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Item #: SCP-2412

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2412 is to be kept inside a cell, furnished with whatever the subject requests, in reasonable limits. SCP-2412-1 and SCP-2412-2 are to be kept inside a different, locked room, with at least one (1) guard on duty at all times. SCP-2412-3a through 3i should be located in a special stable, provided with all necessary resources.

Note: In light of incident 2412-A, which resulted in a worldwide [DATA EXPUNGED], SCP-2412 is to be released from his cell at ████ each December 24th, and given access to SCP-2412-1 through 3i. He then is to be allowed to leave the facility for █ hours, but not before a tracking device is installed on SCP-2412-2. Normally, SCP-2412 willfully returns to his place of containment after the scheduled time has passed; if this does not occur, follow emergency procedure P2412A immediately.

Description: Apprehended in Lapland in ████. Subject appears to be an elderly male of vaguely Caucasian heritage. SCP-2412 has stated that he is content with staying in the Foundation's custody, as long as his "yearly job" is not hampered.

At time of capture, the following artifacts were in SCP-2412's possession:

  • SCP-2412-1 - Appears to be an ordinary leather sack, filled with a number of objects, packed in typical decorative gift wrapping. Removal of any of those objects is impossible without SCP-2412's approval. This approval is given to some researchers and refused to others; there does not seem to be a pattern to this, although staff with numerous transgressions on their disciplinary reports is typically denied acquisition of any of the products of SCP-2412-1. The artifact appears to refill itself with new "gifts" at a steady rate; the source of them is unknown. Objects produced by SCP-2412-1 have so far exhibited no extraordinary properties, although all are of very good quality.
  • SCP-2412-2 - For all intents and purposes, a large wooden sled. Displays unusual resistance both to physical trauma and to heat. Designed to be pulled by SCP-2412-3a through 3i, and while this is ongoing, SCP-2412-2 is considered an airborne vehicle of average manoeuverability.
  • SCP-2412-3a through 3i - Nine biological specimens. Appear to belong to an unknown species of Rangifer. Similar to ordinary reindeer, save for the capability of flight. This is baffling, as none of the specimens are equipped with wings or any other such organ. SCP-2412-3i has been requested by SCP-2412 to be situated, when pulling SCP-2412-2 with the other specimens, in the lead. Failure to adhere to this guideline may result in violent [DATA EXPUNGED]. The nose of SCP-2412-3i displays an abnormally red coloration; it is likely to be a result of a mutation.

Addendum: Possible ties between SCP-2412 and SCP-190 are being investigated.

Dr. ██████████'s Report, 25th Dec ████: As ordered, a satellite tracking device has been installed on SCP-2412-2 before release. Results are hard to interpret. The tandem of SCP-2412 and all the sub-SCPs apparently was capable of clearing very high distances within seconds (this is theorized to be a form of teleportation), and even co-existing in numerous locations at once. When asked to name the party responsible for these anomalies, SCP-2412 replied simply "Magic." and refused to elaborate.

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