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Item #: SCP-2451

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The Site-721 L-Type HACC containing SCP-2451 is to be modified to include temporal integrity seals1. As SCP-2451-1 and SCP-2451-2#14's locations are currently unknown, and SCP-2451-2 emergence events have not ceased and indeed become more prevalent, all previous containment measures not directly related to the containment of SCP-2451-1 will remain in effect.

Emerging SCP-2451-2 instances are to be subdued non-lethally if possible, but with deadly force if necessary, and are to be housed in separate M-Type HACCs and supplied with basic amenities unless otherwise indicated. In those cases where, due to the unpredictable temporal and spacial location of SCP-2451's remote terminus, standardized Humanoid Anomaly Containment Cells are not sufficient for reliable containment, specialized containment is to be designed and realized by this project's Senior Containment Specialist, at which time these procedures are to be amended.

Current exceptions:
Designation Emergence Containment Procedures
SCP-2451-2#94 2010-02-12 To be housed within an M-Type HACC modified to include a 4 m x 4 m x 2.5 m (lxwxh) basin filled with brine (24% MgCl2).
SCP-2451-2#145 2010-11-24 To be contained within a Reinforced Anomalous Cadaver Locker (RACL).
SCP-2451-2#168 2013-03-17 To be contained in a Level 4 Bio-Safety Cabinet. This is to be remotely checked for leaks twice a day. In event of a leak, please see 2451/ConBrch/Ti-15432A:v1.32 and evacuate the Site.
SCP-2451-2#177 2014-06-28 To remain in a permanently powered-down state in this Site's Anomalous Vehicle Bay (AVB).
SCP-2451-2#243 2016-11-02 Containment implausible at this time. Instance displayed physical traits of Macropanesthia rhinoceros (Giant Burrowing Cockroach and Elephas maximus (Asian Elephant). Instance was in possession of advanced technology and disappeared after emergence, location unknown. A Priority Alpha-Red notification has been dispatched to all known partners.
SCP-2451-2#275-291 2016-11-03 Vocalizations from instances are to be disregarded by personnel assigned to their destruction. Security Personnel not complying with the previous instruction will be terminated. Instances are to be disposed of as Class-IV biological hazards using all available equipment. Note that sustained fire is necessary for a 100% kill rate.

The remains of SCP-2451-2 specimens exhumed from the backyard of SCP-2451-1's former residence at ██ ████████ Road, Santa Cruz, CA are to be kept in this Site's Exo-Biological Wing for research purposes, available upon a request authorized by personnel with 2451/3 clearance.

Description: SCP-2451 is a roughly circular, nonobservable temporal and spacial anomaly with an approximate radius of 75 cm. SCP-2451 is not independently mobile but remains permanently fixed at 46°45'28.5"N 100°35'51.8"W, approximately 8.4 meters below ground, at Site-721. Pre-Serapis, SCP-2451 was fixed at a point 2.23 m due eastwards of SCP-2451-1, formerly Lt. Col. Abraham Francis Mary Gustowski (b. 07-03-1929). SCP-2451 appears to be mono-directional, with the observable terminus in this reality construct displaying characteristics of a fixed-state portal. The non-observable terminus appears to be able to connect to an unknown number of divergent reality constructs. It is currently unknown whether SCP-2451 is connected to a single mobile terminus or a set of multiple fixed termini, each anchored to a specific reality construct.

SCP-2451 activates at irregular intervals, producing an instance of SCP-2451-2. SCP-2451-2 are native to the temporal reality construct SCP-2451 connects to at that time, and vary wildly in appearance. Instances of SCP-2451-2 appear irate and hostile when emerging from SCP-2451, possibly as a side-effect of traversing SCP-2451. Interrogation of SCP-2451-2 instances reveals a common goal, to assassinate an individual held responsible for atrocities in their native construct, most often because their role during a historical conflict was directly linked to developments in its originating construct.

SCP-2451-1 has indicated its involvement in Project Restful Sleep, a classified United States Army project pioneered by Gen. Bowe in 1962. No official documentation has been recovered on the project, but statements from SCP-2451-1 regarding affiliated locations, material resources and personnel have been verified. Main premise of this project was that using primitive temporal tunneling algorithms, a temporal anomaly could be created linking a fixed-state terminus in the past to a current fluid-state terminus.

Research began in December 1956 and continued through to 1965, culminating in one operational test on 01-03-1966, using an early prototype. SCP-2451-1 indicates this test yielded no discernible result, and funding was cut in July 1966, ending any further research. SCP-2451-1 was honorably discharged in the aftermath of the project's disbanding. SCP-2451-1's responses to questions on Project Restful Sleep and the operational test, and neurological examinations performed on SCP-2451-1, indicate the administration of primitive amnestics. These were not 100% effective however, and SCP-2451-1 has been in possession of most of his memories since 1973.

SCP-2451-1 indicates the first instance of SCP-2451-2 appeared approximately 7 months after his honorable discharge.

Addendum 2451-A-01: Disappearance of SCP-2451 Post-Serapis

On 2016-11-02 00:00:31, security footage shows SCP-2451-2#14 abruptly appearing inside SCP-2451-1's HACC. Both SCP-2451-2#14 and SCP-2451-1 show signs of extreme distress, at which point the feed is interrupted by static for approximately 1.4 seconds. Footage then shows SCP-2451-1 HACC to be completely empty. SCP-2451 and SCP-2451-2#14 are at this point presumed to have entered SCP-2451. Their locations are currently unknown.

After this event, emergence events have become more frequent, and have posed a higher threat to Site security than Pre-Serapis. Suggestions for the escalation of this project's containment procedures are currently being evaluated by its current Project Lead.

