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Item #: SCP-2441

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2441 is to be kept in a standard Safe Containment Locker at Site-██.

SCP-2441 is to be kept within a standard Safe containment locker, whose combination is to be changed every two days by Dr. Chidlow. Access to SCP-2441 is prohibited except with the express permission of Dr. Chidlow. Any personnel subjected to SCP-2441's anomalous effect are to be administered Class-C amnestics if progression has not advanced to stage 2. Instances of SCP-2441-1 are to be terminated.

Description: SCP-2441 is an analog wall clock of standard make and model whose hands appear to be stopped at eight o' clock. However, microscopic analysis of the hands shows the minute and second hand to be constantly approaching the twelve, and the hour hand approaching the eight. Each clock hand moves at a rate of one-half the distance remaining to an eight o' clock reading per hour.

Anomalous properties manifest when a live human attempts to read SCP-2441's face with the intention of knowing the current time. The affected individual will undergo an instantaneous mental restructuring pertaining to their ability to perceive time; specifically, the grouping of minutes into hours will become a completely alien concept. No other thought processes appear to be directly affected, and no physical changes have been observed in the brains of affected subjects. Research is ongoing.

The progression of SCP-2441's anomalous effect occurs in three stages.

Stage 1: Subjects will begin to denote the passage of time solely by counting the number of minutes passed after first affected by SCP-2441 with flawless accuracy. When questioned on the topic, all subjects unanimously argue this method to be easier and more precise.

Stage 2: Anywhere from twenty to thirty hours following initial exposure, affected individuals begin to display limited probability-altering capabilities and are reclassified as an instance of SCP-2441-1. Any undesirable event (from the perspective of SCP-2441-1) that can be anticipated is subject to 'postponement'- random occurrences in the vicinity of the future event that cause its occurrence to be set back by variable lengths of time. At this stage, subjects do not appear to initiate or influence these events consciously. From this point onward, the relative length of each postponement event increases gradually until stage 3.

Stage 3: Approximately forty-two hours after initial exposure, instances of SCP-2441-1 gain limited reality-bending capabilities. When confronted with an undesirable task or occurrence, instances of SCP-2441-1 alter reality to 'postpone' it. Ten to twelve hours after the development of reality-bending abilities, instances of SCP-2441-1 are able to repeatedly 'postpone' events for an indefinite amount of time.

Further testing on the long-term progression of SCP-2441's effect is halted indefinitely. -Dr. Chidlow

Retrieval log 2441: Reports of localized temporal oddities were received from a small neighborhood in ██████, Germany. After capturing numerous instances of SCP-2441-1, Foundation intelligence ascertained the █████████ family to be a shared acquaintance with them all, and initiated standard procedure for containment of an inadvertent reality bender.

Prior to retrieval, Foundation intelligence initiated contact via email with Mrs. █████████ on █/██/██ under the guise of a fictitious financial aid service. A visit from a 'representative' was arranged for the manufactured purpose of conducting a house survey.

On █/█/██, Agent ██████ posed as the 'representative' and entered the household. All occupants were administered tranquilizer and retrieved. During retrieval, Agent ██████ was affected by SCP-2441, and was interviewed shortly before being given class-C amnestics.

Interviewed: Agent ██████
Interviewer: Dr. Chidlow

- - - BEGIN LOG - - -

Agent ██████: …know that-

Dr. Chidlow: Wait until I turn on the recording device, please.

Agent ██████: My bad.

Dr. Chidlow: All right. Go ahead.

(Agent ██████ clears his throat.)

Agent ██████: So, I didn't know what it was, first off. The briefing told me to handle this like one of them was an unconscious reality bender- keep it light, be friendly all around, you know. Don't give 'em a reason to want to will you off of this plane of existence.

Agent ██████: I walked up to the house, rang the doorbell, and Mrs. ███████████ answered the door. She let me in and we made small talk in the foyer.

Agent ██████: While she was showing me around, I looked up at the scip and something in my head… shifted. I can't put it into words, exactly. It was like there was a big cube or something in my mind, and someone rotated it ninety degrees.

Dr. Chidlow: Most afflicted subjects don't seem to notice the change unless it's pointed out. Were you aware of the mental restructuring as soon as it occurred?

Agent ██████: I was, but I think I get how you could miss it. It felt so… so seamless, like I had been thinking that way my entire life. Every memory I had of someone referring to a sixty-minute length of time seemed— still seems— fake.

Agent ██████: I'd be willing to bet that the only reason I noticed it was because I was briefed on the effect.

Dr. Chidlow: That will be all. Proceed to the room out that door to be administered amn-

- - - END LOG - - -

SCP-2441 was retrieved from the household of the █████████ family, at the time consisting of an infant, an eight-year-old, a wife, and an absent husband. Upon retrieval, Mrs. █████████ was found to be contaminated by SCP-2441, which was hanging above the dining room table. A post-it note was found on the back, reading:

Be home by eight my ASS. I set the curfew in this household, not you, ██████.

Mrs. █████████ identified it as her husband's handwriting. According to Mrs. █████████, Mr. █████████ had not been in the household for 130,727 minutes (approximately three months).

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