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Item #: SCP-2431

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2431 is to be kept in a standard cell incubator within Site-234, at 37°C when not in use. Interactions with the anomaly should take place in a sealed, sterile, tissue culture hood under normal BSL-2 conditions. Research personnel should avoid direct physical contact with SCP-2431. Excess SCP-2431 should be disposed of using advanced prion sterilization techniques.

Description: SCP-2431 is a misfolded cellular protein, ATP synthase1, which forms large, oily and viscous clumps. Each instance of SCP-2431 is capable of spontaneous replication, regardless of whether or not correctly folded ATP synthase variants are present, and will produce new misfolded proteins every 30 minutes. Upon reaching 78 g in mass, clumps will split into 15 new aggregates, and begin the process again.

SCP-2431 masses refold into shapes that have been encountered in their environment, primarily through physical contact, however; they are also capable of rudimentary visual observation2. Random folding occurs by the aggregate reaccumulating into a single large clump before flattening out and then refolding, X-ray crystallography of single SCP-2431 manifestations has pinpointed several anomalous structural additions that may be involved in this process (See Addendum 13). When a conglomerate of SCP-2431 refolds into a new shape, it will begin exhibiting characteristics of the item it is imitating, subsequently, when exposed to images or origami constructs aggregates will refold to emulate the presented item (See Experiment log E-2431-01).

Conglomerates exhibit a rudimentary form of shared sapience4, often refolding into items or shapes as a means of communication. SCP-2431 aggregates are capable of complex emotional expression and recognition through the use of specific shapes and forms, making them roughly equivalent in intelligence to a small child5. In some cases, SCP-2431 may develop an emotional attachment to research personnel that interact with them regularly. Instances use observation of the personnel they become attached to express this attachment by refolding into constructs that will elicit a positive response.

SCP-2431 was first encountered outside of SCP-2378 by Foundation exploration teams.

Addendum 1: Molecular and Biochemical Structural Composition

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