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A picture of SCP-2420's pet taken before its death.

Item #: SCP-2420

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2420 is currently being held in the low-security humanoid containment wing at Site 213. As of Incident-2420-A, all anomalous activity exhibited by SCP-2420 has been observed to be neutralized. Possible permanent containment, despite cessation of all anomalous activity, is being reviewed by the Ethics Committee.

Description: SCP-2420 was a human (formerly John █████) who created instances of SCP-2420-1, which took the appearance and memories of the former's pet dog, out of domesticated dogs (or Canis lupus familiaris).1 The effects occurred whenever SCP-2420 was made aware of any dog or any dog was made aware of SCP-2420.

Repeated testing showed that only domesticated dogs were affected, with wolves, coyotes, and other canids being immune to the anomalous effects. Dogs of any size would become an instance of SCP-2420-1 and show no pain in their transformation, aside from a general confusion found when brought outside of SCP-2420's influence.

SCP-2420 showed no anomalous effects beyond its ability to create instances of SCP-2420-1. Testing showed no upward limit on the number of instances of SCP-2420-1 that could exist at a time.

SCP-2420-1 instances were completely invulnerable to any form of damage. Attempts at DNA testing were rendered void when it was discovered that nothing could cut SCP-2420-1's fur. Any other tests into the indestructibility of SCP-2420-1 were deemed unnecessary, partly due to the fragile nature of SCP-2420's mental state. While SCP-2420-1 instances showed no need for water or food, the instances would eat whatever was presented to them, with various poisons showing no effect. Former instances of SCP-2420-1 that were dissected after being fed showed no sign of having recently ingested any food.

Despite SCP-2420-1 instances taking the form of SCP-2420's Border Terrier, photographs and videos of SCP-2420-1 consistently displayed the original body of the dog in question. This resulted in physical discomfort and mental distress regarding certain photos and videos, namely one showing St. Bernards being able to fit through a small aperture, but the images themselves maintained no otherwise anomalous effect.

Incident-2420-A: During a routine session with SCP-2420 and SCP-2420-1, the latter was found to have reverted to its original appearance while in the presence of the former. Continued testing with SCP-2420 and other dogs showed that the SCP-2420 anomaly had been most likely extinguished. Currently, SCP-2420 has been allowed to perform Level-0 clerical work while the Ethics Committee will meet to decide what actions to take next. The object has been deemed neutralized.

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