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Item #: SCP-2455

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2455 is contained in a standard humanoid containment cell, monitored at all times by a camera connected to an image analysis program. Should an instance of SCP-2455-1 be detected, Site Security is to be notified immediately, and the following procedures enacted as necessary:

  • If the SCP-2455-1 instance is identified as a member of Foundation personnel and classified information is discussed in the presence of SCP-2455, SCP-2455 is to be administered a low-grade amnestic after the manifestation ceases. Internal Affairs is to be notified.
  • If the SCP-2455-1 instance exhibits behavior analogous to being under the effects of another SCP object, a containment team is to be dispatched to 2455's cell, and the corresponding object secured to preemptively prevent contact from occurring.

Description: SCP-2455 is a Caucasian woman of 21 years of age, capable of generating anomalous projections, designated SCP-2455-1. SCP-2455 possesses no anomalous properties outside of a SCP-2455-1 manifestation event, and is noted by staff as indecisive to the point of apathy towards its own containment.

Instances of SCP-2455-1 will manifest in the nearest space available. These entities appear identical to SCP-2455, with one visible factor altered, most commonly clothing. Generally SCP-2455-1 instances will be observed wearing a uniform corresponding to an organization SCP-2455 is not currently affiliated with. SCP-2455-1 instances have been confirmed to possess knowledge comparable, if not an exact match, to that of SCP-2455's, in addition to expected information regarding their apparent affiliation.1

SCP-2455 claims that SCP-2455-1 manifests when it is faced with a 'major decision'. See test logs attached below for analysis on this claim. SCP-2455-1 instances appear with the sole intention of insuring SCP-2455 'picks their future'. SCP-2455 claims the first appearance of SCP-2455-1 occurred shortly before its graduation from ████████ University, as SCP-2455 was attempting to choose which business to apply for employment with. Two instances of SCP-2455-1 manifested, one 'representing' the █████ Corporation, and the other the ██████ store, a local business. Both instances possessed knowledge of the working conditions of both positions,2 and attempted to convince SCP-2455 to 'pick them'.

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