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Item #: SCP-2447

Object Class: Keter Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

Addendum 2447-a: SCP-2447's research team has fine-tuned the entities' settings. The specimens (in their 5th distinct configuration) now pose no direct threat of immediate bodily harm. Duct tape has been applied to the modules to ensure the entities' configurations are not mistakenly altered by themselves or staff. SCP-2447's classification has been changed to Euclid.

Description: SCP-2447 designates a collection of three animals which superficially resemble nine-banded armadillos (Dasypus novemcinctus) in their current configuration. Each SCP-2447 instance (Labelled SCP-2447-A through SCP-2447-C) consists of 27 modules identical to those used in analog sound synthesis, and approximately 6 kg of biomass (currently arranged to resemble an armadillo). The devices interface with the tissues of SCP-2447 via muscle fibers which function as single-wire electrical connectors2. These fibers possess an elasticity level similar to that of rubber, and often connect directly to input ports located on the modules.

The 27 modules are each composed of a stainless steel case and various dials and sliders. Adjusting the configuration or settings of these components has proven capable of affecting the organism's appearance, traits, and behaviors. Additionally, examination has shown that SCP-2447's DNA changes to corroborate with its physical state at any given time. Regardless of its configuration, however, SCP-2447 instances require no traditional nutrients to function, and instead absorb and metabolize electrical currents from outlets and chargers. The outlets in their chamber have an output of 1500 W, which has been deemed more than sufficient.

The modules themselves have widely different functions than their musical counterparts. SCP-2447 instances have 3 voltage-controlled oscillators believed to function as the base for the specimen, as well as 4 low-frequency oscillators which toggle between secondary traits such as means of motion, neural configuration, and two other traits which have yet to be identified. Other modules (such as the envelope generator, ring modulator, 8 voltage-controlled filters, 9 voltage-controlled amplifiers, and 1 16-step sequencer) deal with either large behavioral patterns, visual aesthetic, or smaller nuances within the specimens' composition.

At present, the entities exhibit mild personalities conducive to containment. In this state, their actions have been noted to be similar to that of a common house cat with slow locomotion and good-natured disposition. At no point with this configuration has an SCP-2447 specimen attempted to dismember or exenterate Foundation personnel. The complete drop in aggression, compounded by a form which is both nontoxic and land based, has since made SCP-2447 far easier to contain. It is believed that SCP-2447 instances reproduce by acquiring biomass (roughly 60kg) and sound synthesis modules, allowing them to assemble new instances. At this time, they are unable to enact this procedure due to their current configuration, which leaves them with poor memories and a lack of higher brain function.

The full scope of SCP-2447's capabilities (as it is related to varying traits and behaviors) remains unknown at this time.

Acquisition Log (Abridged): For full documentation, see "Acquisition Log SCP-2447-1".

  • Throughout the winter of 1988, residents of South Portland, Maine begin periodically calling local law enforcement to report sightings of lights and noises emanating from within a forested area.
    • Two civilian disappearances occur between December of 1988 and January of 1989. Additionally, the homes of two local musicians are broken into, and multiple synthesizers and keyboards are stolen.
    • The missing persons are found in the woods, stripped of all flesh. The incidents are brought to the Foundation's attention.
    • Agent Erickson is sent to investigate the scenario. He interviews several residents under the guise of a journalist.
  • MTF Epsilon-6 ("Village Idiots") is dispatched to the scene.
    • Epsilon-6 identify three anomalous entities inside the woods. SCP-2447 instances prove to be both intelligent and violent. The Department of External Security begins negotiations with the entities, which at first appears promising.
    • One month after initial attempts at diplomacy, another resident is killed by SCP-2447, who have changed their physical appearance. This is the first time this ability has been observed. A break-in at a local music store (in which 27 synthesizer modules were stolen) is also attributed to them. Negotiations break down and the situation is escalated over the course of the following week.
    • Epsilon-6 attempts to apprehend the anomalies. One MTF member is fatally wounded and another is injured.
    • Approximately 12 hours later, Epsilon-6 conducts another raid on the anomalies' territory. Two more MTF members are injured before the anomalies are taken in.
  • The three captured entities are transferred to Site-162 for classification and subsequent containment.

Addendum 2447-b: The following note was sent to SCP-2447's Research Director following breakthroughs regarding SCP-2447's breeding practices:

"Hi Julien. As we've noted, SCP-2447 are incapable of breeding in their current state. However, a few things have turned up and we now have a better understanding of how these things operate. The details are outlined in the summary revision I sent you. Do me a favor and go back to SCP-2447's recovery log and tell me how many civilians were killed in total before the anomalies were recovered. I'm counting 3. 3 dead civilians stripped of flesh, and enough electronics to stick that flesh back together. That number wouldn't be an issue if it weren't for the fact that the first civilian was also killed by an SCP-2447 specimen. If they used all of that flesh and electronics, there should actually be 4 specimens, not 3.

I'm contacting our Containment Specialist about getting another outlet installed, and I'm trying to get Erickson back on the phone. Please see me.

-Dr. Loginova"

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