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SCP-2444 manifestation event in [REDACTED].

Item #: SCP-2444

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Any social media postings, local advertisements or cellular communications related to SCP-2444 are to be flagged and reviewed by Foundation interpreters. Mobile Task Force Psi-7 "Home Improvement" will be deployed to neutralize any structure found to be housing SCP-2444. All instances of SCP-2444-1 will be catalogued and maintained for future study and reference within one of Site-77's vaults.

Detaining entities residing within SCP-2444 has not yet proven to be possible, with demanifestation occurring once reaching the border of SCP-2444, but attempts to enact total containment on them are ongoing.

Description: SCP-2444 is a recurring physical manifestation resembling an indoor flea market. Decrepit and abandoned buildings in urban areas are the most frequent hosts of the SCP-2444 phenomenon, although rural structures have occasionally also been affected. SCP-2444 has thus far only appeared within the continental United States of America and Canada.

Individuals living within reasonable traveling distance1 from the location which SCP-2444 appears in will have recurring dreams about SCP-2444 shortly before it appears. Most frequently, these dreams take the form of the subject owning physical possessions, oftentimes becoming physically conjoined with these objects and occasionally becoming a piece of merchandise themselves. Most dreamed objects are ones which have been coveted by the dreamer in their waking lives2. While only a small number of individuals will experience this phenomenon, it will strongly predispose them towards both visiting SCP-2444 and encouraging others to do so.

While active, SCP-2444 hosts numerous merchants and vendors, some which have been found to be recurring. The items for sale within SCP-2444 resemble things expected to be found at a secondhand market, including clothing, books, electronics, kitchenware and furniture. All of these items appear to be of extra-dimensional origin, with some being more obvious than others.

There appears to have been some attempt at concealing this fact: clothing has universally been found to have all labels and branding snipping off, although there are many other indicators such as the presence of numerous arm holes, neck holes being too large and some clothing not having any holes at all. In addition, designs may have anomalously moving/fluid patterns on them. Some recurring documented instances of this include moving images of rain, clouds, faceless men gesturing to be followed, along with deformed baby animals lacking teeth and gift wrapping being shredded.

Other merchandise found within the confines of SCP-2444 appear to be extra-dimensional bootlegs of popular culture items or other things commonly found at flea markets. These are usually sold by recurring vendors. Foundation personnel approaching these individuals should exercise caution when engaging with them. Any objects produced within SCP-2444 are to be classified as instances of SCP-2444-1.

A partial list of some notable recurring vendors and their merchandise is as following:

Name Given: Mr. Messy
Description: Appears to be a white male with highly variable features, the only consistency being inconsistency. Noted for having a high pitched voice and always appearing wearing an artist's smock.
Common items sold:

  • Apparently bootleg versions of Wondertainment items, including Col. Bleep(an autonomous toy robot which attempts to flee whenever approached by a human) and superb paper(wax paper which can be folded into paper airplanes which take the same universal flight pattern of immediate nosedives).
  • Altered versions of contemporary pop culture, including "Rick and North" action figures and homemade DVD's for "Mystery Laboratory Culture 10k", the "Legions" which appear to be green humanoids with large eyes wearing classical military garb.
  • Books, paper and hardback, with topics such as the proper way to skin a cat, a brief history of stairs, bloodletting for dummies, and biographies of historical individuals which differ wildly from reality.3 Most of the books contain inscriptions indicating they were highly coveted gifts.

Name Given: Slug
Description: A humanoid entity of indeterminate origin, overweight and no visible body hair. Travels in a home-made electric wheelchair apparently made from a driving arcade game machine and a portable generator. Missing several fingers, and communicates almost unintelligibly.
Common items sold:

  • Electronics magazines depicting laptop computers with vacuum tube technology, flying and aquatic cars, personal jet-packs and virtual reality headsets. Most appear to be heavily worn with notes from previous owners, featured items being circled and prices highlighted.
  • Satellite television dishes with branding related to the "Oneiroi Collective". The seller's claims of being able to broadcast the owner's dreams have been proven to be untrue, as the devices do not function at all.
  • Vintage electronics such as a video game console labeled as a "Dependo 64" apparently made to both play video games and assist persons suffering from nocturnal enuresis in preventing future incidents.
  • Various commercial and "knock-off" smartphone devices, most of which came with the SCP-2876 phenomenon built-in.

Name Given: Dr. Mangus
Description: Asian male wearing a soiled lab coat with a small sword around its waist. Seen to wear at least 11 different wristwatches at all times, and frequently self-sampling the medications it sells.
Common items sold:

  • Herbal supplements and sleeping aids; when taken they may cause the user to experience vivid dreams related to SCP-2444, along with any other objects/media they wish to possess or experience. Also noted to be highly effective in rendering users to sleep.

Name Given: Shrek Faustus
Description: Bald albino humanoid, with recessed features and most commonly seen wearing a bathrobe and slippers.
Common items sold:

  • Clothing with the aforementioned anomalous appearance and properties; all items sold by this entity appear to have some level of anomalous appearance.
  • Kitchenware with custom appearances, along with curved blades and misshapen but functional frying pans and tupperware containers.
  • Pet collars appearing to have been made for three-headed animals, enclosures for hamsters or other similar creatures apparently as large as cats or small dogs, pet food for exotic, extinct or mythological creatures.

All reoccurring vendors found during exploration of SCP-2444 are to be recorded in the Extended Log of SCP-2444 Vendors

History: SCP-2444 was first discovered when several Foundation agents were affected during an unrelated field operation. After attending SCP-2444 and noting its unusual merchandise, several other reported appearances were found dating back to the early 1960's.

The following passage has always been found erected as a banner over SCP-2444's entrance.

Take what you need, when you're done do not throw away please divide your things among your friends. We're worthy of being loved too.

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