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Item #: SCP-2456

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the memetic nature of SCP-2456, as well as the high number of suspected infected individuals, complete containment of SCP-2456 is not physically possible with current Foundation technology. Foundation Research is currently developing thematic methods of neutralizing all SCP-2456 instances in the wild. Access to any manuscripts documenting past SCP-2456-α instances is limited to Level 3+ personnel currently involved in Project Montagu.

While active alpha instances are rare in the wild, SCP-2456 is categorized as a Class III memetic hazard, and is considered a high priority. WebCrawler GH739U (“Lorem Ipsum”) is set to scan for any keywords related to SCP-2456-1 on various social media sites, cult databases, and domains. Once identified, alpha instances are to be retrieved by suitable field agents and brought to Site-33. α-instances under research must be kept in a Class III MKHC1. Testing with D-Class is limited to Level 3 personnel. All testing with active SCP-2456 instances has been halted. Testing is limited to the α-state of SCP-2456, and must be under the oversight of Level 4 personnel. Under no circumstances should two active α-instances ever be introduced to one another. In the case of a breach, Site-33 is to initiate lockdown procedures, and Class-III memetic kill agents will be dispensed throughout the facility (See Incident 2456-C for more details)

If SCP-2456 reaches epidemic levels2, the use of Protocol MOBAB in its final or prototype form is pre-approved. Mobile Task Force ψ-10 (“Salt Sowers”) is assigned to handle cleanup of the aftermath, in addition to managing total suppression of media.

Description: SCP-2456 is believed to be a memetic parasite that is present in an estimated 0.7% of the human population. SCP-2456 lays dormant in a majority of the affected, and is not contagious in its initial form. Possible signs of SCP-2456 infection include:

• An affinity towards astrology, astronomy, and/or various pseudosciences
• An increased proficiency in speaking foreign dialects, particularly those in the Balto-Slavic and Afro-Asiatic regions.
• Prolonged episodes of acute psychosis and paranoia
• OCD and a high attention span for geometrical shapes, patterns, and sequences of five.
• Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

SCP-2456 will leave its dormant state once several stress triggers have been activated, and the subject will then undergo an α–event. The subject will fall into a period of advanced REM sleep, lasting up to three to four days. After awaking, α-instances will claim to have had a series of vivid, cryptic dreams. These consist of visions of past prophets from assorted theologies being executed by a saber or sword, and celestial bodies “dancing” in the sky. The SCP-2456 strain as found in α-instances can be eliminated with the use of Class-D amnestics during this time.

Following the α-event, the subject relapses back into a six-day to six-year dormancy, followed by their β-state. During this state, the α-instance will begin preaching SCP-2456-1, an abstract theology that is the only known transmissible form of SCP-2456. Subjects infected in this way are referred to as β-instances. Infection rates are high in observed subjects, with a ~70% success rate at a ~4% falloff. Knowledge of SCP-2456-1, and of its core components, is not contagious; infection requires direct auditory contact with an α-instance or β-instance, and the victim must have strong pre-existing religious beliefs beforehand.

SCP-2456-1 is always monotheistic in nature, and can be characterized by several distinguishable qualities:

• SCP-2456-1 will begin as a variation of an existing theology.
• The number five will appear frequently in written doctrine.
• Godhead figures are synonymous with the sun, and are believed to bring about a future apocalypse.
• Mentions of a nonexistent “Gzymmtprhic Sea” uncommonly appear in scripture. Foundation Research is currently searching for a correlation with SCP-████.
• Many references to celestial objects, based on existing astronomical knowledge at the time.
• The appearance of hands and regular quadrilaterals in religious icons and symbols.
• Religious symbols of the sun have some limited form of mathematical significance.

SCP-2456-1 has a weak reality-warping effect that varies with every iteration, and in its initial state, is virtually harmless. With every new β-instance created, this effect grows exponentially in radius and strength. SCP-2456-1 also incites violence and aggression, commonly leading to self-mutilation and war-like behavior among the infected. β-instances actively seek out the uninfected, and will either spread SCP-2456 infection, or attempt to murder them.

Dormant SCP-2456-α instances are immune to infection by SCP-2456-1, and may aggressively react if exposed. However, exposure to SCP-2456-1 causes stress in the subject, and will increase the chances of SCP-2456 activation. If two active α-instances ever come into contact, then [DATA EXPUNGED] (Please see Incident 2456-C).

No SCP-2456-α instance has been successful in infecting more than 5% of the existing human population. Current Foundation simulations indicate a CK-Class End of the World scenario if SCP-2456 infection rates ever exceed 7%, with the contagion becoming virulent to the point where treatment becomes impossible. In addition to this, SCP-2456-1's reality-warping effect is likely to fracture the integrity of space-time at those levels — if infection rates exceed 96%, SCP-2456-1 is predicted to [DATA EXPUNGED].

Discovery: SCP-2456 was first discovered by an unscheduled raid on a Serpent's Hand base in Eugene, Oregon. On 06/10/2016, MTF Tau-9 "Bookworms" was charged with the acquisition of a copy of SCP-████, which was believed to have been stowed in an abandoned industrial warehouse. Serpent's Hand members were discovered inside upon break-and-entry, and a firefight ensued. Foundation casualties totaled 11. After recovery of SCP-████ and other related anomalous artifacts, a wooden crate was found next to a furnace with the lettering "FIFTHCYCLEOFTHEMIND" stamped onto its side. The cache was discovered to contain numerous Fifthist texts, including an extra copy of SCP-████, and a weathered note which read:

George, this is our latest catch; please burn these as soon as you can at you're (sic) discretion. Don't let the idiots find this. —L.S.

At the bottom of the stockpile, several aged manuscripts were uncovered that detailed past SCP-2456-1 instances, and alarmed Foundation historians about a possible unidentified SCP.

Below is a list of past SCP-2456-1 instances. As of now, there are six known variations of SCP-2456-1. However, research has shown potential evidence of an additional █ more. Descriptions may be added or changed as new information is uncovered.

A recent server breach completely unrelated to 2456 somehow corrupted the files. I've done did about everything to fix it, but if anyone notices the system still acting up, please give me a call. You know the number. —Eric

Name: God Worshipping Society
SCP-2456-α: Hong Xiuquan
Rownt Scale: 5
Complementary Theology: Confucianism/ Catholicism

Due to political instability, in addition to Xiuquan's weak state of body and mind, SCP-2456 was activated in early 1837. Xiuquan experienced vivid hallucinations based on his past knowledge of Confucianism and interactions with Christian evangelicals. During his β state, Xiuquan went into a waxing period of approximately 6 years, after which SCP-2456-1A was created. The local Hakka population was the first to experience infection, but rising tensions with the government led to the creation of the Taiping army, which became the major factor for widespread SCP-2456 contamination.

Although not armed with sophisticated weaponry, the Taiping army completely devastated the Chinese landscape; during its 14 year lifespan, it had marched through every province of China3. The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom of Peace only further increased virability, but weakened as SCP-2456 infection rates slowed down.

One of the more prevalent properties of SCP-2456-1A was its ability to cause full nuclear transmutation of biological organisms. Accounts related to SCP-2456-1A show that β-instances would often involuntarily transform themselves into piles of geological matter. When researching the areas as described in these accounts, Foundation geologists found traces of human feces and saliva in pockets of igneous rock, and hominid DNA "bonded" to sediment.

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