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Item #: SCP-2443

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2443 is to be contained within a warehouse. Contingent on cooperation, SCP-2443 is to be allowed three hours daily in an outdoor enclosure, surrounded by a 8,000 volt electric fence. The fence is to be no less than 12 meters in height.

Description: SCP-2443-01 through -159 is the collective designation for the 159 individual members of the Deloach family of Pollensbee, TN, arranged in a rough pile approximately 4 m in height. Despite the significant weight of SCP-2443, estimated to be roughly 11 metric tons, individuals in the middle and bottom are able to breath and converse freely, describing the sensation as "snug." Attempts to forcibly remove individuals from SCP-2443 have been unsuccessful and have caused considerable distress, both to the individual and SCP-2443 as a whole.

All members of SCP-2443 possess an acute sense of the current activities and past histories of other members, despite a complete lack of audible communication. When prompted by researchers, instances of SCP-2443 will recall gossip, historical anecdotes, and folk tales typical to the region, albeit with the inclusion of several that describe in fantastic fashion the circumstances leading to the formation of SCP-2443.

The topmost individual of SCP-2443, SCP-2443-01 identifies itself as Ephraim George Deloach, a subsistence farmer born in Pollensbee in 1858. The other individuals of SCP-2443 all claim direct descent from SCP-2443-01, and range in claimed age from 4 to 138. Infants are apparently added to the bottom of SCP-2443 at an average rate of 1.5 per year. The means by which this process occurs is unclear, and individuals within SCP-2443 have been unwilling to discuss it. Although DNA testing confirms that all members of SCP-2443 are related, genetic variation between members is well within the parameters for a normal family. The source of genetic diversity within SCP-2443 is not presently known.

While to date, no individual contained within SCP-2443 has died, individuals are still susceptible to physical and mental deterioration, with the topmost individuals frequently being in advanced stages of dementia and senility.

Although SCP-2443-01 through -159 are tightly packed, the bottom of SCP-2443 contains a single gap, visible from the outside of the pile, roughly able to accommodate an adult male (see Interview 2443-i8-49R and Addendum 2443-w10-22B). The presence of this gap does not appear to affect the physical integrity of the pile. SCP-2443 is capable of movement at a rate of roughly 45 m/day. The process by which this locomotion is effected is not presently understood.

Of the 159 individuals constituting SCP-2443, conversation is generally possible only with half at any given time, with the rest being in such a position that only their lower body is visible to the outside of SCP-2443. However, individuals within SCP-2443 move periodically, primarily by writhing. Each individual in the pile possesses a distinctive name and identity, but to date, none have been able or willing to leave the pile, even when offered assistance in doing so. If repeatedly prompted about leaving SCP-2443, individuals will become highly agitated.

Interview 2443-i8-49R:

On ██/█/1983, Researcher Susan Burke conducted an interview with SCP-2443-15, identified as Lillian Esther Deloach, roughly 95 years of age. Because SCP-2443-15 was located more than 4 m from the ground, Researcher Burke utilized a cherry picker to conduct the interview. At the time, SCP-2443-15 had one arm free from the larger mass of SCP-2443.

Researcher Burke: Hello, SCP-2443-15.
SCP-2443-15: Hi, there! And it's Maw-maw, dear. Or Miss Lilly.
Researcher Burke: Can you please tell me a bit about how you came to your present situation?
SCP-2443-15: [laughs] I know how it must seem to you. And, tell the truth, it can madden a soul greatly to live in such a constant ruckus. However, I do not believe that I would ever choose another life, given the opportunity. Here I sit, feeling the family on me, giving me my place, me giving everyone theirs.
Researcher Burke: Interesting, but could you please discuss how you came into your current situation?
SCP-2443-15: I don't recall a time when I wasn't in this situation, dear. I first remember a time - even at the top of the mountain, you couldn't see a home for miles. We were smaller then. Not as much to hold us down. But we understood the importance of it all.
Researcher Burke: Has SCP-2443-01 explained the manner in which this… situation came into existence?
SCP-2443-15: You mean Paw-paw? He was never one for talking, but we always knew where his heart was at. There's a story that he saw some rocks covered in moss and thought they was apples. He ate so many that when he got home and went… you know, to bed with his wife (SCP-2443-15 indicates SCP-2443-02, identified as Hester Louisa Deloach, common-law wife of SCP-2443-1), he got on top of her and couldn't get off. And so here we are.
Researcher Burke: SCP-2443-15, would you mind describing what your life is like within SCP-2443?
SCP-2443-15: Like I said, dear, it's Miss Lilly.
At this point, other individuals within SCP-2443 became noticeably agitated, moving far more than normal and making angry vocalizations. Although Researcher Burke received a formal reprimand for breaking object designation protocol, the disciplinary action was later withdrawn.
Researcher Burke: I apologize. Miss Lilly, would you mind describing what your life is like?
SCP-2443-15: Not at all, dear. It's difficult, I suppose, being with everyone. But it feels right. Uncle Bubba (indicates SCP-2443-08, Aubrey Ezekiel Deloach), he rightly drives me mad, speaking so much about when the plants come out and such. But I love him. And I know for a fact that some of the younger ones below bristle a bit, but that they still love me despite their protests. It's a wicked world out there, one without a place to call home for many. But here? I know my place exactly. And so does everyone else.
Researcher Burke: Could you talk a little bit about the hole towards the bottom, Miss Lilly?
SCP-2443-15: Jacob was always a trouble-maker. I loved him like one of my own - he's my great-great nephew, you know? - but he was always restless. Even as a baby, he squirmed down there. We could all feel it. Then, one day, we woke and he was gone. Scattered himself to the wind. But we still wait for him.
Researcher Burke: How do you manage to keep the hole open like that? The weight alone should force it closed.
SCP-2443-15: There's always a space for family, dear. Even the ones who don't realize how much they need us, there's a space for them.

Attempts to locate a Jacob Deloach have, to date, been unsuccessful.

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