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Item #: SCP-2400

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2400 is contained on-site at Site-59, which has been constructed around the anomaly. Only personnel with 4/2400 Clearance are permitted to access SCP-2400's containment chamber.

Description: SCP-2400 is a plain steel door inset on a fragment of concrete wall. The wall fragment is irregularly-shaped and roughly 3.71m x 2.25m, while the door is 0.65m x 0.91m. The origin of SCP-2400 is unclear.

When SCP-2400 is open, it functions as a space-time aperture to an area now designated SCP-2400-A. A second instance of SCP-2400 is present in SCP-2400-A, and is the only object on an otherwise featureless horizontal plane. The size of SCP-2400-A is undetermined, and by all accounts, appears to be a limitless space. The surface of the horizontal plane is composed of an unidentified and indestructible white substance. This material is smooth and similar in texture to concrete. The atmosphere is consistent with the terrestrial location of SCP-2400. At all times, a star consistent with the Sun is visible in the sky, directly above SCP-2400.

When the door of SCP-2400 is closed, the rate of time within SCP-2400-A, relative to the exterior world, undergoes severe temporal dilation. One (1) second of normal time corresponds approximately to one hundred-forty (140) seconds within SCP-2400-A. While SCP-2400 is closed, SCP-2400-A and the exterior world are virtually independent of and inaccessible to one another; neither matter nor energy is capable of crossing the threshold. While SCP-2400 is open, however, the rate of relative time inside SCP-2400-A is the same as Earth.

Addendum [2400-001]:

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