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Item #: SCP-2449

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Instances of SCP-2449 are to be physically blocked off on all sides with concrete. The resulting structures are to be incorporated into locally appropriate buildings or public works that conceal or de-emphasize the existence of containment chambers. Should an instance of SCP-2449 be empty or its previous subjects deceased, its exact spacial bounds are to be redetermined by D-class personnel according to Document 2449-1.

In case of pre-existing casualties to an instance of SCP-2449, standard life support is to be enabled according to Document E-21 ('Ethics Standard for Treatment of Human Subjects'). Structures are to be built with openings for routine food supply and plumbing support. Installation and maintenance of facilities inside SCP-2449 has to be performed by subjects. In cases of subjects being affected by an instance that precludes minimum quality of life (size of less than 5 cubic metres), euthanization may be offered after prior Level-3 Clearance is acquired.

Containment procedures and publicity suppression plans for newly formed instances of SCP-2449 are available to containment teams globally.

Foundation personnel are to keep a minimum distance of 0.5 meters from the borders of SCP-2449 at all times.

Description: SCP-2449 is a phenomenon in which cuboid regions of space prevent living things with a mass greater than 5 grams from exiting, but not entering, their boundaries. Instances of SCP-2449 have no visible boundaries and remain permeable to nonliving matter. Currently known instances of SCP-2449 range in size from 0.5x0.5x1 meters to 25x20x5 meters.

Instances of SCP-2449 have been found in locations ranging from a cave in the Turkish Taurus Mountains to an apartment complex in Baku, Azerbaijan. In 14% of cases, the location and size of instances have coincided with existing rooms in a building. 44% coincided with the locations of existing structures but reached through walls, stones or other obstructions, requiring modifications of the location to achieve containment, while 40% had no overlap with human constructs or natural phenomena. For a full list of locations, see Document 2449-2.

SCP-2449’s effect is extended to nonliving objects that are in direct contact with specimens inside. As such, removing objects from within an instance of SCP-2449 should be performed by throwing or dropping, similar to how supplies are inserted.

Statistical analysis has found no link between known locations of SCP-2449 or presumed dates of appearance. Expected growth of SCP-2449 is less than five instances per decade.

Addendum: While initial analysis deemed SCP-2449 potentially qualified for the containment of humanoid SCPs, use for this purpose has not been authorized. Directives on cross-testing of SCPs apply fully to SCP-2449 outside of emergency orders from Site Directors.

Addendum 2: After the establishment of SCP-2449-37 within the bounds of the Site-44 Astronomical Observation Laboratory, local procedures have been amended. The five site personnel contained within will continue their employment within limits to man Observation Unit-2 and will receive full attention to the preservation of quality of life. On-site family will be allowed limited contact with subjects. Non-Foundation relatives will receive notices of their death and standard Foundation benefits. Non-essential furniture within SCP-2449-37 will be removed to create enough space for simultaneous reclined sleep of three personnel. Should less than two Personnel remain available to man Observation Unit-2, on-site technicians are to fill vacancies and allow continued operation.

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