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Unit C (circa 1963).

Item #: SCP-2419

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A fenced, circular perimeter with a radius of 15 kilometers has been established around SCP-2419. This perimeter is maintained by MTF Beta-7 ("Maz Hatters") as private property.

Once per day, MTF Beta-7 is to accompany Foundation technicians into Unit C to perform maintenance on 1 of the 6 incinerators. They are to follow a rotating schedule to ensure each incinerator's furnace is serviced once a week. Outside of this maintenance, every furnace is to remain lit and operational at all times. Reinforced steel hatches have been welded atop of each incinerator's 3 disposal chutes; these hatches are to remain bolted and locked.

Instances of SCP-2419-A found outside of Unit C's incinerators are to be immersed in concrete and shipped to an indefinite containment site.

Description: SCP-2419 is a refinery and waste disposal facility located 75 kilometers north of Summer Springs, Colorado (USA). It was constructed in 1954 by the Foundation for the purposes of handling the incineration and long-term storage of hazardous wastes (primarily medical waste). A controlled evacuation was carried out in 1975 after it began to exhibit several anomalies.

The facility is divided into three units. Unit A was responsible for long-term storage of anomalous waste via a deep geological repository; Unit B received shipments of waste and processed them. Unit C disposed of non-anomalous waste via incineration.

Instances of SCP-2419-A present as human entities that occur within the interior of Unit C's incinerators. They exhibit anomalous regenerative abilities and are incapable of dying. Although they typically attempt to exit the incinerators via the disposal chutes, the heat from each incinerator's furnace is sufficient to stop them before they can make significant progress.

SCP-2419-A instances do not communicate, and lack any sense of self-preservation. Although they appear to have no interest in each other, they show extreme hostility toward any sapient non-instance.

Addendum 2419.1: Discovery

Addendum 2419.2: History

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