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Item #: SCP-2463

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Each instance of SCP-2463 is to be kept in a separate standard containment locker at Site-19. At no point should any instance of SCP-2463 come into contact with any other instance of SCP-2463. Access to single instances of SCP-2463 is restricted to personnel with security clearance of 3 or higher, and access to multiple instances is not permitted at this time.

Any personnel found attempting to remove any number of SCP-2463 instances from designated testing rooms are to be immediately detained and held for questioning.

Description: SCP-2463 is a set of six bronze horses, each approximately 6 cm tall, and believed to be Ancient Roman in origin. Various dating methods have placed the creation of SCP-2463 at circa 250 CE. SCP-2463’s anomalous properties begin to manifest when instances are exposed to water collected from naturally occurring sources1. SCP-2463 instances that are exposed to any such water, will begin converting the water into petroleum through an unknown process. This conversion takes place at a rate of approximately 63 mL per hour.

If separate instances of SCP-2463 come into physical contact, this conversion rate will scale exponentially with the number of instances, so that when all six instances are in contact, the conversion will occur at a rate of approximately 62,523,502 L per hour, allowing large volumes of water to be converted very quickly.

SCP-2463 was discovered during a raid on a storage facility in ███████, New York, which was believed to be owned by Marshall, Carter and Dark LLP. The raid was conducted by Mobile Task Force Mu-3 (“Highest Bidders”), and resulted in recovery of SCP-2463 as well as SCP-2635 and SCP-1738, along with several documents and items currently awaiting cataloging.

MTF-M3 was discovered during their mission, and as a result, several Foundation personnel were killed in the course of duty. SCP-2463 was briefly activated during recovery, but was successfully contained by remaining MTF-M3 operatives.

For further information on the recovery of SCP-2463, consult Recovery Log-2463.

Addendum-2463-1: In addition to SCP-2463, MTF-M3 also recovered a Marshall, Carter and Dark item listing for the object. This document has been designated as Document-2463-1.

Addendum-2463-2: Found with Document-2463-1 was a transcript of a letter believed to have been translated from ancient Latin, written to the Roman Emperor Gallienus2 by an as of yet unidentified person. For a transcript of this letter, see below.

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