SCP-2446-B4 Interview
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Foreword: On ██/██/████ an instance of SCP-2446-1 manifested suffering from a near fatal aortic aneurysm. Following extensive medical intervention the instance was revived, and prepared for an interview in an attempt to determine the source of SCP-2446. Due to the instances failing health, and also signs suggesting radioactive decay, the instance was confined to an isolation chamber and monitored remotely by medical personnel and para-reality hazards specialists while interview was conducted via standard teleconference equipment.

Interviewed: SCP-2446-B4, Instance resembles Jacob H. Wilder1

Interviewer: Dr. L████ N█████

<Begin Log>

SCP-2446-B4: Where am I?

N█████: You're at Site-██, in the medical ward. I'm here to debrief you. To begin with, what is your name.

SCP-2446-B4: Col. Jacob Wilder, does that mean I'm out… Am I safe?
No, you're not safe, the Foundation isn't safe.

SCP-2446-B4:[shouting] This is another trap, isn't it?! Tell me you bastards!
Well, it is, but not for you. More of a demonstration for them.
N█████: Col. Wilder, please remain calm, sedation in your current state could be highly detrimental to your health.
Because they care about your health now. Right…
SCP-2446-B4: Like you ever cared about my health! What are you going to do, vivisect me? That would be ironic, wouldn't it? You cutting me up?
I'm glad to see your humor survived the trauma.
N█████: Please calm down Col. Wilder, or I will sedate you.

[SCP-2446-B4 is sedated for debrief]

N█████: Now then, we would like to know what happened to you and your team?

SCP-2446-B4: They're probably dead, to be completely honest. We should never have followed through on the plan.
No probably about it.
N█████: Ah, what is this plan you speak of?
Sacrifice to the superior being to prolong your existence.
SCP-2446-B4: We thought we could stop the bodies falling into our world. I'm assuming that I'm somewhere else if you don't already know that.

N█████: I take it the situation was bad?

SCP-2446-B4: Thirteen separate incidents of major public manifestation, one where a four ton mass of what looked like knights Those guys were fun to kill.manifested on live television. In the end, we found a corpse with advanced enough tech, and after some experimentation, we found where it came from. Once we had done that it was a simple matter to modify our existing reality stabilization tech to get us there.

N█████: Where exactly was the point of origin?

SCP-2446-B4: Judging from medical tech in this room, that could be difficult to explain. How advanced is this timeline? Do you at least have Scranton tech, or at least para-tech weapons programs, can you create anti-reality weapons?Not that those would help

N█████: I'm not sure I would have clearance to know if we did, and if I did know I wouldn't be able to tell you.

SCP-2446-B4: I'm going to assume that you do then; the lab boys brought us down to a thing they'd put together. We were all loaded up into the machine, and then they sent us out to deal with the problem. I don't know much about teleportation and how it works, but I couldn't see anything, couldn't move, I felt like I was suffocating, and everything was just black. Then, we started getting smashed around, not sure why that is either.

N█████: You arrived at the origin location at this point?
No, that was just what they assumed, and you know what happens when you assume, right?
SCP-2446-B4: Yeah, half the team was pretty beat up from the trip especially the last part, so we initially tried to hide out in a nearby forest until the team could be patched up. That was our first mistake. We weren't sure how close to the source we were, and of course we should have been more ready for a reality bender.

N█████: You presumed there was a reality bender?

SCP-2446-B4: Yeah we wouldn't be deployed if it was just some portals, that would be [REDACTED]'s job, wouldn't it.

N█████: I suppose….
You get torn apart by killer plants.
SCP-2446-B4: Anyway, any member of our task force is trained to make it through reality alteration, but we weren't expecting it have been right on top of us, and the plants just strangled about half the team right away, although a few of the crew kept moving for a long time after their heads came off…It was fun to watch them squirm. :)

[SCP-2446-B4 begins showing signs of distress as sedative wears off.]
[ Post incident analysis suggests that SCP-2446-B4 began to experience accelerated radioactive decay at this point ]

SCP-2446-B4: When we tried to use our tech to get out, and at first we thought we were, but when the staff started trying to chop us up with cartoonishly large knives, we were pretty sure that we hadn't made it out, but about then, I blacked out, and when I woke up… I was here. Got to get some use out of you, death by heart attack isn't very entertaining.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Following the conclusion of this interview, the subject began to vomit large amounts of radioactive material suggesting exacerbation of earlier symptoms, resulting in evacuation of nearby personnel. Remote monitoring of subject reveals unidentified substances leaking from subject along with a massive increase in ambient radiation. Following this, the subject began to show signs of severe necrosis. Approximately three hours later, liquid remains of subject are retrieved and sent to cold storage. Testing reveals no further anomalous activity.

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