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Item #: SCP-2427

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Area-2427 has been established around SCP-2427-1 for the purpose of the study and containment of SCP-2427. A 500m perimeter around SCP-2427-A has been designated the center of Area-2427, using a private elite country club as a front. Intruders are to be given amnestics and turned away.

All sub-instances under SCP-2427 are to be contained according to their individual containment procedures. The undocumented anomalous objects are to be discovered as soon as possible via exploration.

Description: SCP-2427 is a collective designation for all abnormal phenomena associated with SCP-2427-B, accessible via SCP-2427-A. SCP-2427-A is a broken stone staircase, 10 km SE of ████, OH. According to local legend, any person who ascends the staircase while holding a sprig of hemlock will enter an extradimensional area, hereafter known as SCP-2427-B. Foundation scientists have confirmed this, and have also determined that SCP-2427-B can be exited by a descent of SCP-2427-A, for which hemlock is also required.

SCP-2427-B is a circular plateau, 3 km in diameter. It superficially resembles a forested hill in the American Midwest. The solar time never changes from 2:00 PM inside SCP-2427-B. Any person who breaches the forested border of SCP-2427 will be destroyed via air bombardment by SCP-2427-5.

So far there have been seven types of anomalous objects observed within, but several other types of objects, undocumented by the Foundation, have been noted by information discovered onsite.

Through documentation located inside the foyer of SCP-2427-2, SCP-2427-B has been determined to be a storage area for anomalous weapons, tools, and prisoners for a religious organization known as the Brazen Heart. The existence of several other such "attics”, as they have designated this storage area, hidden throughout the world has also been implied.

The Brazen Heart was previously believed to have been a Moloch-worshipping cult eradicated during the Spanish Inquisition. They express extreme animosity for the Foundation and humanity at large, but the Foundation has yet to interact with any professed members of the organization. As such, it is unknown how active the Brazen Heart is at this time.



Item #: SCP-2427-1

Special Containment Procedures: An electrified perimeter around SCP-2427-1 has been established. SCP-2427-1 is not to be opened under any circumstances.

Description: SCP-2427-1 is a fire hydrant constructed of lead, located nearest to SCP-2427-A within SCP-2427-B. When opened, SCP-2427-1 will eject high amounts of ionizing radiation from within. The exact amount of this radiation has not been measured, but has proven sufficient to melt human flesh near the opening.



Item #: SCP-2427-2

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2427-2 may only be entered by staff authorized to work with SCP-2427-3 through SCP-2427-5.

Description: SCP-2427-2 is a building in the center of SCP-2427-B that superficially resembles a sanitarium from the 1860's. Though SCP-2427-2 is a large, multi-storied building on the outside, the interior is an area of non-Euclidian spacial displacement, comprising only one floor and three rooms with a central foyer. The first room contains SCP-2427-3, the second contains SCP-2427-4, and the third contains a collection of religious documents, canned goods, and bottled water.


SCP-2427-3's containment chamber, before structural reinforcements.

Item #: SCP-2427-3

Special Containment Procedures: A reinforced steel door has been installed at the entrance of SCP-2427-3, the windows have been paved over with concrete, and armed guards have been placed. SCP-2427-3 is to be fed one live goat once daily; failure to do so will result in a containment breach. No line of sight is to be established between SCP-2427-3 and any personnel. Direct images of SCP-2427-3 are to be considered lethal cognitohazards and exposure is to be treated with Class-A amnestics.

Description: SCP-2427-3 is a hostile biomechanical construct built from electronic circuitry, the digestive tract of a cow, one hairless head of a human male, a hat rack, several lengths of ordinary garden hose, and crystalline structures of unknown composition. SCP-2427-3 is carnivorous, and exhibits extraordinary physical strength and speed. SCP-2427-3 is capable of speech and professes a desire to devour all "impure" life.

Any person who directly observes SCP-2427-3 will begin to have an overwhelming desire to meet SCP-2427-3 to have their "purity" judged, believing that a positive judgment will result in one granted wish. The parameters for this purity are unknown. SCP-2427-3 has so far not encountered a "pure" life form.


Floor of SCP-2427-4

Item #: SCP-2427-4

Special Containment Procedures: Experimentation with SCP-2427-4 will continue as needed. As the effects have been determined to have no dangerous repercussions, the pool of test subjects does not necessarily need to be restricted to D-class personnel.

Description: SCP-2427-4 is the entirety of the second room in SCP-2427-2. Once a human subject steps on the linoleum floor, the subject will lose consciousness for approximately five minutes, during which the subject will orally list a series of apparent negative qualities about themselves. Upon regaining consciousness, the subject will have no memory of their monologue.

SCP-2427-4 Test #23, Subject: D-2518

Dr. Henderson: Please enter the chamber.

