong winds and slightly rough waters. In addition to the rain, wind, and fog detailed above, winds have been known to reach speeds of over 125kph, and waves reaching an average peak height of 25 metres when attempting to disable another ship. It should be noted that there are outliers, such as a 42 metre1 high wave recorded on February 20, 19582. Whirlpools of varying severity have been also spotted appearing in the bough wake of SCP-2467 on multiple occasions.


Japanese fishing vessel Ryou-Un Maru following a boarding by SCP-2467.

SCP-2467 is operated by a maintenance crew, corresponding to approximately 75 individuals abducted from other vessels encountered by the object. Observance has shown that those on board SCP-2467 tend to adapt to the stress of their abduction and behave in a manner described as "cheerful" within a short time frame following abduction. This is believed to be a form of mind-affecting anomaly, as shown by any person coming into contact or close proximity with SCP-2467 for an extended period of time (3-10 days depending on the individual) coming to believe that SCP-2467 is correct in its actions, and will gain a strong desire or obsession towards aiding it however possible. Gradually, this causes a degenerative condition in the brain of the person, to the point where the individual loses any semblance of independent thought at approximately 4 to 5 months after initial contact.

Roughly every 40 days, SCP-2467 dumps a large amount of waste bundled into a net out of a rear port in the ship. Waste materials tend to be composed of damaged or worn ship components and tools, along with food scraps, empty bottles, clothing, scrap metal, fuel waste, and human cadavers.

Addendum 2467-01: Following incident SCP-2467-12, Foundation personnel recovering waste materials deposited by SCP-2467 are to work in teams of 6, with a minimum of 2 personnel to monitor the water for approaching sharks and other marine carnivores3.

Addendum 2467-02: Known vessels currently incorporated into SCP-24674
Vessel Name Description Date Reported Missing/ Recovered Explanation of Disappearance Parts Integrated into SCP-2467
Toluca 16th-century ship of the line 27/10/1745 Commandeered and presumably sunk by pirates Flying bridge, 20 cannons
SV Sea Bird Merchant brig 08/02/1750 Crew taken by pirates Anchor, various timbers
HMS Heureux 22-gun privateer brig 14/04/1806 Lost at sea 7 cannons
HMS Juno 26-gun frigate 12/3/1880 Sunk by a rogue wave 3 cannons, sails
SS Warratah 150m steam ship 26/7/1909 Sunk in a storm 2 masts, hull
U-52 German armed submarine 20/02/1940 Destroyed in a naval minefield Hull sections, torpedoes
Roma Italian battleship 20/09/1943 Sunk in naval battle Hull sections, bridge and structural components, various guns
MS München LASH carrier 19/12/1978 Sunk by a rogue wave Hull sections, cranes
MV Derbyshire Oil carrier 09/09/1980 Sunk in a typhoon Hull
SS Admiral Nakhimov Ocean liner 20/02/1989 Collided with another vessel Bow, funnels
F/V Andrea Gail Fishing vessel 28/10/1991 Sunk in 1991 hurricane Hull sections
USS Eldridge Cannon class destroyer 11/11/1999 Sold for scrap Hull sections, 3 × Mk. 22 50 caliber guns, 2 × 40mm Mk.1 AA guns, 8 × 20mm Mk.4 AA cannons, 3 × 530mm torpedo tubes
Kaz II 9m yacht 18/04/2007 Pilot error Glass
Sakapis P77 Guided missile destroyer 24/09/2011 Decommissioned 76mm gun, 40mm gun, 4 × MM38 Exocet launchers, Hull sections

Addendum 2467-03:
Recent observation has shown a hull section identified as having originated on the SS Edmund Fitzgerald, which disappeared on Lake Superior on November 10 1975. Investigation into how SCP-2467 reached the Edmund Fitzgerald despite its location in an inland lake is ongoing.

Clearance 2467/3:

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