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Item #: SCP-2424

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2424 is to be kept in Testing Hangar-09 at Research Site-45 for further study. A yellow demarcation line is to be painted along the floor around SCP-2424 within a 40m radius, indicating the limits of SCP-2424's perception. This area is to be known as the "Interaction Zone". Any personnel returning from the interaction zone are to be debriefed and physically screened for any anomalous effects.

At least two armed security personnel are to be present at the north and south entrances at all times. The onsite explosives disposal unit (EDU) will handle all unused ordinance from SCP-2424 as detailed in the standard protocols for extrinsic hazardous materials.

All testing will require Level 3 supervision and be carried out by D-class personnel. No more than one D-class is allowed in the interaction zone during approved testing. Structural integrity inspections of the hangar are to be performed twice a month. All anomalous radio wave frequencies recorded from SCP-2424 are to be sent to Lab-7 for analysis.

Description: SCP-2424 resembles a marine mammal possibly belonging to the Odobenidae family.1 Unlike other members of the Odobenidae family SCP-2424 has a second pair of muscular flippers, light purple skin color, various cybernetic implants of unknown function, and is considerably larger in both length and weight (35m and 26t respectively). SCP-2424 was captured 39km north of Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland near an Inuit settlement that appears to have been destroyed by fire. No local records of the settlement exist.

SCP-2424 appears to have a 260mm cannon of unknown make and model that can extend and retract from its mouth. This weapon has been observed to eject black spherical projectiles at extremely low velocities, sometimes firing up to 3 projectiles at once. SCP-2424 can also create seismic vibrations whenever it strikes the ground with sufficient force. Anyone standing within the interaction zone during this will suffer full-body paralysis for a period of exactly 4 seconds. It is currently unknown how these vibrations cause this reaction in individuals.

SCP-2424 will engage in hostile activity whenever someone is within the interaction zone, as it appears that this is the range of SCP-2424's perception. During testing, D-class personnel have reported strange electronic background noise playing from an unknown source as well as sound effects that respond in sync with their physical actions, though this has not been confirmed or recorded see Addendum-2424-004 for further details.

SCP-2424 will continue to react hostilely until one of the following criteria is met:

  • The individual is killed.
  • The individual moves out of the interaction zone.

Addendum-2424-001: Researchers involved with SCP-2424 have found a strategic pattern during hostile interactions after reviewing test footage. SCP-2424 seems unable to deviate from this pattern, which makes altercations much more predictable for future tests. Below is a compiled set of instructions for review:

  1. Approach SCP-2424 from the front and stand at the periphery of its vision (40m)
  2. Move one step to the right after 3 seconds to avoid projectile/s.
  3. Move one step to the left after 3 seconds to avoid projectile/s.
  4. Move one step back and crouch after 3 seconds to avoid projectile/s.
  5. Move back to original position.
  6. Jump into the air as SCP-2424 lifts up to perform the secondary seismic attack as to not have contact with the ground.
  7. Repeat steps 2-6.

Addendum-2424-002: D-class test subjects have discovered inadvertently that if one were to throw the projectiles back at SCP-2424, they explode and cause its entire body to flash bright red. After this is performed six times, SCP-2424 will explode without leaving behind any traces of remains or effluence. Persons directly responsible for destroying SCP-2424 are then [REDACTED]. After which, SCP-2424 will instantly reappear in the exact same position as before the altercation began.

Addendum-2424-003: Recently it has come to the attention that SCP-2424 is in fact sapient and capable of vocal communication. There is only one interview on record between personnel and SCP-2424 as it now refuses to respond to communication attempts. See attached:

Addendum-2424-004: After further analysis, it is confirmed that SCP-2424 is indeed capable of projecting signals in the form of ultra high frequencies (UHF). Only affected individuals in the interaction zone are able to perceive them as audio. Below is a sample recorded during testing believed to be the background noise as described by D-class personnel:

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