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Object #: SCP-2421-J

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All new personnel are to be screened for any infection by SCP-2421-J using the Larkner Test, which entails undergoing rigorous review by senior members in a controlled environment for possible signs of infection. As infection with SCP-2421-J often occurs in conjunction with other diseases, treatment must begin as soon as possible. Personnel infected with SCP-2421-J are not permitted to handle any sensitive SCP material for a duration of 6 months. Personnel who are in advanced stages of infection will be terminated without delay.

MTF Zeta-7 ("Banhammers") are to constantly monitor all Foundation traffic, in order to detect for possible SCP-2421-J infection.

Object Description: SCP-2421-J is a syndrome that naturally occurs over the realm of the Internet. However, when new personnel are hired by the Foundation, SCP-2421-J will manifest in unique symptoms that warrant mentioning.

When a member infected with SCP-2421-J files a new article (referred to as 2421-2-J), the article itself will not follow standard Foundation format. Errors include:

  • Non-standard titles;
  • Gross spelling errors;
  • Large blocks of redactions, often a symptom of co-infection with a virulent strain of SCP-1459-J;
  • Gross grammatical errors;
  • Bad links to any supporting documentation;
  • Non-standard tags.

When the infected staff member is censured on their work, they will attempt to counteract any negative censure with a positive review. This is the hallmark sign of SCP-2421-J infection, and is to be considered by all staff as a level-1 outbreak.

Possible side effects of exposing non-infected staff members to SCP-2421-2-J include:

  • A compulsion to edit the article heavily;
  • Increased levels of irritability and anger;
  • A desire to attack the infected member with a hammer.

When three or more SCP-2421-J infected personnel gather, the infection takes a different route, blending the personalities of the group together to form a [DATA EXPUNGED]. Such beings are capable of causing extreme damage to any facility at which they are stationed, and thus should be terminated with extreme prejudice. For this purpose, MTF Zeta-7 has been authorized to use low-yield tactical nuclear devices in the event of a combination event, as prescribed in protocol BAN-THAT-BITCH-01.

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