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Item #: SCP-2401

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2401 and SCP-2401-Alpha are to be stored together in Cell-22 at Research Site-45. Cell-22 must be stocked with 3m2 of potted wildflowers with an automated drip irrigation system to maintain them.

A small electric incinerator designed for burning pine needles1 is to be installed near Cell-22 so that it can be supplied and operated by attending staff. The exhaust of the incinerator is to be piped directly into Cell-22 whenever SCP-2401 becomes excited or agitated.

Plans for combining adjacent Cell-23 with Cell-22 are currently awaiting approval. SCP-2401-Beta is to be held as a reserved designation until further notice.

Description: SCP-2401 are a previously unknown species of honey bee that exhibit parasitic or symbiotic traits depending on the sex of the human host. To date, a sustainable colony of SCP-2401 has only been observed in one human female host.

In all observed cases, male hosts expire typically within 9 to 12 days post-colonization from inflammatory complications caused by routine stinging and gross modification of dermal tissue. This also compromises the immune system, leaving male hosts vulnerable to anaerobic infection. After death of the male host, SCP-2401 will leave the body in search of another human host.

Colonization does differ slightly in female hosts, whereas there is a much lesser risk of infection due to higher levels of propolis2 production. Once 30-50% of the dermis is modified into a keratin-based honeycomb, the colonization reaches a stable state and does not expand further. After this process is completed, SCP-2401 exhibits standard protective behavior toward the host, treating them as the nest. SCP-2401 adopt host scent markers, adjusting colonial odor markers to match the host. This process sensitizes SCP-2401 to the emotional and physical condition of the host.

The female host also undergoes rapid changes to both accommodate and protect SCP-2401 which include increased tissue regeneration, higher amphetamine output, and lack of dependency for food or water. In the majority of cases the female host retains their personality and memories which usually results in psychological trauma related with the ongoing symbiosis of SCP-2401. This is seen to result in a high rate of suicide in cases where the host outright rejects symbiosis.

Only one surviving case has shown a distinct interest in maintaining the symbiotic relationship between itself and SCP-2401. For all intents and purposes, she has been designated as SCP-2401-Alpha.

Addendum-2401-001: Due to SCP-2401-Alpha's recent containment breach, staff and security teams are prohibited from entering Cell-22 or conversing with SCP-2401-Alpha without direct authorization from the Site Director. Further research into SCP-2401 or SCP-2401-Alpha has been put on hold indefinitely.

Addendum-2401-002: Dr. ████ is to be transferred out of Research Site-45 after he is fully debriefed on the containment breach incident involving himself and SCP-2401-Alpha. He has opted for an immediate amnestic solution and will be demoted to Level-0 permanently for security reasons. Continued observation and reporting on his behaviors within the Foundation will be monitored for a period of no less than three years.

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