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Item #: SCP-2446

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Police, news, and civilian reports in the San Jose metropolitan area are to be monitored for SCP-2446. Reports are to be officially scrubbed from record, and persons involved in the discovery or documentation of SCP-2446 are to be administered class-B amnestics. All SCP-2446-1 retrieved are to be transported to Site-76 for containment and analysis.

Should any SCP-2446-1 manifest partially or entirely inside of a permanent structure, retrieval personnel are to be dispatched to remove the instance and repair affected structures. SCP-2446-1 are to be removed as quickly as possible to minimize chances of civilian discovery.

Members of Mobile Task Force Lambda-5 (“White Rabbits”) are to kept unaware of the nature of SCP-2446-1 instances.

Description: SCP-2446 designates the occasional spontaneous manifestation of humanoid corpses (SCP-2446-1) in a roughly 12 kilometer area of San Jose, California. At least two instances have been directly observed manifesting, and have not demonstrated any limitations of time or location. Certain instances have been found partially or entirely inside of other matter. ██ SCP-2446-1 have been retrieved by Foundation personnel; however, it is unknown how many may be unaccounted for underground or inside permanent infrastructure.

All SCP-2446-1 share physical and genetic profiles with members of Foundation personnel, typically agents involved with Mobile Task Force Lambda-5 (“White Rabbits”). Multiple such duplicates have appeared for single agents; however, differences (namely in weight, build, tattoo patterns, etc.) have been noticed between instances and related persons (See Addendum for details). Most intact SCP-2446-1 manifest in an early state of putrefaction.

SCP-2446-1 tend to appear in dress similar to Foundation-issue Mobile Task Force combat gear. Style and composition of such dress (as well as worn equipment) vary frequently in both style and construction. No instance has manifested in clothing identical to those currently in issue. SCP-2446-1 which do not manifest in MTF gear manifest without any clothes. Although physical factors like weight vary between duplicates, genetic makeup never differs significantly.

Addendum: Recovered SCP-2446-1
Item # Circumstance of Recovery Description
SCPv2446vA1 SCP-2446-A1 hello how you Alley near Quimby Rd.; partially manifested around refuse. Caucasian male, 1.9m tall, 78 kg weight. Dressed in Foundation issue combat clothes, with the exception of any armor or equipment. Appeared to have suffered severe compression. Possessed numerous extreme bone fractures, collapsed organs, and lacerations, abrasions, and contusions on skin. Wore tags labeled “Λ-5: Alex Henderson”. Genetic and physical profile match Foundation agent Alex A. Henderson, currently assigned to MTF Lambda-5.
SCP-2446-B1 Alum Rock Park, beneath stone bridge; manifested into dirt, rocks, and plant debris. Caucasian male, 1.9m tall, 71 kg weight. Dressed in Foundation issue combat armor. Implanted with subdermal GPS tracking chip on right side of neck, unmarked. Possessed 12 7.62x39mm gunshot wounds on head, torso, and arms. Left side appeared to have suffered minor burn and shrapnel damage. Text “A10441 Wilder” tattooed on left shoulder blade. Genetic and physical profile match Foundation agent Jacob H. Wilder, currently assigned to MTF Lambda-5.
SCP-2446-E1 Empty classroom, San Jose State University, Building 7. Hispanic Male, 2m tall, 71 kg weight. Stripped nude. Several ballpoint pens appeared to have been manifested internally; numerous internal organ ruptures resulted. Genetic and physical profile match Foundation Agent Patrick Carter, currently assigned to MTF Lambda-5.
SCP-2446-B2 Lake Cunningham Park; manifested into lake Cunningham. All solid parts were liquified. Body and all equipment liquified, likely resultant of its in-water manifestation. Retrieved DNA found to match SCP-2446-B1 and Foundation agent Jacob H. Wilder. Large quantities of metal and SCP-148 were found in water following manifestation.
SCP-2446-D3 Coyote Creek at Roosevelt Park. Lower legs, right forearm, and front face liquified, front upper-torso manifested into rocks and topsoil. Hispanic female, 1.8m tall, 63 kg weight. Dressed in Foundation-issue full combat armor, fully-lined with SCP-148, partially damaged. Two 9mm gunshot wounds on head. Genetic and physical profile identical to SCP-2446-D1, -D2, and Foundation agent Melissa King.
SCP-2446-B4 Guadalupe River Park. Retrieved alive. [REDACTED] [DATA EXPUNGED] Genetic and physical profile match SCP-2446-B1, -B2, and Foundation agent Jacob H. Wilder.

Addendum: Research Report 2446.21
Due in part to recent developments in reality-measuring technology, research and retrieval teams have initiated investigations into potential origins of SCP-2446. Although correlation between recorded Hume deficiencies and SCP-2446 have not been confirmed, certain readings fall outside of acceptable parameters for operation. Based on humological maps of the area, spatial disturbances most likely originate from an apartment complex located at 2525 N Waterworks St. Direct investigation is forthcoming.

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