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Item #: SCP-2404

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2404-1 is contained within a standard humanoid containment cell at Site 17. The floor of the cell has been modified to slope upwards towards its center, and drainage grates have been inserted into the floor around the perimeter of the room, to allow for the removal of water generated by SCP-2404-1.

In the event of SCP-2404-1 becoming uncooperative, SCP-2404-1 may be placed in a medically-induced coma until the completion of Site 351, at which point it will be relocated there.

SCP-2404-2 is contained within a standard humanoid containment cell at Site 66. SCP-2404-2 is to undergo physiological and psychological examinations on a bi-monthly basis. Standard meals are sufficient to feed SCP-2404-2, and requests from it to alter the meals given to it are to be rejected.

Description: SCP-2404 is the collective designation for two related entities, designated SCP-2404-1 and SCP-2404-2.

SCP-2404-1 is an elderly human male of Assyrian descent. SCP-2404-1 has been designated a Class 2I reality bender.2 SCP-2404-1's reality altering capabilities are limited to water, which it is capable of generating, controlling and destroying, as long as the water remains within ten meters of it. SCP-2404-1 uses its reality-altering abilities to maintain two jets of water slightly above its shoulder blades. SCP-2404-1 is unable to generate, control or destroy water with a salt concentration of >35,000 ppm, or water which is a solute in a solution. SCP-2404-1 has not been observed to age while in containment.

SCP-2404-1 refers to itself as "Enki", and claims to be the Sumerian deity of the same name. SCP-2404-1's fingerprints match those of Elijah █████, an Assyrian-American man who was declared a missing person two years before the discovery and containment of SCP-2404-1.

SCP-2404-2 is a humanoid entity, standing approximately 2.25 metres tall and weighing approximately 100 kilograms. SCP-2404-2's anatomy is identical to that of a human with few exceptions. SCP-2404-2's skin is blue-black in colour, and is covered by a purple-blue exoskeleton with the exception of joints and sensory organs. SCP-2404-2 possesses a bone crest on its forehead resembling a crown, the majority of which is hollow and serves no apparent purpose.

SCP-2404-2 also refers to itself as "Enki", and claims to be an extraterrestrial being that visited prehistoric Sumer approximately 8000 years ago. Examination of SCP-2404-2 reveals that it is genetically human.

Discovery: SCP-2404-1 and SCP-2404-2 were discovered in the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, after emergency services received a call from multiple people claiming to see "a homeless man fighting an alien". Interviews with both SCP-2404-1 and SCP-2404-2 confirm the events that lead up to their containment. SCP-2404-2 had been attempting to gain monetary donations for the purpose of "rebuilding its spaceship". SCP-2404-1 had been travelling through the region, and after hearing that SCP-2404-2 referred to itself as "Enki", SCP-2404-1 sought it out. SCP-2404-1 confronted SCP-2404-2 over what it believed to be an attempt to impersonate it, leading to a violent altercation.

Interview-2404-Aleph: Interview-2404-1-Aleph and Interview-2404-2-Aleph were conducted to determine possible origins for SCP-2404-1 and SCP-2404-2.3 SCP-2404-1 and SCP-2404-2 were initially unwilling to cooperate with the Foundation, but agreed to be interviewed in exchange for a written translation of the Barton Cylinder4 and a collection of short stories by the author Isaac Asimov, respectively.

Addendum: On 4/04/2004, two identical messages manifested outside the entrances of Site 17 and Site 66. The messages were in English, and imprinted on clay tablets. The messages are believed to refer to SCP-2404-1 and SCP-2404-2.

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