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This article has been rewritten to its current form after the events of Incident 2442-03. The previous version may be found in Document 2442-01.

Item #: SCP-2442

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2442's containment room is fitted similar to a Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST) chamber, with no access to light and as much sound reduction as possible. At least three containment rooms on three different sites exist, with SCP-2442 occupying one of them.

SCP-2442 is monitored at all times by at least two agents. If SCP-2442 begins to vocalize at any time, it must be sedated and administered Class-A amnestics. Any activities that could give a sense of structure to the passing of time are to be avoided or randomly scheduled.

Should a containment breach occur, SCP-2442 is to be sedated and returned to one of its containment rooms if possible. If all containment rooms have been destroyed in the breach, SCP-2442 is to be distracted with communication with a Site Director until a containment room can be constructed. The Site Director is authorized to provide as much information as necessary to maintain the distraction but should avoid vital data where possible.

Description: SCP-2442 is an actively hostile, anomalous humanoid capable of causing the disappearance of anything it is made aware of. In order to activate its main effect, SCP-2442 will behave as if it is bringing the attention of an unknown entity to an object, usually through verbal indication. The object will disappear within 12 hours through an unknown means.

SCP-2442 is considered capable of other forms of reality manipulation, including creating voices that respond to its words. It is potentially anomalously persuasive, capable of convincing other personnel of its claims. SCP-2442 also displays gradually increasing resistance to amnestic drugs. The full extent of SCP-2442's anomalous effect is unknown.

Any requests for a more extensive description are to be sent to the Site Director of the site SCP-2442 is currently contained at.

Any claims SCP-2442 makes are to be completely ignored. They are unsubstantiated and are to be considered delusions. - O5-10

Incident 2442-01: On 04/02/03, containment of SCP-2442 failed. In recapturing SCP-2442, the Foundation experienced heavy losses. Multiple Foundation personnel were recorded to have aided SCP-2442 after speaking to it; surviving personnel involved have been considered compromised and were terminated after amnestic treatment had failed.

Incident 2442-02: On 05/12/12, containment of SCP-2442 failed. In recapture, the Foundation was able to mitigate losses thanks to the efforts of Site Director Duarte. Site Director Duarte was able to distract SCP-2442 by providing nonvital information. Containment procedures were updated to accommodate for Site Director Duarte's effective distraction.


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