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Item#: 2411
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Item #: SCP-2411

Object Class: Safe Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2411 is to be kept unloaded, fitted with a custom-built lock, and secured in a low-value item storage locker at Site-30.

UPDATE: Following its neutralization, record of SCP-2411, including its testing log, is to be maintained in the event that anomalous objects with similar or identical properties are discovered.

Description: SCP-2411 resembles a typical ██████ Model ███ snub-nosed revolver. It can be loaded, unloaded, fired, disassembled, and reassembled as normal. The only physical alteration from a standard model is the phrase “FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY” inscribed where a serial number would usually be. It appears to have the anomalous property of causing the instantaneous death of multiple subjects. The means of triggering this anomalous property or determining its targets are unknown.

SCP-2411 was recovered following a homicide investigation in [REDACTED] where four employees of a small insurance company were found dead of gunshot wounds to the forehead. The fifth and final employee was found dead at their home in what appeared to be a suicide unrelated to firearms. Police found writings at this employee's home indicating homicidal intent towards their coworkers, making him the initial suspect in their investigation, but they were unable to place the fifth employee at the scene of the crime. They also were unable to find witnesses who had seen or heard the shooting in a busy part of town in broad daylight or explain the perfectly identical fatal injuries with no physical traces such as casings or bullets. Local investigators appealed for help from federal authorities, which led to Foundation involvement and the recovery of SCP-2411 from the home of the fifth employee.

Testing with SCP-2411 has been unable to replicate the effects. Due to concerns that it could come into the possession of an entity capable of re-activating its anomalous properties, SCP-2411 was disassembled and its material components were individually destroyed on [REDACTED]. SCP-2411 is now considered neutralized.

By Site Director command [REDACTED], the testing log for SCP-2411 is restricted to Security Level 4 personnel and above only.

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