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Item #: SCP-2437

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2437 is to be kept in containment vault Tophat-3. Tophat-3 and the interior of SCP-2437 are to be video monitored at all times for potential changes to the environment. No personnel are to enter SCP-2437 under any given circumstance.

Description: SCP-2437 appears to be a wooden crate measuring 2 meters tall by 2 meters wide by 8 meters long which usually contains one wood table, one wax candle, one wood stool, and one sapient humanoid (designated SCP-2437-1). Tests involving this crate and its contents have indicated a resistance to damage not in line with their apparent wooden construction.

SCP-2437-1 appears as an overweight human male of advanced age with long hair and a distinctly high number of liver spots. A long scar traces along the left side of the subject's head, originating in an empty eye socket, extending over a bald spot on the left side of the head, and terminating at the rear of the scalp. This entity exhibits symptoms of Alzheimer's disease, and has been observed to talk to people who are not present, or to personnel assuming they are acquaintances from its past, making interviews difficult.

SCP-2437-1 has displayed the ability to freely manipulate its appearance and reality inside SCP-2437, creating and destroying matter and warping the interior of SCP-2437 into various shapes and sizes, even creating interiors that the exterior of SCP-2437 should not be able to contain. However, SCP-2437-1 has proven to be unaware and completely unable to affect the world outside of SCP-2437.

It has been noted that, while SCP-2437-1 has proven able to create objects of organic matter, and these objects can also be ambulatory, none have, to date, displayed life signs. It is suspected that SCP-2437-1 puppets them with its reality manipulating abilities, despite his belief that they are fully real people.

SCP-2437 was recovered from SCP-2423 on ██/██/20██.

Addendum A: Attached are abridged video logs including initial interview of SCP-2437-1 and several reconstruction events. For more complete video logs, refer to Tophat-3 Logs in hard drives R006 and R007.

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