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Take a breather to read this every five minutes. It'll look shifty if you take too long to clean up.
Don't all read this at the same time. One reads while the other two mop.
If you start to feel crook, stop looking at the lamp. Don't cover it or someone will come in.
If you don't want to feel like your insane for the rest of your life, don't read anything further. Get
back to work or something.
Read the whole fucking thing before you start destroying itNA

Item #: SCP-739 1648 2439 update number if slot takeny dont we just leave it 9001

Object Class: Keter keter = what

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation personnel other than us D-Classes can't know this thing exists. It stays between us. If someone tries to tell them about it, fuck them up so they won’t or cant. Yeah, you'll probably get into deep shit for it, but it's better than the alternative.

If someone who isn't a D-Class comes in and reads this, kill them. Just break their skull or some shit and scratch the wall this is on so nobody can read it. Try and make sure you tell someone else about all this first though, so we can keep it controlled.

Description: Its an idea that infects people who know about it and takes over their mind slowly. It's some ancient mind from an alternate dimension (we think) that’s trying to get into ours and take over. It's smart so it'll spread around the Foundation real quick if it gets a chance, which is why this is scratched into this wall away from cameras. KILROY WOZ ERE

By now you'd be hearing that faint whispering – that is the thing we’re containing. If you can hear it there's no turning back now, you're stuck with this until you die (which you can do early if you want). We don't know how long it's been around, since everyone seems to vanish every month (spoiler alert, you don't get out) which makes it hard for information to get around. What we're left with is this, which is just chinese whispers and such. We'd give it a proper number but to do that we'd have to tell someone, which would be counter-productive so instead we just get the occasional disgraced researcher to tell us when the number has been used. The format's been like this forever, I don't think any of us even know what Keter means.
Whatever you do, don't let the guards or researchers know this is here. They only let D's into here to clean up, and the higher-ups haven't tested the lamp in ages (I think), and this is the only room in the site that doesn't have cameras in it thanks to that lamp. It should be pretty obvious that this Foundation lot can do anything they want, so if they got taken over by something like this there'd be no stopping it. We're fine though since we're probably going to be dead by the end of the month anyway, which isn't long enough for it to fully take over. If you think it's getting the better of you, do something apeshit and get shot. Blaze of glory if you want.
Destroying this would be the easiest way to crush this thing once and for all, yeah. But dont, not if you dont have to. Why? Firstly, it's the right thing to do for any of youse who are seeking redemption for whatever the fuck you did. Someone needs to remember this thing exists so its kept controlled - it showed up a first time, didnt it? What if it just did it again somewhere else if we destroyed this? What if the D's in some other site have something like this, but they don't destroy it? We keep this so we can control it.
Or, if your not down for the redemption bit, keep it out of spite. This is the one thing we know they can't know - this can be the last fuck you. They're obsessed with controlling, knowing, understanding everything. They use us to do this - march us to death to see how we die. Use us as labour to mop up goop from a fucking lamp. We're the expendables. But with this, we have the advantage. Every time one of us dies so they can learn something, they loose the chance to learn about the one thing that would fucking obliterate them. This is our weapon against them, the one-shot nuke that would fucking crush them to shit, and hidden right under their fucking noses in a room they cant be stuffed looking at.
what about assholes who just want to tell them? refer to containment procedures first paragraphI WILL CRUSH THOSE WHO OPPRESS YOU.
But don't use it, not yet. Some of us have family and friends outside of this hell, and they would suffer. Our jailors would be used like little hand puppets by this mind, and through them the world would suffer, crushed under the boot of the Foundation. This thing can only be used once, too - if we release it too early, then they'll adapt. They'll learn to avoid it, they'll contain it, they'll survive. Then our advantage would be gone, for good. We'd be exactly what they think we are - expendable.
So dont let anyone use it. It isn't time, not yet.
Just in case you're the eldritch thing: fuck off squidface. We're worthless sure, but we can get shit done just as well as the others. You're not getting in LET ME IN.

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