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Item #: SCP-2412

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2412 is kept in a standard safe humanoid containment chamber, fitted with a five number keypad lock.

The use of SCP-2412 is strictly disallowed outside of approved testing. If a researcher has the intent to ask SCP-2412 a question about the future, he or she must fill out application 2412-F7o and turn it in to the site administrator. If said application is approved, one guard with a copy of the application will be posted inside the containment chamber while the researcher is asking questions. If, at any time, the researcher asks a question regarding the future that is not on the application, he or she will be removed from the containment chamber, and may or may not be given Class-C amnestics, depending on the sensitivity of information provided by SCP-2412.

Description: SCP-2412 is a fully functional humanoid automaton that resembles an adult human female. SCP-2412 is composed of many complex clockwork and steam-powered systems including, but not limited to, rotational systems made of clockwork with the functionality of joint rotation and limb movement in general; a large, complex mass of clockwork systems in the cardial area of the chest that often emits dense clouds of steam; and, lastly, a steam powered engine located on the rear side of SCP-2412 accompanied by a fuel gauge that currently reads "98%". This engine is believed to provide SCP-2412 with energy to function, but this cannot be proven, as no attempts to breach the engine to examine its insides have proven successful.

SCP-2412 is capable of vocalization, and is able to speak all known languages, as well as some others1. The object is also capable of basic motor skills such as walking and using its hands as a means to take hold of objects.

When asked a question, SCP-2412 will respond with a correct answer, except in these cases:

  • SCP-2412 is posed a question about anything it deems anomalous2, or anything that may be affected by an anomaly3
  • SCP-2412 is posed an incoherent question, i.e. "Where clock pant leg?"
  • SCP-2412 is posed a question about how it was made or where it gets its information4.
  • SCP-2412 is posed a question about a paradoxical situation, eg. asking about the 'Grandfather Paradox' and what the outcome would be.

In these cases, SCP-2412 will respond with "Warning: Logic Error." Aside from these, SCP-2412 is capable of answering, with extreme accuracy, any type of question. These include, but are not limited to, questions regarding the future, scientific theories currently unconfirmed or misunderstood, and laws of nature that are not currently understood.

It is currently unknown where SCP-2412 gets its information, and when posed a question about this, it will respond with "Warning: Logic Error."

Discovery Log: SCP-2412 was discovered in an abandoned factory in ██████, South Carolina. The factory had been abandoned for at least 150 years, dating no further back than the year 1825.

Interview Log-A1:

Interviewer: Researcher Carter (project leader), Interviewee: SCP-2412. Researcher Carter is only allowed to ask the basic "who, what, when, where and why?" questions.

Researcher Carter: Hello, SCP-2412. We would like to ask some questions. Before we begin, do you have any questions?

SCP-2412: No.

Researcher Carter: All right, then. Let's get started. When were you made?

SCP-2412: Year - 1866.

Researcher Carter: How were you made?

SCP-2412: Warning: Logic Error.

Researcher Carter: Why were you made?

SCP-2412: Mankind fears evil: mankind creates god. Mankind fears germs: mankind creates antibodies. Mankind fears paranormal: mankind creates Foundation. Mankind fears unknown: mankind creates me.

Researcher Carter: By whom were you made?

SCP-2412: Creators: Elsat, Chivertti, Tilggan, Cufalotu. These four men collaborated to create a machine that would answer questions about the outcome of the war.

Researcher Carter: Where were you made?

SCP-2412: Country: American Provinces of Germany. State: South Havel. City: Frederick's Town.

Researcher Carter: Thank you, SCP-2412. The interview is now over. We will likely ask more questions in the future.

SCP-2412 remains silent.

End log. SCP-2412 appears to have originated from an alternate timeline. Further questioning required. Seeking approval of an interview about basic human traits: Is it sapient? Can it feel emotion? Et cetera. -Researcher Carter

Approved. -Edward Harden, Site Administrator

Interview Log-A2:

Interviewer: Researcher Carter, Interviewee: SCP-2412. Researcher Carter will ask questions related to emotions.

Researcher Carter: Greetings once again, SCP-2412. I'll ask you some more questions today. First, do you originate from our timeline?

SCP-2412: No.

Researcher Carter: How did you get to our timeline?

SCP-2412: Warning: Logic Error.

Researcher Carter: Where is "the American Provinces of Germany?"

SCP-2412: It is located in what you would call the United States of America, as well as small parts of southern Canada and northern Mexico.

Researcher Carter: When will your steam engine run out of fuel?

SCP-2412: In ████ years.

Researcher Carter: In our first interview, you mentioned a war. What war is this, and which faction was victorious?

SCP-2412: The war between Germany's colonies and Germany. Germany's colonies wanted to be independent. The German colonies came out victorious, and created the American Provinces of Germany.

Researcher Carter: Okay, then. Next question: Are you sapient?

SCP-2412: Yes.

Researcher Carter: Are you capable of feeling emotions?

SCP-2412: Yes.

Researcher Carter: Okay, what makes you happy?

SCP-2412: Questions.

Researcher Carter: Lastly, what do you fear?

SCP-2412: Loneliness.

Researcher Carter: Thank you, SCP-2412. We will ask some other questions at a separate time.

SCP-2412 remains silent.

End log. Extended questioning requested. We need much more information, so I'm requesting a waiver on the questions regarding the future, as well as a question limit of 50 instead of 10. -Researcher Carter

Approved. -Edward Harden, Site Administrator

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