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Street affected by the SCP-2434 anomaly.

Item #: SCP-2434

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Instances of SCP-2434-1 are kept at Site-██. Each instance of SCP-2434-1 must be cleaned once per month, and turned on to check all engine operations. SCP-2434-1 is to remain off when not in testing. Testing or interviewing of SCP-2434-1 may only be approved by SCP-2434's project lead.

Mobile Task Force Omega-10 ("Roadblock") is assigned to block off areas where instances of SCP-2434-1 are likely to appear.

Description: SCP-2434 refers to a phenomenon that occurs on several dead end streets located in the town of █████, New York. Automobiles of various makes and models (referred to as SCP-2434-1) materialize and dematerialize at the end of these streets. Instances of SCP-2434-1 are noted to appear traveling up to speeds of 100 kilometers per hour before dematerializing. (The average speed being approximately 45 kilometers per hour) If an instance of SCP-2434-1 travelling less than 75 km/h collides with an object of at least 1,200 kilograms, the object will cease any further movement and can be successfully recovered.

In approximately 24% of cases, instances of SCP-2434-1 are able to travel vertically, up to a height of 32 meters. In 19% of cases, instances are noted to dematerialize while in the air. The manner in which instances of SCP-2434-1 achieve vertical motion is currently unknown.

In the cases in which instances disappear in the air, SCP-2434-1 will perform a 180 degree turn, then tilt upward at a 90 degree angle. After tilting, the instance achieves vertical motion. In all cases, instances will drop several pieces of paper. Upon closer inspection, these papers resemble parking violations.

Instances of SCP-2434-1 are able to communicate via stereo system. It is of note that SCP-2434-1 is able to operate without gasoline. How SCP-2434-1 does this is currently unknown. Inquiring instances of SCP-2434-1 of this have proven inconclusive.

Addendum: Several instances of SCP-2434-1 were approved to be interviewed. The following is an excerpt of said interviews:


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