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Closeup of SCP-2457 sample.

Item #: SCP-2457

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2457 is to be stored in a cryogenic storage unit at Sector 5 of Site-44. Sample requests for testing purposes require authorisation from Project Head/2457.

Hosts carrying SCP-2457-A are to be taken to Class E wards with survelliance cameras installed. Medical staff are to monitor the health status of said hosts, with daily checkups during the hosts' second and third trimesters. When a given host undergoes combustion, other personnel (if any) in the respective ward are to evacuate. After combustion, a response team is to collect the remnants of SCP-2457.

Carcasses of SCP-2457-A iterations are to be stored in a cryogenic storage unit at Site-44 Class-E Morgue. Access to said carcasses requires authorisation from a Level 2 personnel.

Description: SCP-2457 is a sample of human sperm cells coated in a cryoprotectant semen extender, with a total volume of approximately 5 mL. Analysis of SCP-2457 reports no indication of illness or other abnormalities. The identity of the sperm donor is listed as Mr. ████████ ██████ (hereon listed as PoI-2457-01), a resident of Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. When utilised for artificial insemination, there is a 100% success rate of impregnation given that the host is fertile.

SCP-2457-A is a human foetus resulting from the use of SCP-2457 for artificial insemination. All iterations of SCP-2457-A are consistently male and genetically identical, regardless of the hosts of respective iterations. Genetic comparison between SCP-2457-A and PoI-2457-01 indicates approximately 50% DNA overlap between the two persons. Furthermore, all iterations of SCP-2457-A have been diagnosed with anencephaly.

During the third trimester of the host's pregnancy, the host will undergo spontaneous human combustion. Fire generated is shown to be unable to be extinguished via fire extinguisher or water. Thermal imaging indicates that the combustion originates from the host's pelvic cavity.

SCP-2457-A will remain unburnt during the combustion of the host, but it will inevitably expire following the host's expiration due to interruption of gestation. In addition, following the host's expiration, SCP-2457-A's carcass is split into seven portions: head, left and right arms, left and right legs, upper and lower torso (cut off at waistline). Cause is unknown, although wounds on SCP-2457 suggest the application of a bladed object on the carcass.

SCP-2457 was recovered from the █████ Sperm Bank in Shizuoka, Japan on ██/██/2013. After the spontaneous human combustion of Mrs. ██████ █████, Foundation operatives were able to identify the source as SCP-2457 and acquire it after fabricating reports that it is an HIV-positive sperm sample. The death of Mrs. ██████ █████ was officially reported to be the work of an anonymous murderer.

Addendum 2457-1: Interview Log 2457/PoI-2457-01-1

Addendum 2457-2: Below is a transcript of PoI-2457-01's medical examination results.

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