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Item #: SCP-2421

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Through controlled feeding at certain known feeding areas, the range of SCP-2421 has been limited to a 250 km2 area in the south of Russia. Mobile Task Force Alpha-2 ("Resort Staff") are responsible for maintaining these areas. Feeding areas are presented as a chain of resorts branded as Fundamental Springs. D-Class are stationed at all feeding areas for the purpose of consumption.

Description: SCP-2421 is a large subterranean entity which resides a minimum of 100 meters beneath ground level. It has a roughly oval shape with a segmented shell covering most of its body and fleshy gaps between each segment to allow for articulation. Hair-like protrusions cover the outside of the shell in an irregular pattern. SCP-2421 possesses no legs and moves in a manner similar to a caterpillar. At the presumed front of the creature are two claw-like mandibles which allow it to burrow through rock. It is approximately 300 m long and possesses a 150 m long proboscis protruding from between the mandibles. Additionally, imaging has shown SCP-2421 to possess an intricate skeletal structure within its shell containing a number of air-filled chambers, the purpose of which are unknown. Sample analysis of the entity reveals a non-standard genetic structure, possibly suggesting extradimensional origin.

The creature feeds by extending its proboscis towards the surface and puncturing the bottom of a small body of water in which the temperature is approximately 25 degrees Celsius or higher. These locations include hot springs, spas, or in one case a bath. Once the bottom of the body of water has been punctured, a sphincter at the end of the proboscis will open and any humans within the water will be pulled inside. The entity will consume approximately 5 humans over a two day period once per month and will expand its feeding area should humans be scarce1. Feeding episodes consistent with SCP-2421 were first reported in May 184█. Attempts to replace D-Class with animals during feeding episodes have been unsuccessful, as test animals remained untouched despite the water being the correct temperature and within the feeding range.

D-Class fed to SCP-2421 implanted with tracking devices have been observed to move in the air-filled chambers of the entity's shell in an erratic manner. In one incident where civilians were unavoidably consumed during a feeding episode a call was made to the Foundation-owned spa resort from the phone of a presumed-dead civilian within the entity. No specific words were identified; however, background sounds of conversation, laughter, splashing, low moans, and what has been determined to be seagulls were recorded.

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