Addendum 2451-A-02: Recovery and preliminary containment notes

SCP-2451, SCP-2451-1 were recovered from the Sunshine Villa Assisted Living Complex in Santa Cruz, CA on 08-07-2009 after the new owners of his previous residence found human and non-human remains in the backyard of their property. Field Agents embedded in the Santa Cruz Police Department steered uniformed units away from the scene and coordinated the deployment of Foundation assets to isolate witnesses, handle the administration of amnestics, and control traffic.

SCP-2451-2#14 was found on 10-03-2009, sleeping in a car at a Walmart parking lot in Santa Cruz, CA. It was recovered by a Foundation extraction team after patrolling police officers ran her ID. SCP-2451-2#14 was homeless and living under the assumed identity of Ethel McAllister.

Addendum 2451-A-03: Excerpts from interviews with SCP-2451-1

Log date: 08-08-2009
Interviewer: Dr. A. E. M. Gunther (AG)
Interviewed: SCP-2451-1

AG: So tell me Mr. Gustowski, do you have any idea why you're here?

SCP-2451-1: Sure do. I'm going to guess it has something to do with what I buried in my backyard before those asshole bankers foreclosed on my home.

AG: Right. Are you aware of the nature of the bodies we exhumed?

SCP-2451-1: Kinda hard not to be, son. One of those things had a beak the size of my entire arm, and about twice as wide. Sharp too, I got the scars right here. [subject begins to pull up the sleeve of his coverall]

AG: That's fine, Mr. Gustowski, I believe you. So, why didn't you report this when they appeared?

SCP-2451-1: [subject leans across the table and raises his eyebrows] And what would the police have said if I'd told them an 8' birdman appeared behind me out of thin air and attacked me?

AG: You have a point.

SCP-2451-1: [laughs] So did that beak, son.

Log date: 08-13-2009
Interviewer: Dr. E. L. Ehrles (EE)
Interviewed: SCP-2451-1

EE: Good morning, Mr. Gustowski. I'll be conducting your interview this morning. I trust you've slept well?

SCP-2451-1: Wasn't much worse than that damned assisted living center. When you're my age, your idea of captivity is a lot better than the cardboard mattresses and unidentifiable slop I got treated to there.

EE: Yes, well. Today I want to ask you about your time with what you refer to as Project Restful Sleep.

SCP-2451-1: Fire away, son.

EE: Thank you. You previously told my colleague the project involved some manner of temporal manipulation, but that it didn't work as intended. Can you elaborate and what the goals of the project were exactly?

SCP-2451-1: Didn't I already tell your colleague? They [ed. Gen. Bowe] wanted me to go back and kill Hitler. I told 'em they were crazy, but you know how it is in the Army, when they say jump…anyway, didn't work neither, so that was that.

EE: Ah, I must have missed that in my colleague's notes. And it didn't work you say. What went wrong?

SCP-2451-1: Son, do I look like I have any fucking clue what went wrong? I was just the hired help, the guy who stood very still while all those expensive piece of shit machines hummed and whizzed around me. All I can tell you is that it didn't work. I just stood there waiting for something and it never came.

EE: Right. And then you were honorably discharged?

SCP-2451-1: That's the gist of it. Couldn't remember much either, but a few weeks later I started dreaming about it, and a few more weeks after that the memories'd come back. Don't know what they did, but they weren't very good at it if you ask me. Anyway, wasn't long after that when Big Bird showed up.

EE: Right, SCP-2451-2#1.

SCP-2451-1: If you say so, son. I call him Big Bird, you can call him whatever you want.

Log date: 10-09-2009
Interviewer: Dr. E. L. Ehrles (EE)
Interviewed: SCP-2451-1

EE: [shows SCP-2451-1 a picture of SCP-2451-2#14] Mr. Gustowski, what can you tell us about this entity?

SCP-2451-1: She's here, Ethel's here? You'd better not have harmed her, not even a goddamn hair, you hear?!

EE: She's not Ethel, Mr. Gustowski, and we haven't harmed her. We know you're married, though you pretended to be single during your stay at the assisted living home. Why is that?

SCP-2451-1: Goddamn you government bastards. Yeah, Ethel's my wife. Why the hell do you think I didn't want anyone to know we were married? I had a ton of weird shit buried in that backyard, and I got kicked out before I could remove it. I figured it was only a matter of time before somebody came looking for me, and I wasn't gonna let you assholes treat her like a freak. She was better off in my truck until she could get somewhere safe. Thought you'd be satisfied with me and that damn portal thing I have stuck to my ass.

EE: We screened her, Mr. Gustowski. She came through SCP-2451, didn't she?

SCP-2451-1: Yeah, she did. [pauses] It was a summer day in 1975, hot and sweaty like a badger's ass. Prettiest thing I'd ever seen since a long time too. Had a hard time explaining I wasn't the guy she was sent to kill, though. Had to disarm her and take her down before she'd listen to reason. What can I say? I'm a romantic at heart. [pauses]

EE: Go on.

SCP-2451-1: Anyway, we found out she couldn't go back, so I hid her away in the house. Eventually we figured it'd be easier if we got married, so she wouldn't have to stay inside all the time.

EE: Are you aware she's only superficially human?

SCP-2451-1: Son, my heart doesn't give a shit about that, and neither should you. Listen, you win, you got her, now don't be an asshole and at least let us live together.

EE: I'll consider putting in the request with your project's lead.

1. Xyank, T.; Anastasakos, A - Stable anchoring of temporal anomalies within the extant space-time continuum using Weinberg-Magnusson seals, █████ ████, 2nd edition Scientific Critics Press, 2023.
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