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Item #: SCP-2407

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Industrialized countries should be monitored for SCP-2407 through groups such as the International Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Foundation; national and local mental health organizations; professional organizers; and self-help groups. Suspected instances of SCP-2407 should be reported to the Memetic Studies Department for analysis.

These occurrences of SCP-2407 should be observed and monitored carefully for no fewer than two weeks before formal containment to verify level of infection, determine the remaining capacities of the victim, and assess—if possible—the precise method by which SCP-2407 is communicated to its victims. Local broadcast stations should be monitored for possible secondary affection of technicians, and to track possible sources of the SCP-2407 effect.

Infected subjects of SCP-2407 should be approached by agents posing as home inspectors, cable repairmen, delivery men, or another unspecified service to initiate assessment of the full scope of infection. Following initial assessment, the subject should be removed from the premises, which must then be monitored via Class-D personnel. In the event that inserted Class-D subjects become infected, they are to be given Class-A amnestics and reassigned. Premises must be leveled and reallocated following subsequent study.

Infected subjects should be administered Class-A amnestics and routine retraining, then relocated to a pre-approved site. Monitoring should continue until it is verified that SCP-2407 no longer poses a threat to that subject.

All data regarding SCP-2407 is to be studied by the research/tracking division of Mobile Task Force Psi-7 in order to determine the origin of the anomaly.

Description: SCP-2407 is a cognitohazardous effect of unknown origin which causes humans to become helpless. The vector of infection for SCP-2407 is unknown, as is the amount of time SCP-2407 has existed and how many subjects it has affected. SCP-2407 is known to occur in all areas with regular television broadcasts.

Subjects affected by SCP-2407 slowly lose any ability to perform basic tasks. Initially, subjects will display "clumsiness". Over time, subjects will be rendered unable to do things such as prepare food, operate machinery, or clean themselves. Testing has shown that there is nothing physical preventing them from performing these tasks, and brain activity appears normal. The subjects appear to choose not to do them correctly.

The purchase and usage of products advertised in infomercial and "seen-on-TV" style adverts appear to alleviate SCP-2407's effect temporarily. In addition, speech therapy can allow the subjects to continue communicating after they are otherwise unable to move or act under their own power. Eventually, all subjects will be rendered effectively vegetative. Application of Class-A amnestics has been shown to have some success for reversing SCP-2407's effect.

SCP-2407 was initially discovered after keywords in reports of a 'hoarding' case caused the Foundation to investigate. During initial recovery, Agent Albert Montoya entered the premises to assess damage under the guise of an "Organization Counselor." Agent Montoya helped the subject for two hours, at which point, when preparing to leave, they note that the subject's "Instant Potato Peeler" seems to be highly useful and functional. This was noted, and Agent Montoya was later observed to purchase one upon his return to Site-77. Agent Montoya was later confirmed for infection after being unable to demonstrate how to peel a potato without the use of the 'seen-on-tv' peeler.

SCP-2407 Selected Incidents

Location: Boston, MA, USA
Affliction Level: Subject was unable to utilize furniture, and their basic motion was severely disoriented. Had been affected by SCP-2407 for an estimated six weeks.
Products Located: Furniture Fix, Miracle Copper Sox, Forever Comfy Cushion
Actions Taken: Subject issued Class-A amnestics.

Location: Columbus, OH, USA
Affliction Level: Subjects had been affected for approximately two months. All drawers, cabinets, and other containers were found to be completely empty, and the subjects possessions were found throughout the home. Two subjects were found to be deceased, one having been crushed by a pile of trash, the other having been suffocated under a pile of clothing. None of the other subjects living in the home had attempted to exit or contact others to remove the bodies, which were located in a state of severe decay.
Products Located: GripEz, Catch Caddy Car Organizer, Miracle Copper Sox
Actions Taken: Subjects were issued Class A amnestics. Bodies were incinerated.

Location: Columbus, OH, USA
Affliction Level: The home was discovered next door to the previous case. Subject was determined to have hoarded garbage in their home for several years. Foundation personnel intervened and searched the home and other surrounding homes for vectors of infection.
Products Located: None.
Actions Taken: Homeowner was determined to be suffering from non-anomalous mental disorder, and the case was forwarded to local medical authorities.

Location: Sunrise, FL, USA
Affliction Level: Subject had been unable to leave their house or wash dishes, but had been able to prepare food and purchase new silverware for several months after that. Several hundred garbage-encrusted plates were located at the scene.
Products Located: Miracle Copper Sox, ShamWow!, HD Vision, Copper Hands gloves.
Actions Taken: Home was isolated, razed, and reconstructed. Subject was issued Class-A amnestics.

Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Affliction Level: The residence was discovered abandoned, and the homeowner's current status is unknown. In addition, several hundred fresh and rotting fish and other meats were discovered in the freezer.
Products Located: Ronco branded knives (heavily used), missing the filet knife.
Actions Taken: Home was razed under cover of asbestos removal.

Addendum: Interview 2407-DDF

Interviewed: Subject 45-S, affected by SCP-2407 for an estimated 2 months.

Interviewer: Dr. Boyd

Foreword: Subject was unable to dress themselves, operate machinery, and struggled with basic movement skills.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Boyd: How are you feeling? Comfortable?

Subject 45-S: I'm okay…

Dr. Boyd: Then we can begin the interview.

Subject 45-S: Actually, can you do one thing?

Dr. Boyd: Certainly.

Subject 45-S: Can you fix my shirt? It's, uh, uncomfortable?

Level 1 personnel enter the containment chamber and adjust the subject's shirt.

Dr. Boyd: Is that better?

Subject 45-S: Yeah. Thanks.

Dr. Boyd: So, when did you notice changes in your behavior?

Subject 45-S: It was… about five months ago. I was making myself a cheese steak. I'd gotten it made, and then I dropped it. So, I clean up. I make another one. I drop that one too. After that, things got real bad.

Dr. Boyd: What happened next?

Subject 45-S: I went to this doctor, and he said I was fine. I went to other doctors, and they said I was fine. I made a schedule to see a shrink, and that was the day that I… um… I went outside, and I couldn't get into my car. I couldn't figure out how.

Dr. Boyd: You didn't tell anyone what was going on?

Subject 45-S: No. I just went inside, tried to settle down. I watched a lot of TV. Grandma left me the house, and I had some money put back, so I knew I'd be fine for a while. I guess I just felt like, uh until I could… I felt like I needed to sort myself out.

Dr. Boyd: That was when you started using the infomercial products?

Subject 45-S: Yeah. They actually helped, for a bit. I had stuff like… I had a shamwow, instead of paper towels. I didn't 'get' paper towels anymore. They were confusing. The shammy rag, I could get it.

Dr. Boyd: How long did it work?

Subject 45-S: It worked really well. For about a week. I stopped watching TV, I was doing better, but then I forgot how to use the shammy. I saw the ad again, then I remembered, thank god. So I just kept watching. I left the TV on all the time, and I waited. For anything that would help. I just need something better.

Dr. Boyd: Did you find anything?

Subject 45-S: Well, there was one thing.

<Interview Terminated to Avoid Possible Transmission>

Closing Note: Dr. Boyd monitored for [REDACTED] Usage for Three Weeks.

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