(D-2518 enters SCP-2427-4)

D-2518: I don't feel—

(D-2518 faints)

D-2518: My soul is a den of spiders. Hear my confession. 40 years old, and I have never taken a pure wife. I have never conceived a strong boy to raise into the armies of Truth. The only consolation my whimpering mind has taken is from fictional works of irrelevant fantasy and other sinful distractions and lies. I have done nothing to destroy myself, and for this I have inspired hatred in all who observe. I cringe at the concept of purity for I know it is my better. I am deceit and cowardice. I am wretched disgust and ineptitude. My soul is not worthy to become as one with the Heart of Brass. O hearer, whence I awaken, hesitate not to feed my flesh and my soul to the Judge-beast.

(D-2518 awakens)

D-2518: Where am I?



Item #: SCP-2427-5

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2427-5 is not to be directly observed for more than three seconds at a time by any personnel.

Description: SCP-2427-5 is a stationary cloud positioned over SCP-2427-B. When observed by a human subject for more than three seconds, SCP-2427-5 will eject a ball of solid lead, approximately one meter in diameter, at a supersonic speed toward the observer. SCP-2427-5 will also attack those who attempt to leave the perimeter of SCP-2427-B in the same manner. This has resulted in 14 personnel fatalities so far.



Item #: SCP-2427-6

Special Containment Procedures: Until the hypothesis that SCP-2427-6 is the result of a human contagion can be ruled out, SCP-2427-6 instances are to be isolated as such in independent biohazard containers.

Description: SCP-2427-6 is a series of 18 small trees located throughout SCP-2427-B. Radar analysis has shown that the roots of individual instances have taken the shape of a human body, which fidget frequently. The trunk above ground stems from the human shape's crotch. Each instance is adorned with a small sign that reads "THE LECHEROUS SUFFER WHAT THEY MUST AND IT IS BEAUTIFUL".



Item #: SCP-2427-7

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Testing of SCP-2427-7 has been discontinued. No Foundation personnel are to step inside SCP-2427-7.

Description: SCP-2427-7 is a pile of ashen wood behind a plaque that reads "THE LIARS' CRADLE". Testing has revealed that not only does SCP-2427-7 share a title with and operate similarly to SCP-21281, it is an improved version of SCP-2128 that operates properly within the intended parameters as a torture device. As observed by testing:

  • SCP-2427-7 contains no sentient intelligence,
  • SCP-2427-7's method of immolation is strictly non-lethal, and decreases in intensity to prolong life, and
  • SCP-2427-7 will only immolate subjects that specifically tell a lie within its zone of control, rather than state a false fact regardless of intention.

Addendum - Excerpt from Documents Recovered in the foyer of SCP-2427-2:

Canto XV, Verse 294 - On Hatred:

The Christian tells you that hatred is wrong.

The Buddhist tells you that hatred is a distraction.

The atheist tells you that hatred is unhealthy.

[DATA EXPUNGED] tells you that hatred is fun.

Hatred, in reality, is but one of many invaluable tools to return Creation to purity. Hatred can work in harmony with love. The nature of the path to purity is irrelevant; all that matters is the sunrise at the end of the path.

We must remember the third path between what is wrong and what is right. For when the heart of brass shines again, as it is written, there will be nevermore be an opposite to paradise.


• Pilgrim provisions and data of no particularly sacred nature
• One Purge Engine, disguised as a fire hydrant
• One House of Sterility
• One Level 3 Purity Proctor
• One confessionary
• 18 condemned lechers
• One Leaden Cumulus
• One True Liars' Cradle
• One Slaughtering Perseverance
• 27 Pyre Children
• Three Ascended Cultivars
• One Debaucherer
• Seven Supreme Angelics
• Three Level 7 Hexagrams
• Nine Dragons
• One Attic Hub Nexus
• The Brazen Heart

Memo from: Dr. Gordon MacElroy, Site Director of Area-2427

To: All Level 4 staff or higher assigned with SCP-2427 and the Overseer Council

I've been looking over the documentation found onsite, and the fact that we haven't found some of these things, especially whatever these "supreme angelics" and "dragons" might be, is something I find extremely concerning.

In addition, what is this "attic hub nexus?" What if the reason we've never seen these Brazen Heart guys is because they're operating exclusively extradimensionally? We could stumble upon an entire army waiting for their chance to strike. We need to find this gateway and seal it for good, unless we've got the Brazen Balls to send the Mole Rats.

Lastly, the actual brass heart they're so fond of is somewhere in 2427. Deep underground, I'd imagine. Based on some of the things they've said it can do, we need to find it as soon as possible. I'm certain that it's a Keter of the worst sort.

O5, consider this my formal request for additional containment resources. Lots of them.

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